New World: Springtide Bloom Festival

By Jessie2024-04-13

Welcome to the Springtide Bloom, a captivating event that marks the arrival of spring in the mystical lands of Aeternum. From April 17th to April 30th, join fellow explorers in uncovering the secrets of the ethereal Wispybloom and fend off the elusive Wispy Wasps to earn exclusive rewards. This event promises not only a spectacle of vibrant flora but also a series of engaging activities that embody the spirit of renewal and community.

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Event Eligibility and Locations

Adventurers who are level 25 or higher are eligible to partake in this quest for enlightenment. Springtide Villages have blossomed across various locations including Monarch's Bluff, Everfall , Brightwood, and Weavers Fen. Each village serves as a hub for festive activities, quests, and lore exploration. Delve into event lore, marvel at concept art, and seize the opportunity to earn exclusive rewards through themed activities.

Seasonal Transformations and Celebrations

As Aeternum transitions from the bitter cold of winter to the blossoming beauty of spring, the island comes alive with vibrant colors and energy. The Springtide Bloom event celebrates this rejuvenation with the joyful Children of Bloom, who don their distinctive floral apparel and invite all residents to partake in the festivities. These enigmatic youths believe the special blossoms hold the key to deeper self-understanding and a greater appreciation of the world’s miraculous mysteries.

The Bloom Herald and Wispybloom Flowers

Every Springtide, the Children select a representative known as The Bloom Herald to encourage the collection of elusive Wispybloom Flowers. These mystical blossoms, believed to originate from another realm, appear only during Springtide and are infused with life-enhancing magic. The Herald, speaking in riddles, prompts adventurers to study these flowers to uncover the island's hidden truths and the mystical forces at play.

Event Activities: Gathering, Crafting, and Combat

Engage in a variety of activities designed to celebrate the season:

Craft Wispy Spritz: Utilize this crafted item to lure Wispy Wasps and neutralize them. Successfully doing so allows you to harvest Wispy Wasp Goo, which can be exchanged for Springtide Tokens.

Springtide Centerpieces: Visit any settlement to find these ornately decorated centerpieces surrounded by colorful gift baskets, which can be looted once per day for rewards such as Diamond Gypsum, additional Wispy Spritz, and event reputation points.

Rewards and Treasures

The Springtide event offers an array of unique rewards:

Daily Loot Opportunities: From Springtide Centerpieces, expect to find items like Diamond Gypsum, with a 100% drop rate for players at Level 60, and other festive items with varied drop rates including dyes and Springtide Drams, which temporarily increase Luck and Constitution.

Prismabloom Harvests: Encounter the breathtaking Prismablooms, flowers with powerful properties that attract swarms of Wispy Wasps. Use the Wispy Spritz to safely collect blooms and earn Springtide Tokens, with a chance to receive Premium Springtide Tokens.

Event Shop Exclusives: Visit the Bloom Herald to exchange your tokens for exclusive items like Floral Knight armor pieces, crafting materials such as Azoth Inductors, and decorative home items including the Springtide Chandelier and various lamps.

Party Bags and Community Gatherings

Springtide Party Bags: Distributed throughout Springtide Villages, these small, floral-adorned bags can be looted once per day at designated piles in each village. They reset at 5 AM local time, allowing adventurers to gather tokens and festive patterns daily.

New and Returning Rewards

Premium Rewards: Use Premium Springtide Tokens for high-tier items such as Armor Skins (Floral Knight's Set, Festive Flower Attire) and exclusive emotes.

Crafting and Housing Enhancements: Craft items like Azoth Inductors and decorate with Springtide-themed furniture and lighting to bring the spirit of the season into your home.

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As we gather to celebrate the Springtide Bloom, let us embrace the spirit of renewal and community. This event is not just about the beauty of Aeternum in spring but also about coming together to share, explore, and discover the wonders that lie in wait. Participate in the festivities, earn exclusive rewards, and enjoy the community spirit that makes New World a uniquely vibrant and engaging experience. We look forward to seeing you in the Springtide Villages, ready to explore and celebrate the season of awakening.






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