• Path of Exile 3.20: The Forbidden Sanctum All Details - PoE 3.20 New Changes, New Items

    By Nancy G2022-12-02

    Many have met their fate here, in the shade of Fellshrine. So step lightly. But here, you are bound by new rules. My rules! Each step with gold to tempt you. A foe to wound you. A curse to spite you. But do not give up! For vast riches await the bold. Pillage this Sanctum if you must. And one day you may uncover its secrets...


    Dear exiles, exciting news here! Path of Exile 3.20: The Forbidden Sanctum is coming! This league will launch on December 9th (PST) for PC and on December 14th for consoles. Now we will show you what GGG has announced about this league.


    The Forbidden Sanctum All Details


    Path of Exile: The Forbidden Sanctum

    In Path of Exile: The Forbidden Sanctum, you will test your resolve as you make your way through the Sanctum's dangerous halls. In the Sanctum, each decision you make can cost you greatly.


    The December expansion introduces the Sanctum challenge league and improvements to Path of Exile's endgame, alongside two new Skill Gems, seven new Vaal Skill Gems, over 15 new Unique Items, significant balance changes to jewels, hexes, monster modifiers, unique weapons, and more. There will also be an optional new way to play Path of Exile with extreme item scarcity: Ruthless.



    Enter the Forbidden Sanctum

    In this league, you'll find the Forbidden Sanctum, an ancient Templar enclave hidden beneath the ruins of the Fellshrine. It was abandoned for a long time and is now controlled by an evil entity. You must explore it, uncover its secrets, and deal with the evil that lurks within.



    Test Your Resolve

    Once inside the sanctum, you'll find a map showing a few rooms ahead of you. Room details and rewards are sparse, so you'll have to plan carefully, as every mistake will sap your resolve. When your resolve runs out, your trip to Sanctum is over. Every time you enter the sanctum, you'll try to push yourself further than before through its four floors.


    poe 3.20 Test Your Resolve


    Adapt or Die

    There are many secrets hidden in the rooms of the sanctum. Some places have ancient fountains where you can rest and restore some of your resolves. Someone will curse you with an affliction and hinder your progress. These afflictions pile up as you delve deeper and deeper into the sanctum. You can also receive boons and blessings, and help you overcome the dangers of the sanctum. Every time you enter the Sanctum, you'll encounter a unique layout that you must evaluate and adapt to your exploration.



    The Gold Aureus

    Inside the sanctum, you'll find gold coins called Aureus, which was the templar's currency for commerce. It is stored in treasure chests and drops from slain monsters. While these coins belong to the sanctum and won't leave you, they can be traded with a merchant you may come across from time to time. Use your Aureus wisely, as it can be used to buy a key boon when the time is right.



    The Accursed Pact

    The evil forces controlling the sanctum will occasionally give you an Accursed Pact. These pacts provide you with powerful benefits at a dangerous cost. Although the pact will tempt you greatly, you must choose carefully. The outcome you choose could mark the end of your time at Sanctum or a turning point in your success.


    poe 3.20 The Accursed Pact


    The Currency Offer

    Many rooms in the Sanctum will offer a choice of PoE currency items. You can take the reward now or leave it with the promise of a bigger reward later. Deferring your rewards to the end of the current floor, or even the end of the entire Sanctum adds significant risk. If you lose resolve before reaching this goal, everything you bet on will be for naught. Are you confident enough to take the risk and potentially reap great rewards? Or play it safe and walk away with what you have?



    Uncover Templar Relics

    As you explore the sanctum, you'll find a special altar on which Templar relics can be placed. These relics make you stronger in the Sanctum and persist from run to run. Their sustained power is key, making it deeper into the sanctum's vaults each time you enter. As you accumulate more relics, you'll need to decide which ones are best for you and arrange the Altar accordingly.


    You can also discover Sanctified Relics, a very rare type that directly affects your character's build. You can use just one of these, but its benefits stay outside your sanctum walls and grant you the Templars’ power as you journey through the wraeclast.



    Defeat The Sanctum’s Guardians

    The Forbidden Sanctum is home to many bosses, including random mini-boss encounters, bosses on each floor, and a final showdown with the entity controlling the Sanctum. These battles yield valuable rewards, including relics, piles of Aureus coins, tons of experience, new unique items, and more.



    The Atlas Endgame

    The Atlas passive tree has been improved so that players don't need to respec between mapping and boss-killing and can dive further into what they enjoy. There are two new Memories of Atlas themes Domination and Bestiary, which include 9 new Beast-crafting recipes. GGG also re-balanced the Eldritch Altars and made the Maven witness map bosses a source of Awakened Gems.



    New Powerful Gems

    The Forbidden Sanctum expansion introduces two new skill gems and seven new Vaal gems. Volcanic Fissure is a new fiery Slam skill that hits the ground, creating a fissure that snakes its way towards your target until it erupts into a flaming projectile that explodes when it hits the ground. Frozen Legion is a spell that creates a circle of frozen statues that attack your weapon damage. The statues exhibit a sweeping ice cut that can overlap.



    New Unique Items

    There are over 15 new unique items to be found from the new league and throughout the wraeclast and Atlas. GGG has also massively increased the power and rarity of 10 existing endgame unique weapons, bringing them in line with some of the most iconic unique items from Path of Exile.



    Final Thoughts

    The new coming league of Path of Exile 3.20 is very much worth expecting and playing. We can't wait to see you in Wraeclast on December 9th.