• Best Marauder Builds for Crucible 3.21 – Path of Exile
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    With the release of Crucible 3.21, players are presented with fresh challenges and opportunities to fine-tune their characters for success. Among the various character classes, the Marauder stands tall as a mighty warrior capable of delivering devastating blows and enduring relentless ambushes. This article will explore the best Marauder builds tailored specifically for Crucible 3.21 in Path of Exile.


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    Brief Overview of the Marauder Class and its Strengths

    Path of Exile offers various character classes with unique playstyles and strengths. One such class is the Marauder, a mighty warrior renowned for his exceptional strength and resilience. Marauders excel at melee combat and can withstand immense punishment on the battlefield.


    In Path of Exile, creating a successful Marauder build requires careful consideration of various factors, such as Ascendancy class, passive skill tree allocation, skill gem selection, and itemization. A well-crafted Marauder build can specialize in tanking, dealing great damage, or striking a balance between offense and defense, catering to different playstyles and preferences.


    Strength of The Build and Gameplay

    Marauder can be categorized into various archetypes, each emphasizing different aspects of gameplay. Tank-oriented Marauder builds prioritize survivability, boasting high life totals, massive amounts of armor, and the ability to sustain damage. These builds excel at soaking up damage and protecting their allies, making them ideal for party play or facing tough encounters.


    For players who crave pure damage output, Marauder can be optimized to deal devastating blows to enemies. These builds often rely on stacking physical damage, critical strikes, and attack speed, enabling rapid and impactful strikes that swiftly dispatch foes. Such builds require careful gem and gear selection to maximize damage potential. They may benefit from acquiring powerful PoE currency like the Divine Orb, which can be used to enhance and customize equipment for even greater effectiveness.


    The Great Offense and Defense System of the Build

    Hybrid Marauder builds strike a balance between offense and defense, offering a versatile playstyle that combines decent survivability with respectable damage output. These builds often focus on defensive mechanics with damage modifiers, providing a well-rounded character capable of enduring challenging encounters while dealing consistent damage.


    When constructing a Marauder build, gear and itemization are crucial in determining the character's effectiveness. The selection of weapons, armor, accessories, and jewels can significantly impact the build's damage, survivability, and utility. Understanding the importance of specific stats, such as increased physical damage, life, resistances, and critical strike chance, is vital for optimizing your Marauder's potential.


    Best Marauder Builds for Crucible 2


    Key Passive Skill Tree Nodes for Marauder Builds

    The passive skill tree in Path of Exile is a vast network of nodes that grant passive bonuses and allow players to customize their characters. As a Marauder, understanding the key passive skill tree nodes is crucial for maximizing the effectiveness of your build. By strategically allocating your skill points, you can enhance your character's offensive and defensive capabilities, increase survivability, and unlock synergistic effects that amplify your damage output.


    When planning your Marauder build, there are several essential passive skill tree nodes to consider:

    1. Life Nodes

    Life nodes should be a priority for any Marauder build. These nodes increase your maximum life, providing a larger health pool to withstand enemy attacks. Look for clusters of life nodes and paths that lead to them. Prioritize nodes that offer significant increases in life percentage or flat life values.


    2. Physical Damage Nodes

    Marauders surpass in dealing with physical damage, making physical damage nodes invaluable for increasing your offensive power. Seek out nodes that offer percentage increases to physical damage or flat physical damage bonuses. These nodes can be found in various locations on the passive skill tree, so plan your path accordingly.


    3. Weapon-Specific Nodes

    Dedicated weapon-specific nodes grant bonuses to damage, attack speed, or weapon range if you have chosen a specific weapon type for your Marauder build, such as axes or maces. When utilizing the designated weapon type, these nodes can significantly enhance your build's performance.


    4. Resolute Technique

    Resolute Technique is a notable passive node that guarantees your attacks always hit but prevents them from ever scoring critical strikes. This node is particularly useful for Marauder builds that focus on consistent and reliable damage output, as it eliminates the need for investing in critical strike chance.


    5. Armour and Endurance Charge Nodes

    Marauders have access to substantial armor bonuses, making them highly resilient against physical damage. Look for nodes that increase armor rating and percentage or grant additional endurance charges. Endurance charges provide additional physical damage reduction and increased melee damage, further enhancing your character's survivability and damage potential.



