7 Best Swords in New World

By Richard Kayode
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New World is one of the most spectacular and contemporary massively multiplayer open-world role-playing games (MMORPGs). The digital behemoth, Amazon Games, produced it and launched it in September 2021.


Loads of players are now joining the game's adventure, aiming to explore the open world and fully immerse themselves in the lore, which has a fascinating and complex backstory. In essence, New World is about searching for the precious raw material known as Azoth on the bleak, ruined, fictitious island of Aeternum. 


Many explorers are drawn to Aeternum by the strange and powerful material, which may significantly improve anything it comes into contact with and bring the possibility of limitless riches. You will take on the role of one of these adventurous travelers as a player in the game.


On the island, you can join one of three factions that fight for control over its various settlements and regions while also attempting to fend off the mysterious and evil Corruption that appears to be spreading throughout the island and turning its human inhabitants into mindless animals.


Those who have been corrupted have a red glow around their bodies and eyes. The Corrupted are ruled by a wicked empress who wants to corrupt all of Aeternum. The three opposing factions at war on Aeternum are the Covenant, Marauders, and Syndicate.


Real-time action fighting is an element of New World's combat system. The primary combat mechanism is structured on an aiming reticle, allowing you to manually aim and unleash your light and heavy attacks in real-time instead of hitting a key to instantly target an opponent, while your character auto-attacks them to destruction, as seen in some other games.


You can also roll away from danger while using up your stamina bar by dodging and evading. You can deflect strikes, but doing so may gradually deplete your stamina. Certain weapon perks can slow the rate at which your energy drains.


There are presently 14 different weapon kinds, and each one's potential to deliver damage comes from one or more of the five characteristics; Strength, Focus, Dexterity, Intelligence, and Constitution.

Swords, Shields, Hatchets, Rapiers, Spears, Great Axes, War Hammers, Bows, Muskets, Life Staffs, Fire Staffs, Ice Gauntlets, Void Gauntlets, Greatswords, and Blunderbusses are among the available weapons in the game. 


Players utilize Gold, which the game refers to as New World Coins, as their primary method of payment to purchase different New World items in-game. You can also purchase some of these items on platforms like MmoGah.


In the New World, each weapon has its Mastery Tree. These levels of mastery increase independently of one another. You become more skilled at using a specific weapon as you use it more frequently. Every skill has two branches, which often concentrate on various weapon elements. To advance in a tree, you must first spend one point in the previous tier to unlock the capabilities of the following level.


There are a total of 38 skills for each weapon, with each ability being able to be developed to level 20. It is only possible to collect some of them. You can always change your mastery on the character screen. As long as you are a level below 20, this is free. 


Characters with higher levels and those with advanced mastery must spend Azoth to change their specialization. The points you had previously distributed will be reset; as a result, allowing you to do so once more. Once you reach a specific level, your progress in weapon mastery will remain the same.


One of New World's most widely used weapon types is the one-handed Sword. Sword damage increases mainly with strength, but skill also helps. Swords are the only weapon that may be used with a shield and can be combined. 


Swords are excellent in close combat, and when used with a shield, a swordsman may more successfully deflect opponent blows. Swords typically have Prolonged cooldowns, and they can lack range and reach.


Here are some of the best swords available in New World:


Deeproot Sword


New World Deeproot Sword


The inscription with this blade reads, "The older the tree, the stronger the magic." The open-world dungeon Eternal Pools' final enemy, Viridulon the Rootbound, is implied to have bestowed some power on it.


It is a very adaptable sword with a well-balanced mix of utility and damaging benefits. This Sword is typically sought for its interruptive capability and survivability rather than its ability to deal harm.


Deeproot often has a +15 Strength factor, which indicates that it deals the most damage possible with the Sword. The Refreshing Move perk enables players to spam their abilities more frequently and works well with the Sword's light attack speed.


This Sword also has a life-stealing bonus that works well with high armor and tank mode. Players can select additional damage benefits with this weapon thanks to the empty Gem socket. With a shield added, there are more attributes and benefits to experiment with.


Viridulon the Rootbound, the last boss of Eternal Pools, drops the Deeproot Sword. To get a chance to find this weapon, players need to band together and thoroughly clean the open-world dungeon.


Blackguard's Longsword


New World Blackguard's Longsword


Never undervalue the worth of a longsword. It might not be as striking or threatening as the others, but it will quickly dispatch everyone in your path, fighter or not.


The Blackguard's Longsword has a +15 constitution and the bonus of trenchant strikes, which increases the damage of your heavy attacks by up to 19%. Additionally, it has a Keen function that delivers an 11% critical chance and a Refreshing Move that shortens the cooldown on your active weapons by 2.8% for Light and Heavy attacks.


It is relatively simple to farm, and you can get it from Headman Pang or by finishing the Tempest Heart quest.



Another great sword in the game comes with a +15 constitution. Additionally, it has a Taunting IV that ensures you create +300% more threats when taunts are active. Furthermore, Omen provides Trenchant Recovery, which heals the player for 39% of the damage from fully charged heavy attacks.


Life-stealing does not result in persistent damage or DoT effects but instead gives you 4.9% of your damage back as health. After being struck four times, the Refreshing Ward with this Sword decreases active cooldowns by 1.8%. Likewise, it does not result in DoT effects, blocked attacks, or persistent damage.


You can also farm this weapon in Tempest Heart, which can drop from Isabella.


Curiosity, Greed

This is one of the best swords in the game and is primarily used in PvE. It has 15 Constitution and Taunting IV, which gives you +300% threat generation potential.

Additionally, it has the "hated" feature, which increases threat by 139%.


It is an excellent tank weapon that fortifies and strengthens tanks. Because it contains the Keenly Fortified feature, even on critical, you can earn 10%, fortify for 3 seconds, and have a 10-second cooldown.


By successfully finishing the Lazarus dungeon, you can farm this weapon.


The Sword of The Champion

This Sword, which lives up to its name by dealing much damage, is only available in PvP mode. Cruel IV feature grants a +12% damage bonus against specific targets; it has 99 slash damage and 15 Strength.


Since it is keenly empowered, you can gain 15% and become invigorated for five seconds with a ten-second cooldown on Critical. Additionally, if you aim for your opponent's back, you can cause additional damage thanks to the Penetrating Backstab feature. You can do much damage with this Sword by using it in conjunction with a round shield, which is quite powerful.


Timekeeper's Hand


New World Timekeeper's Hand


The initials of each wielder are inscribed along this fabled blade which has been lost and found numerous times in the game's story.


This Sword has a 178 slash damage rating and 15 strength. It includes Taunting IV, which generates a +300% greater threat, and Refreshing Move, which shortens the cooldown on your active weapons by 2.8% with light and heavy attacks.


It possesses Keen, which provides a +11% critical chance, and Enchanted, which increases Light and Heavy strikes' damage by 9.5%. This weapon is available in Shattered Mountain.




New World Masterstroke


According to the text that comes with this weapon, A smith spent years perfecting her trade and finally achieved her goal of creating the perfect blade, Masterstroke.


For those who want to maximize the utilization of their abilities, Masterstroke is the ideal weapon. Masterstroke divides all damage done by the weapon, by half, into 88 Slash Damage and 88 Nature Damage, which is excellent for allowing you to hunt more enemy types in PvE. 


In addition, after killing an enemy, Masterstroke applies a 5% reduction to all active cooldowns. This weapon is ideal for rolling up to active PvE areas, hacking and slashing enemies with abilities, rapidly raising them back up, and then resuming the rampage.



Swords are one of the most impressive weapons to explore in the game of New World, and these are some of the best blades available for you to keep an eye out for as you play.



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