• New World: Top 3 Tank Builds 2023
    By Jessie2023-08-30 00:00:00

    In New World, one of the most important roles in the game is the tank, which is responsible for attracting and absorbing the damage from enemies while protecting and supporting their allies. Tanks are essential for completing challenging PvE content, such as expeditions, corrupted breaches, and invasions. This article will show the top 3 tank builds for New World in 2023 based on the latest updates and patches.



    About the attributes, you need to put 300 points into Constitution to unlock grit and then put the rest of your points into Strength to increase your damage, which will also help you generate more threats. You can also put 150 points into Dexterity instead of Strength if you want to. This is going to give you a reduced cost on your dodge. The more experienced and better you are at tanking, the more points you can take out of Constitution and put into Dexterity and Strength.


    Build Number 1: Sword & Warhammer

    The first build we will look at is sword & shield with Warhammer. When using the sword and shield, you want to take a reverse stab shield rush, and defenders resolve, and use reverse stab to reduce all your cooldown via the tactician passive.


    Build Number 1 Setup


    We can use Shield Rush to give us a really strong buff that makes us unkillable when we combine it with a shield with the Fortify Shield Rush passive. We then use defender resolve to buff our resistance to torn enemies and to give us that Strength as a tank. We also have the leadership buff to buff our group's damage. And these are all the perks you will want to take.


    For the Warhammer, this is what you want it to look like.


    Build Number 1 Warhammer Setup


    You will want to take Armor Breaker, Wrecking Ball, and Shockwave. These are all very important skills for crowd control and debuffing. Again, it's essential to use the Sundering shockwave perk on your Warhammer to buff up your shockwave skill. This will cause it to weaken and rend as an AoE. Armor Breaker will debuff enemies and give you Rend when you take the correct passives. Wrecking ball is a way to crowd-control enemies and keep them in place. If somebody in your group uses a spear, you wouldn't need to use Armor Breaker. You could use Mighty Gavel instead.


    The way you utilize a build like this is you need to initiate combat with a shield rush. This will give you a base level of threat on all nearby enemies and provide you with some huge defensive benefits. You must be using the Fortifying Shield Rush perk on your shield, giving you a huge amount of fortifying. If you also use fortified on your amulet, it will increase the duration. Once you've done that, and you're inside an ad pull, you want to activate the defender's resolve to buff you up and to cause an AOE to taunt you, and then hit your reverse stab to protect the tactician passive and reduce all of your sword cooldowns.


    If you want to look for a couple of items, some really good named items like: Deeproot, Grovewarden, Guardian's Resolve, Infernus, and Timekeeper's Hand are all obtainable named swords.


    It's good to use Tower Shield when playing defensively for your shield. There are a couple of good named Tower Shields that you can pick up: Tianwall, Hourglass, Girdle of Geb, and Portent.


    When it comes to the Warhammer, you utilize this best, but I want to get you into the ad pull you Shockwave, and this must be used with a Warhammer that has the sundering Shockwave perk. This will combine as an AoE taunt, stagger, stun, weaken and rend. It's all into one fantastic skill. To keep control of enemies, you use wrecking balls, which smash them into the ground to keep them in place longer. And it buffs you up with more fortify from sundering shockwaves that will likely run out. So you want to hit enemies with Armor Breaker to apply another rend debuff source. You want a light attack between every skill to protect the acceleration passive, and that's how you maximize the efficiency of your Warhammer.


    A really good Warhammer you can find is Batheqet's Cudgel, Righteous Heart. It crowd-controls enemies and is a very strong option, but this leads us to build number 2.


    Build Number 2: Greatsword & Spear

    The Build number 2 is the Greatsword and the Spear. A Greatsword is an alternative main-hand weapon that you would use instead of a sword and shield to deliver more DPS. It does require more effort and is better used by an experienced tank. Using a Greatsword gives you access to additional sources of rend and weakened, which are debuffs you can't get with a sword and shield.


    The downside is managing your stamina is hard, and you will take increased damage. When using a great sword, you want to use the relentless rush counter and roaring rupture. And then, for the spear, you've got Cyclone and Skewer. It is very important with your spear to use the Enfeebling Skewer perk on your weapon, which will give you additional benefits.


    A spear is a perfect weapon for a Tank. They are useless if you've got one other person in your group using one.


    You can combine these in multiple ways, so you could use a sword and shield with a Warhammer during trash pulls and then switch it to a spear for boss fights. And in the same way, you could also do the same with the great sword. You could use the Greatsword with a Warhammer and switch it to a spear for a boss fight.


    When using a great sword, you want to use Relentless Rush to get yourself into position and move quickly into fights. And then, for output and DPS, use Calamity Counter for the AoE taunt and apply weakened to enemies with your roaring rupture. You inflict rend on the anime by maintaining your faultless defender passive.


    And there are some good named great swords that you can pick up: Afterthought, Berserker's Sword, Blade of the 19th, Soulstep, and Stonehewer. And you want to use Cyclone on cooldown for the AoE slow torn stamina regen.


    And if you have a piece of gear with the leaching cyclone perk, you also get some nice self-healing. You hit the enemy with your preferred rate and Skewer for some great DPS and apply huge rend weaken and bleed to the enemies.


    A really good name spear is the Tip of the Morning Star, and you want to have that Enfeebling Skewer perk because it will buff up your spear. And it means you can apply huge random weaken to enemies.


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    Build Number 3: Sword & Hatchet

    The build 3 we've got is the sword and shield with the hatchet. And this is more of a beginner setup. It's extremely strong for beginner players. We still use the same skills but switch some of the perks around. We go for a more defensive setup because this is for beginners. As you can see, we've removed many of the swordmaster passives and put them into defenders to give more self-benefits.


    Build Number 3 Setup


    When we switch to the hatchet, we use Berserk, Refreshing Torrent, and Infected Throw. One of the best passives we've got is Defy Death, which means you take lethal damage if you make a mistake. You avoid death, making this a fantastic weapon for outputting damage and some debuffs and then surviving. It gives you that chance to return from making mistakes and not cause your entire group to wipe.


    You use the hatchet because you want to use Infected Throw, which will debuff the enemies, and you want to maintain this as much as possible. Use berserk for an AoE taunt and the number of benefits. It gives you especially live stealing and prevents you from being interrupted and staggered. And then you want to use raging torrent. It's essential to have the refreshing torrent perk on your hatchet. This will reduce the cooldown of your hatchet abilities by a drastic amount, so it is very important that you have a weapon with that perk on it.