• PoE 3.21 Build: Mage Skeletons Necromancer Build
    By Pen Slingers2023-05-09 00:00:00

    The Mage Skeletons Necromancer Build is an excellent choice for players who want to play a summoner build in Path of Exile 3.21. It's powerful, easy to use, and fun!


    This guide will explain how to start this build, its benefits, and some advice on improving your gameplay.


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    What We Know About Mage Skeletons Necromancer Build?

    Mage Skeletons Necromancer is the most powerful build in Path of Exile version 3.21. This build focuses on maximizing the damage output of your summoned skeletons through a combination of passive skill tree choices, support gems, and gear. The "Mage" variant of the build emphasizes the use of spell-based attacks to complement the physical damage dealt by your skeletons. In contrast, the "Pure" variant relies solely on the skeleton's physical damage.


    Some key passive skill tree nodes for this build include Minion Damage, Minion Attack Speed, and Minion Life. Support gems such as Melee Splash, Minion Damage, and Minion Speed can also significantly boost your skeletons' damage output.



    Mage Skeletons Necromancer Build Budget

    The Mage Skeletons Necromancer build, part of the Witch class, is imposing. In the current patch, a unique Jewel called Dead Reckoning transforms regular skeletons into powerful Mage skeletons. These minions can launch elemental projectiles over a wide area, inflicting significant damage on enemies.


    This build relies on summoning minions to fight for you, allowing you to focus on supporting them with spells and abilities. This build is great for clearing maps quickly and efficiently, making it an excellent choice for farming PoE Currency.


    Witch's Ability

    Employing this build enables players to take advantage of the Witch's necromantic abilities, summoning an army of minions to do their bidding. The Mage Skeletons Necromancer build is particularly effective at clearing maps with ease.


    Dead Reckoning is the key to this build's success, which offers a unique twist to the traditional minion-focused builds in Path of Exile. With its ability to turn regular skeletons into powerful Mage skeletons, this build is perfect for players who love the thrill of unleashing devastating elemental attacks on their enemies.



    Gear and Gems – Best in Slot Options for Maximum Damage

    To make the most of your Mage Skeletons Necromancer build, you'll need to select your gear and support gems carefully. Regarding weapons, a good choice is a staff or wand with +1 to all minion gems and a high spell or elemental damage bonus.


    In terms of support gems, "Minion Damage," "Minion Speed," and "Melee Splash" for your skeletons. "Spell Echo" and "Faster Casting" are good options for boosting the casting speed of your spells. For a more defensive option, consider "Convocation" to quickly heal and resummon your minions in the heat of battle.


    It's also worth mentioning that the quality of your gems can significantly boost their effectiveness, so consider using Gemcutter's Prisms or other quality-enhancing PoE items to upgrade your gems. Finally, if you have the currency to spare, consider using Divine Orb or other crafting methods to optimize your gear and gems for maximum damage output.



    Passive Skill Tree, Key Nodes, and Equipment

    To maximize the DMG output of your Mage Skeletons Necromancer, it's essential to plan out your passive skill tree carefully. Key nodes to prioritize include "Minion Damage," "Minion Attack Speed," and "Minion Life," as well as any additional nodes that boost your chosen damage type, such as "Spell Damage."


    Skills and Ascendancy

    Necromancer Ascendancy

    The Necromancer is an excellent choice for this build because of its passive tree nodes. You will be able to reach a large amount of life regeneration, which will help you maintain your minions and ensure they don't die too quickly. In addition, the minion damage bonuses are advantageous because they increase the damage output of all your skeletons.


    Key Skills

    Raise Zombies – This skill allows you to summon up to 6 zombies at once, each with unique characteristics (some have more health than others). The zombies are also immune to elemental ailments like burning ground or poison clouds, so they can safely walk through them without taking any damage.

    Raise Spectres – This skill lets us summon up to three types of specters from either corpse on the ground or by sacrificing items with specific modifiers attached (such as "+1 level" gems). While these creatures may be less durable than our Zombies due to their lower base life values compared to what we could achieve using other methods, such as Animate Guardian.


