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List of Challenges in the Lake of Kalandra League and How to Best Them

Every League has its challenges that you need to complete for cosmetic rewards. There are many challenges in the Lake of Kalandra League, including some from the previous leagues. Let's look into each task and how you can finish them. This list contains the early or more manageable tasks. More advanced Challenges will be published in the coming few days. Meanwhile, learn more about how to earn PoE currency in the League to have the best time.


List of Challenges in the Lake of Kalandra League and How to Best Them pic


1. Learning The Ropes

This is one of the easiest tasks in the game and part of the tutorials.


Allocate a Mastery Point – Simple

Equipping a Magic Utility Flask – As soon as you get one

Identify a Rare Item – Simple



2. Enter The Lake

Learn more about the Lake Mechanics from our other resources for full info.


Enter the Lake – Portal opens when you finish fixing the tablets

Open a Reward Chest While in Lake of Kalandra – Open any of the 1-3 chests on each Lake map

Enter a Lake of Kalandra with at least 6 Reflections – Easy to find and can be done around level 20



3. Complete Vendor Recipes

Easy to do as part of the tutorial in the game


Life or Mana Flask


Chromatic Orb

Chaos Orb



4. Defeat Act Bosses

Following is the list of Bosses to defeat in the act in different acts; just follow the game progression to finish this.


Merveil, the Twisted – Act 1

Vaal Oversoul – Act 2

Dominus, Ascendant – Act 3

Malachai, The Nightmare – Act 4

Kitava, the Insatiable – Act 5



5. Exile Against the World


Kill a Possessed Monster – you can find ghostly green sprites on different maps and lure them near another monster so they can possess it. Kill to clear the task.

Open a Strongbox – Found randomly on maps, open them, kill the monsters that spawn, and complete the task.

Kill a Rogue Exile – Doppelgangers of your hero randomly found on maps.

Activate Echoing Shrine – Found Randomly on maps.



6. Shape the Lake


Open/Itemise 10 Lakes of Kalandra – can be done in the end-game maps

Move 5 Blockages

Move 5 Entrances – Use the manipulation options on the Mirrored Tablet to move the entrance.

Swap 5 Reflections – Same as above

Change 5 Water Tiles into Empty Tiles – Same as above



7. Defeat Act Bosses 2


Tsoagoth, The Brine King – Act 6

Arakaali, Spinner of Shadows – Act 7

Lunaris, Eternal Moon and Solaris, Eternal Sun – Act 8

The Depraved Trinity – Act 9

Kitava, the Insatiable – Act 10



8. Unique Armaments

Another easy task, equip the following unique gear types while adventuring








Body Armor



9. Complete Essence Encounters

Complete the following encounters to finish this task


Use 20 Remnant of Corruptions on Essence Monoliths in Maps – Whenever you see a group of monsters, just click on them thrice to wake them and defeat them.

Defeat an Essence Monster with at least 3 Shrieking Essences in an area of level 81 or higher – RNG based, so you need to repeat to find one that actually fulfills the requirement.

Defeat 2 Essence Monsters with at least 6 Essences each within 5 seconds of each other – Tricky and need to have essence monoliths near each other or using Atlas Passive.



10. Complete Abyss Encounters


Complete 75 Abysses in Maps – You encounter these rifts on the ground after act 6, and it may take a lot longer, but you can use the Abyss Scarabs during Atlas to finish them faster.

Complete 10 Abyssal Depths – These encounters happen after you finish Abyssal encounters on Tier 3+ maps, with lots of RNG involved.

Complete at least 5 Abysses in a single Map that is Tier 14 or higher Another RNG-based map



11. Complete Ambush Encounters

Following are the Ambush encounters you need to finish


Arcanist's Strongbox

Cartographer's Strongbox

Gemcutter's Strongbox

Operative's Strongbox


To finish these, you can use Orb of Alchemy to make them rare or corrupted from Vaal Orb.



12. Unlock the Lake

To fully unlock the Lake tiles and mechanics, simply play the game, and they will unlock at higher levels and maps.


