How to Level Up to 100 Fast in Last Epoch

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Last Epoch is an action role-playing game that offers a deep and immersive experience for players. One of the key aspects of any RPG is leveling up your character to unlock new abilities, skills, and progress through the game's content. In Last Epoch, leveling up efficiently can significantly enhance your gameplay experience, allowing you to tackle tougher challenges and explore more of the game world. In this guide, we'll explore various strategies and techniques to help you level up quickly in Last Epoch.


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 leveling up in last epoch



Before diving into specific strategies, it's important to grasp the core mechanics that affect leveling:


• Experience Points (XP): Gained by killing enemies, completing quests, and clearing dungeons.

• Difficulty: Higher difficulty levels yield more XP but come with greater risks.

• Efficiency: Balancing speed and safety is key to fast leveling.


Push Corruption

Corruption is a mechanic that scales the difficulty of all encounters within a particular Monolith of Fate timeline. Higher Corruption levels result in tougher enemies but also increase the experience points (XP) and item rarity you receive. To increase Corruption, you must defeat the Shade of Orobyss, which appears at the edge of your Echo web. Each victory over this boss slightly raises your Corruption level. For standard Monolith runs, the cap is x50 Corruption stacks, while Empowered Monoliths start at x100 and have no ceiling. Here are some tips for farming Corruption efficiently:

1. Clear Echoes Quickly: aim to reach the edge of the Echo web as fast as possible.

2. Optimize Routes: map out and follow optimal routes, avoiding tedious Echoes.

3. Focus on Timeline Bosses: obtain Gaze of Orobyss for bonus Corruption.

4. Defeat Shade of Orobyss: aim for a +15 Corruption increase or more with each defeat.

5. Repeat the Process: continue to clear Echoes and defeat Orobyss to stack Corruption


While pushing Corruption is key to leveling up quickly, it's important to balance the increased difficulty with your ability to survive and clear Echoes efficiently. Pushing too high can be risky, especially in Hardcore mode, so find a level that challenges you without overwhelming your character.


Tome of Experience

Tomes of Experience are rewards obtained from completing certain Echoes within the Monolith of Fate. They grant a percentage of experience based on your current level, making them a powerful tool for leveling up your character.


While some players argue that Tomes of Experience offers too little XP, especially at higher levels or after reaching level 100, they can still be a valuable asset during the leveling journey. For instance, if you're playing with a friend and you're not the host, picking Tomes of Experience can provide you with 5% of your current level's worth of XP per tome, amounting to 15% per reward. Here are how to increase your Tomes of Experience gains:

1. Prioritize Echoes with Tomes as Rewards: Focus on running Echoes that offer Tomes of Experience to maximize your XP gains.

2. Utilize Vessels: The Vessel of Chaos and Vessel of Memory can reroll and uncomplete rewards, potentially granting more Tomes of Experience.

3. Circle of Fortune: Players with the Circle of Fortune can benefit from a 35% chance for double rewards, which can result in substantial experience gains when Tomes of Experience are involved.


Avoid Arenas and Dangerous Modifiers

Arenas in Last Epoch are wave-based challenges where players face endless hordes of enemies. While they can be a source of experience and loot, they are also time-consuming and can become increasingly difficult as you progress through the waves. The key to leveling up quickly is efficiency, and Arenas may not always align with that goal.


The Monolith of Fate features Echoes with various modifiers that can make enemies more challenging. Some modifiers are considered dangerous because they significantly increase the risk to your character's survival.


Identify Dangerous Modifiers

Deadly Enemies:

Increases enemy damage output, posing a greater threat to your character.

Reduced Recovery:

Limits your character's ability to heal or regenerate, making sustained combat riskier.

Increased Enemy Speed:

Makes it harder to dodge attacks and can overwhelm you with fast-paced combat.


Strategies for Avoiding Dangerous Modifiers

Choose Your Path Wisely:

When navigating the Echo web, plan your route to avoid Echoes with dangerous modifiers.

Evaluate Risk vs. Reward:

Consider whether the potential rewards of an Echo with dangerous modifiers are worth the increased difficulty.

Use Vessels:

The Vessel of Chaos and Vessel of Memory can reroll and uncomplete rewards, allowing you to bypass Echoes with unfavorable modifiers.


While Arenas and dangerous modifiers offer their own set of challenges and rewards, they may not be the most efficient path for players looking to level up quickly in Last Epoch. By focusing on activities that provide a better balance of risk and reward, you can ensure a smoother and faster leveling experience.


Equipment and Skills

Movement Speed:

Equip items that increase movement speed to navigate maps faster. This includes boots, gloves, and rings. For example, the boosts Lessons of the Metropolis can provide up to a 17% increase in movement speed. Rings like Silver Ring can also contribute to your movement speed. Combining two can have a noticeable impact on your mobility.


Traversal Skills:

Use skills that allow quick movement across the map, such as Teleport or Fury Leap, depending on your class. In fact, no matter what your chosen build is, nearly every class and specialization in the game offers movement skills.


Campaign Progression

Last Epoch's campaign spans across 9 chapters through 5 different timelines, serving as an introduction to the game's mechanics and storyline. It's designed to guide players through various eras and encounters, providing a structured path to gain experience and unlock essential features like Passive points and Idol slots, which are crucial for character development. Idols are special equipment that can begin dropping early in the game, starting with "The Void Assault" quest in Chapter 2. They are not level-restricted but may be class-restricted. As you progress through the main campaign, you'll unlock a total of 20 slots for your Idol Container, obtained from main and side quests. Passive points are typically obtained by leveling up and completing quests that specifically reward them. These points are essential for enhancing your character's abilities and making them more powerful. While you are doing the campaign, focus on quests that grant the most Passive points and Idol slots. Also, plan your path through the campaign to minimize backtracking and wasted time. Use waypoints to quickly travel between key locations.

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