• Best Witch Builds Crucible 3.21 – Path of Exile
    By Pen Slingers2023-06-28 00:00:00

    Patch 3.21 brings about significant changes that impact the effectiveness of various Witch builds in The Crucible. The landscape of optimal Witch playstyles has been reshaped from skill gem adjustments to passive tree modifications. It's essential to stay informed and adapt to these changes to ensure your Witch build remains a force to be reckoned with.


    This article explores some of the best Witch builds in Crucible 3.21, providing detailed insights into their mechanics, skill gem choices, ascendancies, gearing recommendations, and recommended PoE items.


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    A Brief Introduction to Crucible League

    One of the most exciting aspects of Path of Exile is its ever-evolving nature. The game continuously introduces new content with frequent updates and expansions, challenging players to adapt and explore fresh challenges. The Crucible League stands out as a thrilling test of skill and endurance among the various leagues and game modes.


    The Crucible League is a temporary league within Path of Exile that offers a unique gameplay experience. It introduces a series of trials and battles, pitting players against increasingly formidable foes in a relentless progression of challenges. Surviving the Crucible requires skillful combat and strategic thinking, and the right build tailored to conquer the specific obstacles presented.


    With the opportunity to earn powerful rewards, including Divine Orbs, that allow you to enhance and modify your items, the Crucible League forces players to push their limits and perfect their Witch builds for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.


    Unlike the game's main campaign or other leagues, the Crucible League focuses on intense combat scenarios. It's an opportunity for players to showcase their mastery of mechanics, build optimization, and quick thinking in the face of ever-increasing dangers.



    Why Should You Choose The Witch Build for The Crucible 3.21

    Choosing the right Witch build in Crucible 3.21 is of utmost importance for several compelling reasons. The Crucible League presents a relentless series of challenges that demand skillful execution and strategic planning. As a Witch, your choice of build will significantly impact your ability to overcome these obstacles and emerge victorious.


    The right Witch build can maximize your damage output, enabling you to dispatch enemies swiftly and efficiently. Whether you prefer to harness the elemental forces with devastating spells or summon minions to fight by your side, selecting a build that suits your preferred playstyle and leverages your chosen skills will allow you to deal immense damage and clear waves of foes easily.


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    Build a Strong Defence With Witch

    Survivability is a top priority in the Crucible League. The ability to withstand the assault of powerful enemies and endure the punishing trials requires careful consideration of defensive mechanisms. Choosing a Witch build that prioritizes defenses, such as energy shield or life regeneration, and utilizes defensive skills or curses effectively can greatly enhance your survivability and keep you standing in the face of adversity.


    It's also worth acquiring appropriate gear; optimizing your character's attributes through PoE currency can significantly boost your defensive capabilities. Investing in items with high life or energy shield values, resistances, and other defensive affixes can make a substantial difference in your ability to withstand the challenges that await you in the Crucible League.



    Abilities and Strength of the Witch Build

    Witch build can provide invaluable utility in The Crucible. Utility skills, such as crowd control, curses, or buffs, can turn the tide of battle in your favor. Whether you're freezing enemies in their tracks, cursing them with debilitating effects, or providing crucial support to your allies, the utility offered by your chosen build can be the key to success in The Crucible.


    It's important to note that the Crucible League presents unique challenges and rule sets that may differ from other game modes in Path of Exile. Therefore, optimize your Witch build for The Crucible's demands and gameplay. Builds that excel in other contexts may perform less well in The Crucible, as the league's mechanics and encounters require a tailored approach.


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    Top Witch Builds for Crucible 3.21

    The right Witch build is crucial when dominating the Crucible League in Path of Exile's 3.21 update. We will explore some of the top Witch builds for Crucible 3.21, each offering a unique playstyle and powerful capabilities to conquer the challenges that await.


    Elemental Spellcaster

    This build focuses on harnessing the raw power of elemental spells to decimate enemies. With skills like Arc, Storm Brand, or Ice Nova, this build excels at chaining lightning or unleashing icy devastation upon groups of foes. By investing in elemental damage, spell critical strikes, and cast speed, this build ensures a rapid and explosive onslaught that leaves enemies in ruins.


