10 Must-Have Tank Gear in ESO

By Danikhan2023-04-19

In The Elder Scrolls Online, Tanks are crucial for effective group combat. They absorb damage and apply buffs to group members, which increases the overall DPS. If you want to know which Tank set to use, look no further. Here are the 10 most powerful Tank sets in TESO.


Ebon Armory

First up, we have Ebon Armory. It's one of the more beginner-friendly sets, as it can be collected early on. Ebon Armory increases your maximum health by 1000, plus the max health of up to 11 other group members by the same amount. However, the group members must be within a 28-meter radius of you. 


Aegis of Galenwe

Aegis of Galenwe is another one of the beginner-friendly Tank sets in The Elder Scrolls Online, as you don't need to get its perfected version. The non-perfected version is just as effective. For starters, Aegis of Galenwe increases your maximum health by 1206 additional health points, which is great for sustainability. 


As for your teammates, it will increase the damage of your teammates' heavy and light attacks by 40% through the Empower buff. Aegis of Galenwe is a great Tank set, especially if you are leaning more on the DPS side.


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Crimson Oath's Rive

Up next, we have the Crimson Oath's Rive. Like Aegis of Galenwe, this set also leans more on the DPS side. However, instead of increasing your or your team's damage output, you can use the Crimson Oath's Rive to decrease the enemy's armor by up to 3541.


We have two reasons to consider the Crimson Oath's Rive for this list. Firstly, you don't have to debuff each enemy target's armor individually. The armor of all enemies gets reduced in your area. Secondly, the armor reduction lasts for 15 seconds and can be re-applied after 12 seconds, making the armor reduction almost permanent. 


Drake's Rush

Drake's Rush is a decent Tank set since it adds 1206 to your maximum health, aiding in sustainability. On top of that, it also increases your stamina. It also has a great DPS buff, the Major Heroism. 


With Major Heroism, you and three other group members get three ultimate points every 1.5 seconds. This effect lasts for 12 seconds and can be re-applied every 18 seconds. However, your teammates must be within 15 meters of you to benefit from this buff. 


War Machine

Unlike other sets here, the War Machine heavily leans on the DPS side. With War Machine, you can get a 5% increase in the damage you inflict. On top of that, if you use your ultimate, you and the five closest teammates near you will get an increase in their damage dealt by 10%. However, you have to be careful while using your ultimate since this 10% damage buff will go to waste if healers are near you. 


Saxhleel Champion

Similar to War Machine, the Saxhleel Champion shines the most when you use your ultimate. As you use the ultimate, you and up to 11 other players in your group get a boost in their critical damage by 20%. 


However, Saxhleel Champion can be tricky for inexperienced players since the buff lasts only for 1 second for every 15 ultimate points spent. Also, it only works for group members within 28 meters of you. But, it can prove very effective in the hands of experienced players. 


Turning Tide

Major Vulnerability is probably the most powerful debuff in ESO, which increases the enemies' damage taken by 10%. In other words, regardless of which one of your group members inflicts damage on the enemy, the enemy will receive 10% more damage. Turning Tide becomes a great Tank set precisely because of its ability to apply Major Vulnerability on the enemy.


As you bash an enemy while equipping the Turning Tide set, a ten-meter power line will get sent out, dealing some damage to all enemies in its path and applying the Major Vulnerability on them for ten seconds.


Powerful Assault

The Powerful Assault is a great all-rounder set since it excels in all aspects crucial for Tank sets. Firstly, it adds 1206 points to your maximum health plus 1096 additional points to your stamina. On top of that, it also adds 129 weapon damage and spell damage. 


It doesn't end here. The Powerful Assult also gives you and five other members of your group 307 weapon damage and spell damage for 15 seconds. Group members need to be within a 12-meter radius of you to benefit from this buff. Also, this buff is applied when you cast an Assault ability. 


Eternal Warrior

When it comes to sustainability, there is no better Tank set than Eternal Warrior. As your hp drops below 25%, the Eternal Warrior will heal you for a total of 9370 health points and give you 100 ultimate points. 


Plus, you get an increase of 1206 points in your maximum health. The only downside is that you can only benefit from the 9370 heal once every 1 minute. 


Claw Of Yolnahkriin

Finally, we have Claw of Yolnahkriin. With the Claw of Yolnahkriin set, you get 1206 additional points for your max hp. Plus, you sometimes get the Minor Aegis buff, which reduces your damage taken by 5%. 


However, the flagship ability of the Claw of Yolnahkriin is Minor Courage. With this buff, you and 11 of your group members get an increase in weapon damage and spell damage by 215 units. This buff stays for 15 seconds and can be applied once every 8 seconds.



All Tank sets mentioned here are great and super effective. However, this list should be taken with a grain of salt. The best Tank set for you depends on your playstyle and preferences. Try some of the Tank sets in this list and see how they help you.


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