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How to Register Your Email to A RuneScape Account and Change the Password

How to register my email address to the account that I bought at MmoGah? This is a question frequently asked by some RS account customers. In this guide, we are showing you how to do it. Should you have some questions when login, it is strongly recommended to read the top FAQ by first-time RuneScape account buyers.

1. Log in the RuneScape Official Website

Once you receive the RuneScape account information from us which contains an account name and password, you'll want to log in this account on the RuneScape official website: After you log in, you are going to enter the Account setting page.

*Note that the account name we sent you should always be used to log in the game in the future, even after you have registered your own email to this account. The OSRS accounts we offer can be used on both PC and Mobile.


2. Register Your Email to This Account

Click “Change Password” , then you will be asked to register your own email to the account first. After you write down your own email address, Jagex will send an email to this mailbox.



You enter your mailbox and click the link in the mail. Then you will be redirected to a page saying “REGISTRATION SUCCESSFUL” which means you have successfully registered your own email to the account you bought.


3. Change the Password

You go back to the account settings page and click “Change Password”, then Jagex will again send an email to your registered email address. You click the link in the mail and write down your new password then you will successfully change the password.




Now you have changed the password and registered the account with your own email, which will improve your account security. Keep in mind that the account name you have received from us should always be used for logging in the game as well as the RS official website.


Should you have some questions when login, it is strongly recommended to read the top FAQ by first-time RuneScape account buyers. There is also a quick way to check the stats of your account without logging into the game.

Keep checking back for more information related to RuneScape accounts as well as RuneScape gold on the RS news page


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