    Summoner Witch

    The Summoner Witch build is an excellent choice if you prefer a more strategic and minion-focused playstyle. With skills like Raise Zombie, Summon Skeletons, and Herald of Agony, this build summons a horde of minions to fight alongside you. By investing in minion damage, life regeneration, and defensive measures, this build offers exceptional survivability while your minions tear through enemies.


    Chaos Damage Occultist

    For those who enjoy dabbling in the dark arts, the Chaos Damage Occultist build embraces chaos, damage, and debuffs. Utilizing skills such as Essence Drain, Bane, or Blight, this build focuses on inflicting damage over time and applying debilitating curses to weaken enemies. With a focus on chaos damage, damage over time multiplier, and curse effectiveness, this build excels at wearing down enemies and exploiting their vulnerabilities.


    Totem Hierophant

    The Totem Hierophant builds the strategic placement of totems to deal damage and control the battlefield. With skills like Flameblast, Freezing Pulse, or Divine Ire, this build summons totems that rain down destruction upon enemies. By spending in totem damage, cast speed, and elemental penetration, this build ensures a constant stream of devastating spells while keeping you safe from danger.


    Self-Cast Critical Witch

    The Self-Cast Critical Witch build is worth considering if you prefer a more traditional spellcasting approach. With skills like Fireball, Frostbolt, or Arc, this build focuses on critical strikes to unleash explosive damage. By investing in critical strike chance, spell damage, and cast speed, this build offers immense burst damage potential, making quick work of even the toughest foes.


    These are just a few examples of the top Witch builds for Crucible 3.21. Each build has its strengths and playstyle, catering to different preferences and strategies. It's important to note that these builds serve as a foundation, and customization based on personal preferences, available gear, and playstyle is always encouraged.



    Additional Tips if You Want to Be the Pro Player

    As a Witch in Path of Exile's Crucible 3.21, several additional tips and strategies can enhance your gameplay and improve your chances of success. These tips cover various aspects, from general gameplay advice to optimizing your passive tree and efficiently using key items.


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    Master Your Skill Gems

    Understanding the mechanics and interactions of your chosen skill gems is vital. Experiment with different support gems to find the best combinations that enhance your primary skills. Pay attention to the gem's tags and modifiers to ensure optimal compatibility. Consider socketing utility skills such as curses or defensive spells to enhance your survivability and control over the battlefield.


    Optimize Your Passive Tree

    A passive skill tree is a powerful tool for customizing your Witch build. Take the time to carefully plan and optimize your passive tree allocation, focusing on nodes that enhance your chosen playstyle and skills. Prioritize key nodes that increase damage, survivability, or critical strike chance, depending on your build's requirements.


    Level Efficiently

    Efficient leveling is essential to reach endgame content quickly. Focus on clearing areas with high monster density, completing quests, and utilizing movement skills to traverse the game world efficiently. Consider leveling unique items that complement your build until you acquire better gear. Use vendor recipes to obtain useful items and currency while progressing through the game.


    Key Items and Unique Gear

    Certain unique items can greatly enhance your Witch build's effectiveness. Research and identify items that synergize well with your chosen skills and playstyle. Look for items that offer increased damage, critical strike chance, or specific modifiers that amplify your build's strengths. Remember that obtaining top-tier rare items with the right affixes can often outperform lower-tier unique items, so keep an eye out for well-rolled rares.


    Understand Resistance and Defenses

    Maintaining high resistance is crucial for survivability in Path of Exile. Ensure that your elemental resistances (fire, cold, lightning) are capped at 75% to mitigate incoming elemental damage. Depending on your build's needs, spending in defensive layers like life regeneration or mitigation mechanisms like block or evasion. Balance offense and defense to find the optimal mix for your Witch.




    Using the Witch build in Crucible 3.21 event can be very effective only if you know how to use Witch build in your game. We have shared some pro tips and the complete build guide to making your game more immersive. So don't miss out.