Reroll Ability

Skip Ability

Exile Ability



13. Complete Heist Encounters


Level a Heist Job to level 5 – Finish the quest requirements in the Rogue Harbor and use the Rogue Marker to spawn Heist Rogue NPCs.

Open 30 Reward Chests in Contracts of level 81 or higher – Better to do level 81+ and Tier 14+ maps.

Complete 50 Contracts of level 81 or higher – Same as above

Complete an Enchanted Armaments Blueprint with at least 3 Wings Revealed – You can get these from Bunker, Records Office, and Mansion

Complete a Thieves' Trinkets or Currency Blueprint with at least 3 Wings Revealed – You can get these from Smuggler's Den and Underbelly

Complete a Replicas or Experimented Items Blueprint with at least 3 Wings Revealed – You can get these from the Laboratory and Prohibited Library.

Complete an Unusual Gems Blueprint with at least 3 Wings Revealed – You can get these from Repository and Tunnels.



14. Complete Legion Encounters


Complete 30 Legions – Giant purple crystals that spawn a legion of monsters.

Open 40 War Hoards – You can find bigger chests than normal ones during Legion Encounters.

Unlock the 5 Slot Map Device – Hoard the splinters you get from Legion encounters, and by combining, you can open it.

Receive at least 25 Rewards from a single Domain of Timeless Conflict Encounter – It can be opened using the timeless emblem on your map.



15. Complete Blight Encounters


Complete 30 Blight Encounters – Part of the end-game content and part of the tutorial helped by Sister Cassia.

Kill 40 Blight Bosses in level 81 or higher areas – Same as above but specific level requirement.

Complete a Rare and Corrupted Blighted Map with at least eight mods that are Tier 14 or higher – Do the above tasks repeatedly to make eight mods on the map and anoint with specific oils. Finally, apply the Vaal orb to finalize it.



16. Complete Expedition Encounters


Use 50 Expedition Vendor Refresh Currency – you must finish expedition member encounters to earn Astragali, Burial Medallion, Exotic Coinage, and Scrap Metal currencies. Use these currencies on any vendors/members, and the task is done.

Complete 30 Expedition Encounters in Tier 14 or higher maps with five or more Remnants active – You need to Explode five or more remnants but on Tier 14+ maps.

Defeat an Expedition Boss – Defeat any of the bosses like Medved, Vorana, Uthred, etc.



17. Discover the Lake

All you need to do for this task is to play the game and regularly use the Lake mechanic, and in no time, you will have used all 14 reflection types.



18. Achieve Ascension

Finish all the Labyrinth in each act to finish this task. Easily done when doing the end game.



19. Surpassed Potential

It would be best if you leveled up your skill gems up to level 26, which you can either do by playing the game regularly or using the following to add +5 to your gem level:


Bronn's Lith

Vaal Caress




20. Harvest Lifeforce


Harvest 100 Crops – With many changes in 3.19, you can now trade monsters you can kill from the crops when you have time in your hideout.

Use 7,500 Lifeforce – Use the Horticrafting station in your hideout and craft any item from the list. You can do it at your leisure as long as you have sufficient life force.

Defeat a Harvest Boss – Even though Harvesting has been nerfed from the time it was a league on its own, there are some places it has improved with QoL changes. This challenge asks you to kill Tier 4 monsters like Ersi, Janaar, Namharim, etc.

Harvest the Heart of the Grove – To kill Oshabi, the harvest boss, you need to spawn her using Sacred Bloom on your map device on Tier 4 maps.



21. Tainted Crafting

This task requires you to craft the following items:


Tainted Armourer's Scrap

Tainted Divine Teardrop

Tainted Blacksmith's Whetstone

Tainted Chromatic Orb

Tainted Chaos Orb

Tainted Exalted Orb

Tainted Orb of Fusing

Tainted Jeweller's Orb

Tainted Mythic Orb




This list is curated from the Challenge list available on Path of Exile's official website and in-game. You can always refer back to this guide for more information and the MmoGah PoE page for additional guides and an improved detailed list of advanced Challenges.



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