• How to Sell and Buy Rocket League Items for Cash?
    By Alice Fu2018-06-02 00:00:00

    Now days many gamers want to convert their hard-earned Rocket League items into real money. There are few ways to do this online all of which have their pros and cons. Since Psyonix does not have an official way to sell back items many people have tried their luck online. The problem is most places are filled with scammers or are difficult to use and find items. Luckily, has created a marketplace for gamers to use for free after over 10 years of experience buying and selling virtual goods online. Before we dive into what sets MmoGah apart from the others sites lets do a quick analysis of the other offerings.

    1. Reddit Exchange
      • Pro  – Many active users and items posted daily
      • With  – High risk of scammers and difficult to search and view posts
    1. Discord Channels (Popular ones like Rocket League Hub)
      • Pro – Many active users and items posted daily
      • With – Medium risk of scammers and difficult to search and view chats
    1. 3rd Party Trading Sites (Gameflip, Aoeah, etc.)
      • Pro – Fast delivery and active users
      • With – Higher costs and restrictive to sellers

    Overall there are too many options that have made it complex to actually sell and buy items instead of spending more time enjoying the actual game. MmoGah wants to give back to the Rocket League community by providing a cheap, safe, and simple site to sell and buy items. Below we will describe some key features that set the MmoGah marketplace apart.

      1. Transparent Detection of Scammers
      2. Instantly view if a user has completed verification steps. Many gamers don’t want to share their personal information and we have provided an automated way to be your own middleman. Phone verification will stop many scammers. Make sure to check out a user’s profile before completing a trade:

      3. Protected Payments with Low Fees or No Fees Directly
        1. MmoGah offers sellers the ability to accept Paypal, Crytpo, G2APay, Giftcards and countless other payment options when listing an item. Stop worrying about chargebacks and let us guarantee payout. Only a 1% fee for secured payments that’s it no hidden fees and haggling to get your money.

      1. We also offer the freedom to accept payments directly. In this mode you disable our secure process and coordinate with the buyer to send money via your preferred method which result in 0% fees from MmoGah. Watch out though as this may lead to more scams and you should be extra vigilant during the transaction.
      1. Simple Secure Trades and Communication with Instant Notifications
        1. Stop wasting time checking if someone messaged you about an item. You can easily check if a user is online the part of the world they are from to know if they are awake or not. Also get messages via Email and on your phone whenever you get a sale.

      1. Allow offers and bidding to make quick sales. Hate chatting back and forth with many people? Let buyers suggest a price they think is fair for your item and easily accept or decline the offer.


    As you can see these are just a few of the features and options that MmoGah has to offer which should make your life much easier. Now you may ask how can this all be free or this seems too good to be true? You are right while we do have low to 0 fees during our introduction we may increase to a 4% fee in the future. We would only change this after a thorough survey of our buyers and seller and have no plans to do so until 2019. This is just the beginning of our efforts to provide a home for elite gamers to buy and sell directly. We are confident that this will be thriving network and already have thousands of gamers visiting daily from Google, Facebook, Youtube, etc. ready to buy. Make sure to signup today and start using the marketplace as there are many features we are adding each day. Once you signup sell items here:  Sell RL Items Now

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