An Overview of the New Features and Changes in New World Season of the Guardian

By Jessie2024-02-18

New World Season of the Guardian is the fifth season of the open-world MMO game developed by Amazon Games. It will launch on March 12, 2024, and introduce new features, content, and changes to the game. Some of the highlights of the new season are:

New World New Season

Winter Rune Forge

The new seasonal trial called Winter Rune Forge, where up to 10 max-level players can team up to solve puzzles, fight enemies, and earn unique rewards. The Winter Rune Forge is a bone-chilling gauntlet of increasingly difficult enemies that requires teamwork and strategy to overcome. Players will face Rune puzzles, an Icey Construct, and an Ancient Ice Guardian in this seasonal challenge.

Season 5 Artifacts

Eight new artifacts that offer special abilities and bonuses to different weapons and armor types. These artifacts are rare and powerful items that can enhance your combat performance and playstyle. For example, the Sin artifact increases the duration and damage of debuffs, while the Phoenix artifact allows you to avoid death once every 180 seconds.

Main Story Quest Update

An updated main story quest that takes place in the Shattered Mountain region, where players will face new challenges and enemies. The Shattered Mountain is a dangerous and corrupted area that holds many secrets and mysteries. Players will encounter new factions, creatures, and locations as they progress through the main story quest. The update also adds new voice acting, cutscenes, and rewards to the questline. 

Controller Support

Controller support that allows players to choose from two pre-set controller layouts and enjoy a more immersive gameplay experience. Controller support is a new feature that enables players to play New World with a controller instead of a keyboard and mouse. Players can select from two pre-set controller layouts, customize their controller settings, and access all the game functions with a controller.

Upgraded Combat & Animation System

An upgraded combat and animation system that improves performance and smoothness in high-traffic areas and PvP modes. The combat and animation system has been upgraded to provide a better and smoother gameplay experience in areas with many players, such as Wars and Outpost Rush. The new system also makes it easier to improve the combat in the future. The update aims to preserve or improve the feel of the game, but some adjustments may be needed based on feedback. 

Weapon Balance Updates

Weapon balance updates that tweak the damage, cooldown, and effects of various weapons and skills. Weapon balance updates are changes that aim to improve the balance and diversity of the weapons and skills in the game. Some of the changes include reducing the cooldown of the War Hammer's Shockwave, increasing the damage of the Musket's Powder Burn, and adding a new passive skill to the Rapier that grants a burst of speed after a dodge. The update also fixes some bugs and exploits related to weapons.

Mounts in Outpost Rush

You can now ride mounts in Outpost Rush, a 20 vs 20 mode that pits two teams against each other and the environment. Mounts can help you traverse the map faster, escape from danger, or charge into battle. However, they also have drawbacks, such as being vulnerable to attacks and requiring stamina to run. Mounts can be summoned from stables located in each team's base, and can be customized with skins and accessories. 

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Season 5 Rewards Track

A new season pass that offers a new season journey, activity card, challenges, and rewards, including cosmetics and consumables. The season pass is a feature that allows players to unlock various rewards by completing tasks and challenges related to the season. The season pass includes a new season journey, a new activity card, new challenges, and new rewards, such as cosmetics and consumables.

Cooking Trade Skill Changes

The cooking trade skill has been overhauled to provide a more streamlined and rewarding progression. Some of the changes include updating the ingredients, revamping the recipes, tweaking the legendary fish dishes, and removing the split attribute food. The update also adds new cooking stations, new food buffs, and new achievements related to cooking. 

If you want to learn more about the new season, you can check out the official announcement and the PTR release notes. You can also join the PTR to preview the new features and provide your feedback. Hope you are excited for Season of the Guardian! 

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