5 Locations to Level New World Weapons

By Richard Kayode
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You can explore the entire continent of Aeternum in New World and use a variety of intriguing weaponry to play the game. We saw a lot of new material and major changes in New World's most recent update that the game creators have provided. Players can now take advantage of various new events, activities, and weapons that the game creators have added.


According to the plot, you get to pick from one of three groups and embark on an adventure while exploring the mysterious Island of Aeternum and battling against its corrupted opponents. Along with being able to create tools and weapons for use or to sell in-game, you also join the search for the valuable and potent resource known as Azoth.


The main currency used by players to buy various equipment and weapons in-game is Gold, also known as New World Gold. Some of these items are also available for purchase on platforms like MmoGah.


Because New World uses a classless system, your build or class is solely determined by the weapons you choose. There are many different weapon and skill combinations because you can employ two weapons at once and have a variety of alternatives.


Your choice of weapon in the game will affect how you engage in combat. One-handed, two-handed, ranged, and magical weapons are all included in the category of weapons. These weapons are also separated into various categories, from perks that affect the rarity of the weapons to the proficiency of each. Perks can range from common to legendary, affecting how well weapons perform.


One handed weapons are Close-combat weapons that have quick attack speeds. They include the Rapier, Hatchet, Sword, and Shield. Only the Sword can be used in tandem with the Shield. Wearing a shield without utilizing a Sword will increase your equipment burden and maintenance costs without offering any advantages.


On the other hand, two-handed melee weapons like the spear, great axe, and war hammer have slower attack speeds but hit a little harder than their one-handed counterparts. Additionally, compared to other weapon classes, these weapons frequently have higher crowd-controlling abilities.


Weapons with magical effects harness mana, and to activate Abilities and launch Basic Attacks, they use mana. Because magical weapons only deal elemental attacks and no physical damage, they differ from other weapon categories. Any village in the game has a crafting station where you can make these weapons. Weapons like the Fire Staff, Ice Gauntlet, Life Staff, and Void Gauntlet are among them.


Bow and Musket are examples of ranged weapons that emphasize maintaining a safe distance from enemies while dealing damage from a distance. The game has seen the addition of daggers, greatswords, and blunderbusses as new weaponry.


For the best gaming experience, leveling your weapon is essential. According to the degree of mastery for a certain weapon class, players can gain skill points by leveling up their weapon experience through the New World Weapon Mastery system. Your weapon will function better the more skill points you invest in the weapon tree of your choice.


You can level your weapons with various methods, some of which are more effective than others. A few common, effective alternatives are available, such as upgrading your arsenal as you play. This method involves picking up weapons and leveling them randomly when you farm, going on your daily chest runs, and completing standard dungeons. While each approach is a good choice, doing so will take time and occasionally get tiresome.


Another way to level up your weapons is through PvP. To do this, you must go out and combat with other players, which will award you with a ton of weapon XP. It will be an extremely efficient way to level up your weapons if you are strong at PvP. But this is not the route for you if you're not skilled at PvP or don't enjoy it.


The enemy packs in dungeons are less numerous; therefore, they are not the best place to farm weapon XP. In addition to giving you gear and other things, they're cool and more enjoyable. However, compared to Elite farming and PvP, dungeons are less effective if your primary objective is to level up your weapons.


There are some locations in the game where you can level weapons more rapidly and effectively. Choosing AOE skills to wipe out hordes of foes and rack up a ton of Weapon XP points is the preferred plan for every area while leveling weapons. Compared to taking off foes one by one, this strategy is much faster. 


A good weapon leveling location will typically include many enemies and a reasonable spawn rate, allowing you to run an endless cycle of gathering enemies, killing them, and advancing on to the next group. 


Once you reach the maximum level, it is preferable to concentrate on leveling weapons. This approach is more efficient because fighting creatures at least ten levels below you result in declining returns for both player experience and weapon experience. Once you reach level 60, this rule no longer holds, and killing lower-level foes will earn you more weapon XP per kill.


For returning players, it's vital to note that the new Brimstone Sands upgrade to New World has made Deadman's Cove less of a high-yielding site for farming Weapon XPs. So without further ado, here are the game's top places for weapon leveling:


Misty Borough


New World Misty Borough


This location can be found in the Southern Great Cleave of Aeternum's Wayward Mounts region. This area has a lot of level 47–48 high-yield enemies from which you can obtain a lot of Weapon XP. Before fighting the mobs, make sure to leave the EerieDune graveyard zone. Try to group the enemies to avoid losing the total points when you AoE them all at once.


Players need to be careful in this area to avoid being stranded in any of the several abandoned cottages and homes as you weave in and out of the area. It will be better to fight the mobs in the open courtyards. Because the monsters respawn rather frequently, you can gather Weapon XPs indefinitely.


Channelview Post


New World Channelview Post


This location can be found in Restless Shore's northern region. There are two outposts in that region: one is called OceanView, and the other is Channelview. Each features sizable draws of mobs you can farm for weapon XP points, and both posts are quite similar. In both camps, this location has level 44–level 45 foes.


It is one of the finest areas for leveling because the mobs in Channelview Post respawn quickly, allowing you to assault those in OceanView while waiting for the previous ones to return. However, one should be aware that other players could frequently occupy this area, so it might be wiser to explore alternate areas when this location is camped full. The greatest weapons for leveling in this area include the Firestaff, Ice Gauntlet, and Greatsword.




New World Hibbotsfield


This region features two complete pulls of level 50 corrupted creatures and is located north of Mourningdale. These enemies hit a little harder, but you still gain over 1000 Weapon XP per pull, and after you finish the second portion of the pull, the first part will reappear, so you may keep doing pulls.


There are several corn fields in Hibbotsfield where you can farm some additional resources. The Greatsword, Sword and Shield, Spear, and Hatchet are some of the greatest weapons to level within this area.


Defiler Excavation

This is yet another top-notch leveling spot in the Great Cleave. The Defiler Excavation is a mine in the center of the zone that is teeming with corrupted monsters of levels 41–43.


There are three pulls available for this place. You will gather and slay the mobs in each region labeled as a pulling area. You will leap down to the mine entrance after finishing the third pull and repeat the operation.


Southern Great Cleave

When you get to this spot, you will discover a tent perched over the forts in Southern Great Cleave. A series of recurring quests initiate as soon as you arrive at the tent. To gain access to some valuable Weapons XP, you must first defeat some corrupted enemies. Once you have done so, a new wave of corrupted enemies will appear. Your weapon experience points will increase when you eliminate these enemies. 


The best part of this place is near the quest's end when Captain Thorpe spawns out of a portal and emerges. This is the big reward because killing Captain Thorpe will give you tons of weapon experience—up to 1,000+—and the quest will keep restarting so you can collect as much XP as possible. Single-target weapon leveling works well in this area.



There are many awesome and great weapons in New World that you may use to wreak havoc on your foes. However, it would be best to level them up so you can wield them properly.


The locations listed here are the best in the game for eliminating corrupted enemies and racking up a ton of weapon XP points, enabling you to level up your weapon for optimal performance.



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