    Top Marauder Build for High Damage Output in Crucible 3.21

    In the brutal realm of Crucible 3.21 in Path of Exile, unleashing devastating damage upon your foes is often the key to survival. A Marauder build focused on high damage output is perfect for players who relish the thrill of obliterating enemies with sheer power. This build excels at delivering crushing blows, cleaving through hordes of adversaries, and leaving a path of destruction in its wake.


    Several key elements must be considered to create a top Marauder build for high damage output in Crucible 3.21.


    Best Marauder Builds for Crucible 3


    Ascendancy Class - Berserker

    The Berserker Ascendancy class offers unparalleled damage potential, making it the ideal choice for this build. Its notable passive abilities, such as "Crave the Slaughter," which grants increased attack speed and damage when you've killed recently, and "Rite of Ruin," which enhances the character's rage generation and provides additional bonuses, synergize perfectly with a high damage output playstyle.


    Passive Skill Tree Allocation

    When allocating skill points on the passive skill tree, focus on nodes that increase physical damage, attack speed, critical strike chance, and damage multipliers. Look for clusters of nodes that offer significant damage bonuses and connect them efficiently to maximize your character's potential.


    Physical Damage - Prioritize nodes with percentage increases to physical damage and flat physical damage bonuses. These can be found throughout the passive skill tree, so plan your path accordingly.

    Attack Speed - Allocate nodes that increase attack speed to unleash a flurry of devastating blows upon your enemies. These nodes enhance your character's overall damage output by increasing the number of attacks you can deliver in a given time frame.

    Critical Strike Chance -  Consider investing in critical strike chance nodes to enhance your chances of landing critical hits, which deal increased damage. Combined with critical strike multiplier nodes, this can significantly boost your overall damage output.

    Damage Multipliers - Seek out nodes that grant increased damage multipliers or bonuses to specific types of damage, such as physical or melee damage. These nodes amplify the effectiveness of your attacks, allowing you to deal even more substantial damage.


    Skills and Gems

    Selecting the right skills and gems is crucial for maximizing damage output. For a high-damage Marauder build, consider the following options:


    Skill - Cyclone

    Cyclone is a powerful melee skill that allows your character to spin rapidly, hitting multiple enemies with each revolution. It synergizes exceptionally well with high attack speed and area-of-effect (AoE) modifiers, enabling you to carve through packs of foes effortlessly.

    Gems - Support gems that augment Cyclone's damage, such as "Melee Physical Damage," "Brutality," "Maim," and "Faster Attacks," can significantly increase your overall damage output. Experiment with different gem combinations to find the ones that best suit your playstyle.


    Best Marauder Builds for Crucible 4


    Gear and Itemization

    Optimize your gear to enhance your damage potential further. Look for PoE items with bonuses to physical damage, attack speed, critical strike chance, and increased damage modifiers. Seek weapons with high physical damage values and other stats that benefit your build, such as increased critical strike chance or attack speed. Additionally, consider acquiring gear with relevant resistances, life bonuses, and increased survivability to endure battles while dealing immense damage.


    Flasks and Enchantments

    Utilize flasks that provide offensive boosts, such as increased damage, attack speed, or critical strike chance. Look for unique flasks that synergize with your build and grant additional damage bonuses or utility.



    Advanced Tips and Strategies for Marauder Players

    Here are some advanced tips that you should follow to immerse your gameplay

    ● Prioritize life nodes in the passive skill tree to increase survivability.

    ● Utilize enduring cry and endurance charges for additional physical damage reduction.

    ● Maintain a balanced mix of offensive and defensive capabilities to excel in challenging encounters.

    ● Enhance your damage output with support gems like Brutality, Melee Physical Damage, and Increased Area of Effect.

    ● Experiment with different weapon types to find the one that synergizes best with your playstyle.

    ● Utilize movement skills like Leap Slam or Vigilant Strike for mobility and utility.

    ● Maximize resistances and seek gear with physical damage, life, and critical strike chance bonuses.

    ● Stay aware of enemy mechanics and adjust your positioning and playstyle accordingly.




    Marauder is the best build you can use in PoE Crucible 3.21, and this article has guided you to create a powerful Marauder build so you can have the best experience in playing the Crucible.