PoE builds 3.22: Righteous Fire Inquisitor Build

By Nancy G2023-08-30

The Righteous Fire Inquisitor build is a powerful and popular choice in Path of Exile. This build focuses on utilizing the Righteous Fire skill and benefits from the Inquisitor's elemental damage synergy. In this guide, we will discuss the key aspects of the build, including skill gem setup, passive tree allocation, gear recommendations, and playstyle tips.


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Skill Gem Setup

a. Righteous Fire: The core skill of this build, Righteous Fire, will be your main source of damage. It converts a portion of your maximum life into fire damage over time, burning enemies that come close. Link it with Increased Burning Damage, Elemental Focus, Concentrated Effect, Efficacy, and Swift Affliction support gems for enhanced damage output.


b. Purity of Fire: Since Righteous Fire reserves a significant amount of your life, it's crucial to mitigate fire damage taken. Purity of Fire aura provides fire resistance, thus reducing the damage you receive from Righteous Fire. Level it up and enhance it with Increased Area of Effect and Empower support gems.


c. Cast When Damage Taken (CWDT) setup: Use a CWDT setup with Immortal Call, increased duration, and Vaal Molten Shell. This setup provides some additional survivability by automatically triggering defensive abilities when you take a certain amount of damage.


d. Flame Dash or Whirling Blades: These movement skills are essential for mobility, allowing you to navigate through maps quickly and avoid dangerous situations. Choose the one that suits your preference and link it with Faster Casting and Second Wind support gems.


e. Auras: Depending on your preferences and gear choices, you can further enhance your damage or survivability with additional auras like Herald of Ash or Determination. Experiment with different setups and find what works best for your playstyle.



Passive Tree Allocation

As an Inquisitor, your passive tree allocation should focus on maximizing elemental damage and fire damage over time. Prioritize taking nodes that increase fire damage, elemental damage, and life regeneration. Allocate nodes that enhance burn damage and penetration, as well as those that provide increased maximum life and energy shield. Aim for a balanced mix of offense and defense to ensure both survivability and damage output.


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Gear Recommendations

a. Weapon: Look for weapons that provide increased fire damage, spell damage, and cast speed. Daggers with spell damage mods and sceptres with increased fire damage are popular choices. Consider crafting or acquiring weapons with additional critical strike chance or cast speed modifiers.


b. Body Armor: Prioritize a body armor with high maximum life or energy shield, as it will affect the power of Righteous Fire. Additionally, look for resistances, increased burning damage, and life regeneration modifiers.


c. Helmet: A helmet with increased maximum life, elemental resistances, and additional bonuses like increased area of effect or cooldown recovery speed can be beneficial. Consider using Essence of Delirium to craft a helmet with the "Burning" modifier for increased Righteous Fire damage.


d. Gloves: Seek gloves with increased spell damage, cast speed, life, and resistances. Additionally, look for gloves with increased burning damage or modifiers that grant bonuses to skills like Righteous Fire.


e. Boots: Look for boots with high movement speed, increased maximum life or energy shield, and resistances. If possible, consider boots with % increased burning damage and other useful mods like additional strength or intelligence.


f. Belt: Aim for a belt with increased maximum life, resistances, and elemental damage modifiers. Belts that provide increased fire or burning damage are ideal for this build.


g. Accessories: Focus on rings and amulets that provide increased fire damage, maximum life or energy shield, resistances, and elemental damage modifiers. Look for mods that increase burning damage or offer global critical strike chance.



Playstyle Tips

a. Life Regeneration: Since Righteous Fire burns a portion of your maximum life, it's crucial to have sufficient life regeneration to counter the burn effect. Invest in passive nodes that boost life regeneration and consider using items like Rise of the Phoenix shield for additional fire resistance and increased life regeneration.


b. Balanced Resistances: Maintain balanced elemental resistances to avoid taking excessive damage. Fire resistance is particularly important as it directly affects the damage you take from Righteous Fire. Seek high resistances on gear and utilize Purity of Fire aura to mitigate fire damage taken.


c. Mind Over Matter (MoM): Combining the Inquisitor's ascendancy node, Sanctuary, with the MoM keystone can provide additional survivability by diverting a portion of damage taken to your mana pool. This setup requires investing in maximum mana and mana regeneration gear and skills.


d. Endurance and Power Charges: Utilize skills, gear, or ascendancy nodes that grant additional endurance or power charges, as they can significantly enhance your defense and damage output respectively. Endurance charges provide physical damage reduction, while power charges increase critical strike chance.


e. Flask Management: Make sure to utilize utility flasks effectively to boost your survivability and damage. Consider flasks such as Dying Sun for increased area-of-effect damage, Rumi's Concoction for additional block chance, and Atziri's Promise for extra chaos damage and leech.




The Righteous Fire Inquisitor build in Path of Exile offers a powerful and engaging gameplay experience. With the right skill gem setup, passive tree allocation, and gear choices, this build can deal significant fire damage over time while maintaining survivability. Remember to balance your resistances, invest in life regeneration, and experiment with different playstyles to find what works best for you. With dedication and smart decision-making, the Righteous Fire Inquisitor build can pave your way to success in PoE 3.22.



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