• Path of Exile: Defeat the Best Bosses with Ascendancies Guide for Your Class
    By Pen Slingers2022-08-15 00:00:00

    Every new season, new content is added to the game, which players pursue to finish as soon as possible to enjoy the game hunt. New players have a fresh start, and the returning or veteran players can try out new builds and classes that keep the game fresh each time with a new twist. In this guide, we will talk about what the Ascendancy is and a few of the best Ascendancy for your class that you can use to beat the end game. Let's discuss them, and if you need more information, you can read about more guides by visiting Path of Exile builds and beginner's guide.


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    What Is the Ascendancy Class?

    Ascendancy for each class is a specialization of the base class you choose at the beginning of the game. In total, there are 19 ascendancies in the game; for example, if you start the game with Duelist, you can turn into a Gladiator, slayer, and even Champion, and similarly, a witch can become a Necromance, Elementalist or Oculist, and so on.



    How to Unlock these Ascendancies?

    To unlock them in the game for your class, you need to visit the Lord's labyrinth, and at the end, you will find the Altar of Ascendancy. This randomly generated dungeon was explicitly added to the game to unlock Ascendancy for your class.



    What are Some Great Ascendancy Classes for Sentinel Season?

    Following are some great ascendancies for this season when considering how they stack in different tiers.


    D Tier Ascendancies

    Following are the ascendancies that fall under D-Tier in the game.


    ● Guardian – Doesn't shine on its own and best in a group.

    ● Chieftain – Doesn't offer as unique gameplay as others and does reach far in the end game.

    ● Juggernaut – Niche builds, play for fun, and that's all.


    Berserker – C Tier

    Berserker is all about dealing tons of damage, so you kill the boss or minions before they can kill you.

    ● Berserker has the highest potential to do damage in Path of Exile

    ● You can play the Berserker with different Archetypes

    ● The Berserker Skills allow the player to have the best synergy with Rage

    ● The most critical skills of Berserker are War cries buff to damage, which you can combine with Rage and Aspect of Carnage to stay ahead


    Other ascendancies in the C Tier are as follows.

    ● Saboteur – one of the best league starters, but most skill put this Ascendancy into PoE niche.

    ● Champion – A combination of Def and DMG build, so eventually falls short.

    ● Deadeye – A breaking point ascendancy, not too good to be in B Tier and just good enough to stay in C Tier and not fall below tier.


    Raider – B Tier

    Raider is known among players to be the smoothest to play and the fastest to clear maps.

    ● The best thing about this class is that it has many flexible build choices, as you can build it to do almost anything.

    ● The Raider allows you to achieve the fastest Ascendancy compared to other classes.

    ● Easiest to get Elemental Immunity and Phasing, making it more fun

    ● Fastest speed map clear class.

    ● The best and most versatile kit in the game


    Other Ascendancies in this tier are as follows.

    ● Hierophant – Just about staying in B Tier as it was nerfed in the previous season as it lost its ability to utilize two totems.

    ● Pathfinder – Even though it was an all-time favorite ascendancy previously, now it fell short due to nerfs.


    Necromancer – S Tier

    Why are necromancers so cool and best in all games? Well, here is why.

    ● Tons of minions to support you and a great meat shield

    ● Perks are making life easier to maintain minions

    ● Minions can be used for defense and offense when needed

    ● It has proven to be the best choice for many builds



    What is the Best League Starter Builds in Path of Exile for Newbies?

    Now that you know about the beginner-friendly ascendancy classes this season, let's discuss some of the best builds you can use to defeat the uber bosses and clear the maps quickly. Do keep in mind that it all depends on the playstyle you most prefer, and you can get a feel for that by watching some YouTube videos on these and other builds and choosing one for yourself.


    Blade Vortex Poison Assassin Build

    Probably one of those run and gun type of builds as the build and the skill that goes with it creates a vortex around your hero. This vortex not only deals damage to all enemies who are foolish enough to come close and poison them. This is where you just run around gaining ticks for special skills while the enemies you leave behind die with DoT. The only downside to this build is that you must stay close to the enemies. Furthermore, you need to have stacked speed not to get hit even once. You poison one enemy, move on to the next group of enemies, and repeat the process across the map.


    Toxic Rain Trickster Build

    As the name suggests, you rain down toxic arrows on your enemies and deal tons of Chaos DMG, which deals DoT and causes explosions with some delay. Think of them as spore pods that stack damage and explode the enemy when the stack reaches maximum. This combination of Toxic Rain build has an area of effect, and you can combine it with several slow skills that will make all the targeting of death from above easier.


    Ice Nova Hierophant Build

    This build is superb even though ridiculous, as the Skill Ice Nova casts are thrown out repeatedly in the form of frost bolt projectiles, and it travels in the direction of the cast. The only thing you now need to do is apply the cast continuously to stack these novae, which create a chain reaction to obliterate all the enemies on the map.


    You may need to stick with fixed flasks and buffs to dish out as much damage as possible, but add life, mana, and energy into your build to do significant damage and survive.




    That's all for this article with our best info on Ascendancy. If you want to get a good start in Path of Exile, earn all PoE currency and stay ahead.