Last Epoch Corruption Guide - How to Push Quickly

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Corruption in Last Epoch is a measure of difficulty and reward within the Monolith of Fate endgame system. It increases the challenge of encounters but also enhances the rewards. It's a risk-reward balance that seasoned players learn to navigate. Pushing your corruption is a strategic endeavor that can significantly enhance your gameplay experience. Here is a guide to help you master the art of corruption in this enthralling action RPG. If you want to push it quicker, buying the corruption boost service of Last Epoch from us is a good idea. Leave everything to the specialists!


 Last Epoch Corruption Guide - How to Push Quickly


Shade of Orobyss

The Shade of Orobyss is a unique boss that can appear in any timeline within the Monolith of Fate. To gain corruption, you need to defeat the Shade of Orobyss. The further away the Shade spawns from the center of the Timeline, the more corruption you'll receive upon defeating it. So you can skip some Orobyss and opt to go for the ones that are a little bit further to gain more corruption.


Gaze of Orobyss

Gaze of Orobyss is another mechanic that allows you to increase the corruption level of a timeline. It is something that you gain every single time you fight the main boss in your given Monolith. If you were to die when fighting the Orobyss, you would lose Gaze of Orobyss, which also means corruption losing.


One thing to mention is the first two Gaze of Orobyss will give you ten bonus corruption each; the third one will give you seven; the fourth one will give you five, and so on. So, you can get two Gaze of Orobyss before fighting an Orobyss, and don’t waste any of the corruption the Gazes would have actually given you, saving any potential additional Gazes for the next reset of your Echo.


Gaining Stability

Stability is a metric that determines your progress through the Monolith of Fate. As you complete echoes, you gain stability, which eventually leads to a confrontation with the timeline's boss. Stability is key at higher corruption levels. You gain more stability per echo at increased corruption. You can plan your echoes to maximize stability gain, as some echoes offer more stability than others. Besides, bosses provide a significant stability boost. Focus on timelines where you can defeat bosses quickly and consistently.


Using Catchup Mechanics

You can specifically push in one region and concentrate all your efforts there instead of spreading it out over different regions. The reason is that other regions have bonus corruption that can let you catch up to whatever your highest corruption region is, which means the game will give you a percent of the corruption you have in your highest region to allow you to catch up. It would be a waste of time pushing corruption separately in each region.


Building your Character

A well-optimized character is crucial for pushing corruption. Try to focus on the following aspects of your character build.


Damage Output: Increasing your damage output is crucial for pushing corruption, as you'll need to defeat enemies quickly before they overwhelm you. Choose skills, passives, and gear that synergize well to maximize your damage potential. Experiment with different combinations to find what works best for your character.


Survivability: Surviving in high levels of corruption requires a robust defense. Invest in defensive layers such as armor, resistance, health, and defensive skills or passives. Balancing offense with defense is essential for staying alive in challenging encounters.


Utility: Utilitarian skills and abilities can greatly enhance your character's effectiveness. Crowd control, mobility, and utility skills can help you navigate through difficult situations and manage crowds of enemies more efficiently.


Adaptability: Be prepared to adapt your build to different situations and challenges. The endgame content in Last Epoch can be unpredictable, so having flexibility in your build can be a significant advantage. Experiment with different strategies and adjust your build accordingly to overcome obstacles.


Hope the guide is helpful. Some of the content comes from Allie’s YouTube channel. Below is the original video.

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