SoD Phase 2 Rogue BiS, New Runes, Talents, and Leveling Guide

By Shirley Huang2024-02-27

For a Rogue in WoW Season of Discovery (SoD) Phase 2, focusing on optimizing gear with the best runes is crucial for maximizing DPS and utility in both PvE and PvP settings. Here, we will share the details about the Rogue BiS Gear list, new runes and how to get them, talents, and leveling guide.


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Phase 2 SoD Rogue BiS Gear List

Head: Glowing Gneuro-Linked Cowl

Neck: Gnomeregan Peace Officer's Torque

Shoulders: Failed Flying Experiment

Cloak: Dark Hooded Cape

Chest: Insulated Chestguard

Wrists: Forest Stalker's Bracers

Hands: Machinist's Gloves

Waist: Hyperconductive Goldwrap

Legs: Electromantic Chausses

Feet: Insulated Workboots

Fingers: Hypercharged Gear of Devastation, Protector's Band

Trinkets: Avenger's Void Pearl, Gyromatic Experiment 420b

Ranged Weapon: Falco's Sting

Weapons: Gut Ripper, Bloodharvest Blade


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Phase 2 SoD Rogue New Rogue Runes and How to Get Them

Waist Runes: Knife - To get this rune, you need to complete a quest chain that starts from an Extinguished Campfire in Desolace and ends with a Jewel-Encrusted Box in Arathi Highlands. The rune gives you a new ability that throws your off-hand weapon at your target and applies its poison. - This rune is invaluable for closing gaps, escaping unfavorable positions, or setting up for high-damage attacks. To get this rune, you need to complete a quest chain that starts from a chest in Pyrewood Village and ends with another chest in Scarlet Monastery. The rune gives you a new ability that teleports you behind your target and increases your damage. Toss – To get this rune, you need to go to Swamp of Sorrows and find a Dart Trap on a tree in the north (41, 30). Disable the trap and loot the chest to get the rune. The rune gives you a new ability that throws shurikens at multiple targets.


Feet Runes: of Subtlety - This rune enhances your initial burst damage, making your opening attacks in any engagement significantly more potent.

Head to Kurzen's compound in northern Stranglethorn Vale. To get the rune, rescue Wendel Mathers from a cage in Kurzen's compound by pickpocketing a key from the nearby cave and then return to Captain Aransas on the fishing platform in Booty Bay. This rune gives you a passive ability that increases your damage when you stealth or for 6 seconds after breaking stealth. with the Punches - Each time you Evade or Repel, you gain 6% expanded Wellbeing, piling up to multiple times. To obtain this rune, you need to go to Camp E'Thok in Thousand Needles and open a series of chests inside a large tent. The rune gives you a passive ability that increases your dodge chance and damage when you dodge. - To obtain this rune, you need to find and defeat seven Dark Rider Elites in various zones using a special item called Ariden's Sigil that you get from a Dalaran Agent in Deadwind Pass. The rune gives you a new ability that applies a debuff to enemies that you hit from behind with Backstab or Ambush, reducing their armor and movement speed.


Rogue Talents and PvP Build

Rogues have a plethora of talent choices to optimize their gameplay for PvE and PvP. A balanced approach to talents can significantly enhance leveling speed, survivability, and damage output. If you want to speed up your character leveling progress, the easiest way is to buy fast WoW SoD boost from a third party like MMOGAH.


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PvP Build: This build focuses on burst damage and control, using a mix of Assassination and Subtlety talents. This build is ideal for quickly eliminating key targets in PvP.


When leveling, the focus should be on talents that enhance your mobility, sustainability, and damage output. A combination of the Assassination and Combat trees is recommended for a smooth leveling experience.


Leveling Tips

Stealth and Ambush: Use stealth to bypass unnecessary fights or to set up powerful opening attacks like Ambush.

Manage Resources: Keep an eye on your Energy and combo points to maximize your damage output. Use finishers like Eviscerate at 4-5 combo points for efficiency.

Utilize Poisons: Always have your weapons coated with poisons; Instant Poison on your main hand and either Crippling or Mind-numbing poison on your off-hand to slow or impair enemies.

Pickpocketing: Utilize stealth to pickpocket enemies for extra SoD gold and items, which can be useful for maintaining your gear and supplies.


I hope this summary helps you optimize your Rogue performance in SoD Phase 2.

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