Throne and Liberty: All Details We Have Known Now

By Nancy G2023-03-23

NCSOFT released a 10-minute video of the MMORPG Throne and Liberty on its YouTube channel. The developer repeated previously known information but revealed more details about the game and showed off new images.


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Throne and Liberty is scheduled to release in the first half of 2023.



The word "Throne" in the game's title refers to the battle and competition between players, and "Liberty" refers to the freedom to enjoy adventures in the dynamic game world, all of which are set to unify. According to the developers, the essence of an MMO is to meet more players and a community created by various people, and it is for this reason that they decided to merge the game world into a common area. Each player is writing their own adventure story, and in the future, they can share their experiences and memories, which will be completely different from other players' experiences.


As an example, the producer mentioned a dungeon, which players can enter immediately from the main area of the game. It has several floors, each of which is an independent space combined into a common area. If you wish, it will be possible to immediately descend to the lower floors, helping or attacking those already in the dungeon.



The game world is fully alive and adapts to the environment, be it weather conditions or player actions. Those players who understand the rules of this world and can adapt to it will find all kinds of opportunities. The surrounding area, depending on the environment, changes and feels different, leading to the start of interesting events that will happen in sequence and with certain probabilities.


Predictable events, such as changes in day and night, will allow players to plan ahead, while changes in weather and strong winds will require some reaction and adaptation. The environment is important for making small but important changes. They bring the game world to life and fill your games with vibrant colors.



The developers created a strong story for Thrones and Liberty, despite their strong belief that the most important stories in an MMO are created by the players themselves. In the background story of TL, you will see the connection between the present, the past, and the future and experience ancient stories that span time.


Free Class System

In "Throne and Liberty," the developers decided to abandon the traditional role occupation system, allowing players to choose the role they want to play in the game according to the situation. This can be achieved by changing the character's weapon. The Free Class system that the developers are proud of will allow players to control the details of combat on a micro level, creating many combinations.



The studio spent a lot of time developing the rules for PvP combat. The main goal is to let players decide for themselves whether they want to participate in battles with other players. Most areas of the game are safe areas. But with competitive content like special events or boss raids, PvP is available in some places. Players can choose in advance whether to participate or not. No matter which area players are in, they can see planned events and matches, and they can avoid open PvP areas if they wish. The battle lasts about 20 minutes, and participating in the battle will bring glory to the player.


There will also be some areas where only guilds can fight. There are two special items that can be owned in Guild Wars, the Origin Stone and the Dimension Stone. These two gemstones are collectively referred to as the Stones of Possession. By acquiring stones, your guild will be able to expand its abilities, as well as acquire raw materials. In order to get these stones, they must participate in bloody battles. To defeat the enemy, one must know the terrain, know the position of the Possession Stone, and calculate the strategy and tactics.



Throne and Liberty will be released for PC and consoles, with each version having its own interface. It will also be possible to play on mobile devices through the streaming service.



Visually, the game will feature bright and detailed content. NPC facial expressions are an example. The appearance of the character can be customized from real photos using AI, and the appearance can also be changed after the hero is created.


Services of Selling TL Items

To meet players' demands, MmoGah has added the services of selling Throne and Liberty Gold. You can buy TL items to enhance your character.



Throne and Liberty is intended to be an MMO with infinite simultaneous players, so the developers put a lot of work into optimizing the game. The team promises to make TL as smooth as possible. Let's look forward to this great game together!


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