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Secrets of Rapier and Musket in New World

Anna December 03rd, 2021 New World    New World Coins    New World Coins Help   

Today, MmoGah would like to share some of the tricks we use on rapier and musket, but this isn't meant to be a one-stop guide, just some tips and tricks that you may not know about. let's get into it directly.



The reason why I use a lightning channel is because of the tracers. And the lightning tracers don't linger in the air as long as the Arcane Void and Ice tracers do. Tracers that linger in the air a long time are easier for other musket users to track and hunt you down. An ice gem can be a decent choice if you attack players impacted by Ice Gaunt's Ultimate Chill debuff often.


Swap to Reload

You can swap weapons to reload your musket instead of letting the reload animation play out and slow your movement. It won't make the musket reload any faster but it lets you move freely to be evasive and use evade to avoid attacks. This is especially useful against other ranged users. Just make sure you use tactical reload once every six seconds to get a second shot off.


Double-Tap Fast

How do you fire your second shot so fast? This one is fairly simple: you just keep holding the right mouse button when you dodge to reload and fire as soon as you are back on target.


Peeking Left vs Right

Since your camera is offset to the right of the musket, and your bullets originate from the end of your musket, you need to take care when peeking from the left.


New World Peeking Left vs Right


As you can see, my bullets are already hitting the wall at this point. From the right, you can aim directly up against cover without issues.


CQC Targeting

Again since our camera is to the right of the musket, you need to adjust your aim in close quarters a little towards the right side of the character model. You'll get a feel for this at different distances with practice.


DoT Wallhax

When you do damage to a target, you can see it through cover and walls for a few seconds, however, if you apply a bleed from Keenly Jagged or burn from Powder Burn, you can see it for the whole duration of the damage over time. This is extremely useful when you tag someone and they go behind cover.


Crippling Powder Burn

Crippling powder burn isn't just slow, it also increases your damage by activating passives. The kikkom wilder down passive in the musket tree adds 10% damage, and the 250 dex passive adds 10% crit damage.


Final Zoom Low Sens

In patch 1.1, an additional zoom level was added to musket. Just scroll wheel up one more notch beyond the second zoom level to access. The biggest benefit of this additional zoom level is that it has very low sensitivity.


Evade Distance

Evading forward moves a short distance while evading back moves you quite a bit further. If you're close to an opponent when you evade side to side, it will automatically loop around their model.


Evade Cancel

Evade can cancel any animation including Fleche, and you can cancel out of a light or heavy attack into her post or even do combinations like this.


New World Evade Cancel


Fleche Combo

If you have a stationary target, you can do some significant burst damage with a Fleche into the Interruption backstab followed by a Momentum buffed Light attack, then Evade into another Momentum buffed Light attack.


New World Fleche Combo


Evade for Stamina

If your stamina breaks, you can use evade to get back to full faster so you can dodge again.



Now let's talk about gear. I've always shown you what I'm using but we haven't talked about my priorities or my ideal perks.


Ideal Earring

For earrings, I'm searching for one that has decks or ant, generic physical or elemental resist and Refreshing Toast plus either Nimble or Purifying Toast.


Ideal Ring

For rings, I'm searching for one that has decks or ant, generic physical or elemental resist and Keen Awareness plus Leeching.


Ideal Amulet

For amulets, I'm searching for one that has decks or ant, generic physical or elemental resist and Health plus Empowered.


Armor Perks

For Armor perks, this is my priority list.


New World Armor Perks


Crippling Powder Burn is my absolute top priority. Next, I want to have Sundering Riposte and Empowering Shooter's Stance. If I can get pieces that have Resilient along with those perks, all the better, but I'll take those weapon perks over resilient if I have to. For the other armor slots, I prioritize Resilient over the other weapon perks, but if I can get Resilient and the weapon perk, that's great.


Why Resilient

I've been asked why I prioritize Resilience so much even though I wear light armor, and the answer is that I don't like getting too tapped by other glass cannon muskets or one shot at by bows. The combination of full or nearly full Resilient, the hail and hale and hearty town buff and health on my amulet makes me a three tap for muskets and requires a bow to land more shots on me than just a single heavy attack or penetrating shot to knock me down.


Musket Perks

Weapons can be tough to attain, and there are a lot of good perks. That said my ideal musket would have Vicious or Enchanted, Keenly Jagged and Keen. I think there are plenty of other viable options like Infamy.


Rapier Perks

My ideal rapier would have Vicious, Keenly Empowered and Keen. Rogue is still a good perk but is now correctly only impacting back attacks.


Choose for Yourself

Overall, you might have different builds and priorities than I do, and I highly encourage you to experiment and check out other content creators, and find what works best for you. In closing, if you enjoyed this guide, you can follow Kutsuu's channel, because most of this article’s content is from him.




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