• Some Important Information About New World
    By Anna2021-08-03 00:00:00

    For thousands of years, the mysterious island of Aeternum has been the source of fantastical legends. You need to move forward in this challenging world. Because of its mystery, we are full of expectations for the new century game. So today, MmoGah would like to share with you some important information about the new MMO game from Amazon Games Studios - New World.




    New World is an open world MMO PC game from Amazon Games. The demo has been thriving since its July 20 launch. And it hit 190,000 concurrent players on Steam in less than 48 hours. The game has 5 regions and 106 servers, known as the second World of WoW. It is bound to have a huge impact.



    The New World closed beta phase is from 7.19 to 8.2. The official release time is 8.31 on PC via Steam. They will publish some news from time to time on their official website and Twitter. You can follow them to browse the latest news.



    The game is set on a magical island called Aeternum in the 17th century, where "the fundamental laws of life and death don't apply." Players have been shipwrecked on this mysterious land and will make use of the rare material found there – 'Azoth' – to become increasingly powerful.






    There are no classes in New World. Instead, you need to customize your build by choosing to specialize in particular weapons, increasing your attribute points when you level up, and investing time in trade skills.



    There are four categories of weapons in New World:


    One-handed weapons (rapier, straight sword, hatchet)

    Two-handed weapons (war hammer, great axe, spear)

    Ranged weapons (musket, bow)

    Magical weapons (ice gaunt, fire staff, life staff )


    New World Weapons



    The combat is designed to have a high skill ceiling, requiring you to aim your hits and dodge or parry your foes' attacks. You can even beat higher-level players in PvP if you outplay them. Combat in New World is different from what you may be accustomed to in other MMOs. You need to aim each attack precisely, including projectiles. You must block, dodge, and watch your timing. So, this presumably will make PvP much more skill-based rather than state-based.



    Early builds of New World allowed open PvP in which players can kill one another outside safe areas. So, it led to the player-killers being labeled as criminals. But, this wasn't enough to discourage high-level players from attacking low-level players repeatedly, so that Amazon Game Studios changed this to an opt-in, faction-based system. There are 'bonuses' for enabling your PvP flags, such as better experience and rewards. They've also added New World wars. There are 50v50 PvP clashes, as well as forts, which can be fought over and controlled by different factions. If your faction controls the nearby fort, you gain increased experience and influence in that area, and each fort imparts unique global buffs to the controlling faction.


    Now, while the test for many of the game's systems have been finished, it is possible that they will receive substantial tweaks before the New World release date arrives.


    New World PvP



    How to Make New World Coins

    Currency is necessary for survival, whether in-game or in real life. The New World Coins is no exception. Obtaining gold is essential in New World. So we will introduce you to several ways to make New World Gold.



    When you complete quests, every quest you finish will give you some coins and experience points. This includes Faction Quests, Town Projects, and also Side Quests too. But some of the quests can be very time-consuming.


    Selling Gear

    When you go off on your adventures around New World, you are going to acquire plenty of loot. This can be rewarded from quests. For example, if you kill enemies or animals, you'll notice they drop loot. Then you'll want to replace your gear with the better loot you pick up eventually, so you can sell the loot you no longer need for some coins.



    The higher your skill level is, the better quality items you can craft so that you can make more coins. You can research which items you can craft and see what grabs your attention. Pay attention to the markets and watch the value. You can also reach out to other players who want to craft similar items. We believe this will be of help to you.


    Gathering Resources

    You can collect wood, stone, steel, and other materials and sell them for a nice profit. If you are overflowing with resources, you can make a good amount of coins. Rare resources are going to be sold on for a higher profit due to the rarity of the item. But the only drawback with this method is that you have to level up your character to get access to rare resources. You can also gather weapons, armor, tools and then sell them for profit. But, due to the plentiful nature of these items, they are going to command a lower price.



    In the End

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    Lastly, we hope this information is helpful to you. We will keep sharing the latest Now World News in the coming days. If you are interested, stay tuned.