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How to Use Lake of Kalandra Mechanic for Early Currency on League Start

Today we are discussing how to use the Lake of Kalandra to its limit to make as much currency as possible to ease your League journey to the end game. When starting fresh in every new challenge league, there are different ways to make essential currency needed to enhance your gear and be ready for the end game. The best part about Lake of Kalandra is that you can play out these encounters for free. Let's begin this guide without further ado and learn how to make early PoE currency in the game.


Use Lake of Kalandra Mechanic for Early Currency on League Start pic


Introduction and Mechanics

Before starting this guide, visit the MmoGah Path of Exile page to learn more about the recent development and what is included in the new league. On PoE's main League page, Chris from Grinding Gear explains how most new things work. In this article, we will discuss more advanced stuff, so be sure to check the links we talked about.


Lake of Kalandra has the chance to be more profitable than other maps, so it is a nice change in the regular mechanics. You need access to as many Mirrored Tablets as possible which is your main priority. These Mirrored Tablets are scattered around the world of Wraeclast, and one map can have 1-3 of these Tablet Pedastels. The biggest map or tablet is a 5x5 grid where you can place up to 16 tiles according to your preference.


So, in general, Lake of Kalandra is a speed map fast loot mechanic so choose maps that are easy to access and finish fast. Try to prioritize maps with Harbinger, the new Harvest mechanic.



Types and Categories of Tiles in Lake of Kalandra

You can choose from 4 different categories when placing tiles on the game board. Let's look at each of these tiles and how they can help you maximize the currency drop.


Monster Tiles

The first one is the monster tiles, where you can add different monsters and their element. The reward for completing these tiles are generic reward chests which offer great rewards for your early game, including currency to proceed fast. Furthermore, you get rare and unique items to boost your power to tackle more challenging Lakes. This helps you to get early chaos currency to get you started on the right path.


Follow this method to start making recipes to level up faster and go for endless heists early on.


League Mechanic Tiles

The 2nd type of tiles is the league mechanic tiles like the reflection, bestiary, Delerium, etc. This will allow the player to choose what loot they are farming and increase their chances of more chaos-type currency. You can also place elite tiles further away from the entrance to give you the chance of gaining more powerful loot and currency. Don't forget to learn more about which of the many tiles you can place on the mirrored tablet.


Kalandra Reward Tiles

The 3rd type of tile is the Kalandra Specific reward tile. Place them as far from the entrance as possible to reap maximum rewards. The best part about this is that these can easily bag you new types of rings and amulets introduced in this league.


Board Manupilation Tiles

The 4th and final type of tiles is those that can change or manipulate the board itself. Each of these is incredibly impactful and important as their primary purpose is to increase the difficulty of the board or increase the distance from the entrance, which we explained, increases the currency you get as a reward. The following are the important ones as explained here.


● You can swap the tile entrance, which is helpful if you get the entrance right in the middle of the board. A tip here is to leave the end or start tiles for later so you can move your entrance if necessary.

● The 2nd one is swapping reflections meaning you can swap different tiles, especially when moving your entrance tile.

● Destroy a tablet tile can help you to make a path that takes longer to reach your end to get more loot.

● We will discuss removing the water tile with an empty one so you can add a tile of your choice, increasing the chance of generating more currency.




Before we conclude, let's discuss a few crucial points so you know how to maximize your currency in the early game.


● Maximize your path to the end, allowing you to get more reward

● You can go up to 16 tiles on a board, allowing you to maximize quickly the rewards

● Try to use a snake-like pattern to maximize the number of tiles you can place in the Lake of Kalandra

● It would help if you swapped farming Lake of Kalandra with Heists to make a lot more currency than we could have done in other leagues

● In the case of Heists, they are always consistent, so you know some randomness from the Lake Mirrored World is minimized

● Search online for builds that clear the maps faster, so you get an excellent per hour rate of farming currency

● Always choose the element you can easily farm, making the difficulty a lot easier for farming

● Apply a loot filter mod, so you don't waste time picking up junk on your way to finishing the lakes




PoE currency is essential in the game, which helps you build your gear for the end game builds and gives you a steady start. This is especially true for new players who lose interest in the journey to the end game. This season, GG has added the Lake of Kalandra, which will help all players reach the end game much faster and have fun along the way.


In this guide, we have focused mainly on the mechanics of how the Lake of Kalandra and mirrored tablets work so you can maximize their potential to get the best amount of currency and loot.



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