    Two-handed weapons are equipped instead, which would allow us access to higher base values per corpse consumed but requires careful planning before entering combat situations where there might not always be enough corpses available nearby beforehand, so plan accordingly!



    The best-in-slot gear for this build is as follows:

    Helmet – Bone Helmet, Bone Helm, or Skullhead (unique).

    Chest Armor – Skin of the Loyal (unique).

    Gloves – Sadima's Touch or Goliath Gauntlets. They both provide additional Strength, which increases your damage and life regeneration by 1% per 10 Strengths. This means you should aim for at least 600+ Strengths to make them worth using.


    You can also use rare gloves with high Life and Resistance if you are struggling with resists on your other items but remember that they will not give you any extra damage! If you're playing Hardcore, we would recommend using Sadima's Touch over Goliath Gauntlets because it gives more overall survivability than just flat physical damage reduction from armor stats alone would provide otherwise.



    Mage Skeletons Necromancer - Gameplay Guide

    This build is an enjoyable and unique build that relies on the Skeletal Mages skill. It's easy to level with this build, but you will need the patience to play it at level 1.


    The endgame content of PoE 3.21 has become much easier with this build because you have so many minions that can tank enemies for you. At the same time, your main character focuses on damage dealing and de-buffing them with curses or other spells.


    There are many ways to play this type of character, so let's take a look at some tips when playing as a Necromancer Mage:

    Always keep an eye out on your mana pool! You don't want to run out of mana before getting into combat range. Then all those skeletons would be useless against enemies who can quickly kill them before they get close enough for their attacks/abilities to deal any damage!

    Ensure every one of your minions dies before entering new areas so no one will steal experience points from them after dying during boss fights etc. Otherwise, those experience points would go towards whatever minion was left alive.



    Tips and Tricks for Levelling Up Your Character

    Are you looking to level up your Mage Skeletons Necromancer Build in Path of Exile? Here are some essential tips and tricks to help you along the way:

    Focus on Minion Nodes – The Mage Skeletons Necromancer build relies heavily on summoning and supporting minions. To maximize your minion's damage and survivability, prioritize nodes that increase minion damage or life on the skill tree.

    Use Vaal Summon Skeletons – Vaal Summon Skeletons is a powerful skill that creates a swarm of skeletons to fight alongside you. Use it during demanding boss fights to overwhelm your enemies.

    Utilize Bone Offering – Bone Offering is a valuable skill that enhances your minion's defenses. Use it with your other minion skills to keep them alive and fighting.

    Equip Clarity – Clarity is an aura that regenerates your mana over time. It's essential for the Mage Skeletons Necromancer Build, which requires a lot of mana to maintain your minions.

    Gear Up With Minion Damage & Life – Gear will boost minion damage and life as you level up. This will enhance your minion's power and survivability, making them even more effective in battle.

    Following these tips and tricks can level up your Mage Skeletons Necromancer Build more efficiently and effectively.



    Endgame – Mapping, Bossing, and Delving Strategies

    Once you've reached the endgame content of Path of Exile, there are several strategies you can use to optimize your Mage Skeletons Necromancer build for different challenges.



    It's crucial to balance clear speed with survivability. Use movement skills like Shield Charge or Flame Dash to quickly move through maps while keeping your skeletons close to clear out enemies. Support gems like "Minion Speed" and "Melee Splash" can also help your minions quickly clear packs of enemies.



    You must adjust your fighting strategy depending on the boss's mechanics. Keep your skeletons close to the boss to maximize their damage output while avoiding dangerous attacks. Use Convocation and other defensive skills to keep your minions alive during longer boss fights.



    You should consider a good balance of damage, survivability, and mobility. Use movement skills like Flame Dash or Leap Slam to quickly navigate the narrow delves while keeping your skeletons close to clear out enemies. It's also essential to have high life and resistance to survive the higher-level monsters and traps in deeper delves.