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RuneScape 3 Quest Guide: You Are It

This is a guide to do the new RuneScape 3 quest: You Are It. This should take you 10-15 minutes to complete, and you'll get clue scrolls as rewards. To do the quest, you need membership and a rope. You also need to bank your equipment at the start of the quest or before you head out to Lumbridge. 

Please follow YouTubers Taki Maki and Lildogdog RS to complete this quest step by step, and all the content of this guide is quoted from their videos.





Quest requirements:

· Membership

· Make sure you have enough inventory space to unequip all your equipment, so 10-15 will be OK. You don’t need any food, and there’s no combat during the quest.


Needed Items:

· 1 Rope


Starting out 

To start the quest, you are going to the McGrubor's Wood and chop a specific tree in the south-west section of the area, directly south of the fairy ring with the code a.l.s.. It is a normal tree, not an oak tree, and contains a hidden clue scroll. Chopping the specific tree will trigger a cutscene, and a Double agent will show up. After the cutscene, you click the clue scroll in your inventory and accept the quest.



Mysterious scroll 

The mysterious scroll appears to contain only the word "URIT" repeatedly, however, several of the words end in a letter other than T. Reading only the letters that are different spells out "RELDO".



So you are going to talk to Reldo in the Varrock Library. After your conversation with Reldo is over, you click on your scroll for a clue:


“Cry next to Duke Horacio.

Panic before you talk to me.
Equip nothing.
Nothing at all.”



Now you go to Lumbridge. When you get there, head to the second floor and go to Duke’s room with nothing in your equipment window. Now you go to your emotes, select “Cry” (Green female crying), then select “Panic” (Blue male crying) in front of the Duke. A spark of energy will be released from the clue scroll after the first emote, and after the second, you will enter a cutscene where you are surrounded by Ripper demons, and one of the Ripper demons is the Double agent. A second cutscene will then play involving Duke Horacio and Uri. After both cutscenes, the clue scroll will update. Click the clue which is:


“00 degrees 58 minutes north

25 degrees 01 minutes east”



You go to the Lumbridge cemetery and right-click your clue scroll to dig to the west of the south-western light. You will enter another cutscene, with Uri opening a chest full of letters, rags, and other useless items. Eventually, he finds some obsidian jewellery. You will then find a locked casket, and your clue scroll will be updated.


House call 

Check your scroll and you will find a map which details the surrounding area of Rimmington. Head to the player-owned house portal there and enter it. After another cutscene, your clue scroll will update. Read it again for another clue:


“My house is full of adventurers who

were on the same quest as you.
They are all dead and soon
you will be too.
On a bookshelf is where I lay,
seek me out and you will pay.
Don't let the trees attack
you on the way.”


A trip to Draynor

You go to the Draynor Village and head north to the Manor, then go into the west room and search the bookcase in the north-western corner. You will get a casket key then you use it on the locked casket in your inventory to receive an old necklace. Your clue scroll will update with a new clue. This time, it's a scan clue which can be activated by right-clicking the scroll and clicking 'Scan'. If you don't have a rope yet, you can now go into Draynor Village and buy some from Ned for 15 RuneScape gold or 4 balls of wool. Use the key you receive on the casket to get a necklace and then use the Seers' Village lodestone to get back to the quest starting point.


Mysterious hole 

When you get back to the McGrubor's Wood, head just south of the house, two steps south of the crate, and dig. 




Use your rope on the hole then go down the mysterious hole. Follow the passage around to the north-east and investigate a coffin to start a cutscene. 


After the cutscene is over, you are going to talk to the Double agent, click through the dialogue and select the third chat option: “What happens next?” When the second time you have to select an option, you should choose the fourth one: “I’m going to look around.”


Then you go east and investigate the mantle. When you are told that you have to choose one of the things to destroy, you choose the 6th one: “The stone” then choose “Yes” to break it.


Then you will obtain a puzzle casket within the statue and enter another short cutscene. When the cutscene is over, go back to speak to Uri, and that’ll be the end of the quest.






· 1 quest point

· 1 Sealed clue scroll (easy)

· 1 Sealed clue scroll (medium)

· 1 Sealed clue scroll (hard)

· A puzzle casket

· Old necklace, which you can use to find jade trinkets around Gielinor if over level 50 Dungeoneering

· 2 Treasure Hunter keys and 2 Hearts of Ice


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