• OSRS Gold Guide: How to Become Rich in Old School RuneScape
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    This video guide is about 10 methods to become rich in Old School RuneScape. It contains some valuable advice such as getting an Alt account, buying Nightmare Zone Herb boxes, and when and how to invest or flip in the game for a decent amount of Old School RuneScape gold.

    Youtuber Seerz has been playing RuneScape for a long time and has reached billions multiple times, so please click his video for more details of how to become rich in RuneScape, and all the content of this article is quoted from his video.



    1. Calculate hours vs

    You should always to choose the fastest method with skilling then spend your time on more profitable money makers.


    For example, you can get 50K OSRS gold/H and 30K XP/H by cutting Yew logs. But if you cut Teak trees instead, you will get 90K XP/H with earning no rsgp because you are dropping all the logs. However, Teak logs are 3 times faster than the Yew logs, so it enables you to put the extra hours into killing Gargoyles, Zulrah, doing Slayer, or other training that can make you some money. 


    Another example: Runecrafting Lave runes to level 91 vs Runecrafting single Nature runes to level 91 

    Lava runes: 60K XP/H

    Cost: 200K rsgp


    Nature runes: 25K-30K XP/H

    Profit: 400K-500K rsgp/H 


    In 100 hours, the profit would be 50M rsgp for doing Nature runes, and you will be getting 3M XP which only takes you 50 hours to get if you choose to do Lava runes. So if you have Zulrah unlocked, you would make 2M-3M rsgp per hour, and in 50 hours, you will make 100M-150M OSRS gold easily. 


    So if you have enough Old School RuneScape gold, it is recommended to always choose the quickest methods while training skills, then you will save a lot of time and make much more gold.



    Get a 2nd account!

    If you are a F2P player, it is recommended to buy the membership and then get a bond for your second account.


    If you are going to do Wine of zamorak, you could get 200K-300K RuneScape gold per hour, which mean in 10 hours, you could easily pay off that bond, and that is a whole two weeks of gaming. If you train this alternative account on the side of your main for a month or two, you can easily get it to 100 Combat and possibly 75 Slayer which would allow you to get up to 750K rsgp an hour doing Gargoyles.


    Daily Staff runs, Birdhouse runs, Herb box, and Farm runs

    You are going to do Staff runs, Birdhouse runs, Herb box, and Farm runs every single day. 

    Staff runes

    If you talk to Zaff at the Varrock Staff shop, it gives you a 1K discount to buy the Staves. If you do the Easy, Medium, Hard, and Elite Varrock Diaries, you will get 15, 30, 60, and 120 Staves per day with the 1K discount. So if you got the Elite done, you’ll be getting 120K rsgp per day and it only takes you seconds to talk to him and claim the Staves. 


    Farm runs

    With the Ultracompost, you can easily make 150K-250K RuneScape 2007 gold for each farm run if you pick the correct seed, and each Farm run takes 5-7 minutes, so you would get over 1M rsgp per day. 


    Birdhouse runs

    Doing Birdhouse runs, you will earn 2M rsgp in 1 week easily. 


    Herb boxes

    You are going to get Herb boxes in the Nightmare zone minigame. NMZ is an instance minigame where you kill the bosses and get points. With the points, you can buy Herb boxes from Dom Onion’s Reward Shop. The Herb box is about 10K rsgp each and you can get 15 Herb boxes per day, so that is 4.5M a month, and if you have a second account, that will be 9M a month.



    Dont stand around

    It takes 120-130 hours to reach level 99 Strength, so if you were to stand around without doing anything just 1 hour every day for 4 months, you are giving up a 99 skill cape. So you might as well do something with that 1 hour if you are logged in. 



    Prepare for updates

    Always try to watch every single livesteam. Jagex does an hour livestream every week on Twitch and it gives away a lot of valuable information about what Jmods are doing with the game or what boss, quest, or new updates are to come. So if you get your stats ready, then you are ready to make a lot of RuneScape gold for certain items. For example, with the Revenant update, the new Craw’s bow was worth 350M-400M rsgp, and the Viggora's chainmace was 250M rsgp. So if you had your stats ready for killing Revenants, you would make a good amount of RS gold if you started from the first days.



    Flip/Merch runs

    If you have enough RS gold, you can do some investing and flipping in the game. For example, you can go and put some offers into the GE, and when you wake up next morning, they should have been bought.


    For example, If you have 1M RuneScape gold, you can start flipping like Zamorak coif or a whole bunch of Clue scroll items, or just some weird funky stuffs. You could easily make 30K rsgp just on a simple item like that, and you will start stacking up RS gold.



    Focus on 1 thing

    Stick to 1 thing, then move on to the next. To have 1 skill of 91 Runecrafting earns you 1M gold per hour which is much more than 50K gold/H earned by cutting Willows at level 50 Woodcutting. So it’s better to become a master on one skill, one boss, and you’ll get very good at it in a high level, then you are going to make bank.



    Do not stake

    Firstly, Staking is now taxed, so it’s not in your favor anymore. Secondly, there are many people got cleaned and lost almost all their gold in one day. It really ruins your gameplay, so don’t do it.



    Pre livestream rumors

    Besides watching the livesteams of Jagex, you should also check out the Twitters and listen for rumors of updates and then invest. If you are one of the first people to the party, you can make a lot of gold. This is not get-rich-quick, but you could easily double your bank with little effort.

    For example, the new Revenants update was a good opportunity to invest your money. If you had 30M RuneScape money, you can invest in some weapons like Blowpipe or Dragon darts, then in one or two months, the price would rise and you could make a huge profit, and the more money you invest in, the more profit you would get. So do some investment on top of you are bossing and PvMing, then you would make a decent amount of gold.


    Kingdom of Miscellania

    This is different from the Farm runs, Birdhouse runs, and Merch runs because you’ll want to invest about 5M RS gold and leave it for 1 to 3 months then you come back. You could make a couple of millions a month if you put your resources on the right items. Sometimes the prices of the items, especially the Herbs will fluctuate. So be sure to check the prices and choose the right items before you do a long-term investment.



    That is all about how to become rich in Old School RuneScape. Should you need other money making guides, be sure to head over to our RS news page. We have top 5 AFK money making methods for you to make RuneScape 2007 gold easily and 9 low level money making methods for you to earn RuneScape 3 gold at a lower level. 


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