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New World Crafting – 1-200 Furnishing Leveling Guide

Penny January 03rd, 2022 New World    New World Coins    New World Coins Help   

Furnishing in New World can be a very rewarding and fun profession. You can make decorations to customize your home or make trophies which are very important to the game in every way. From combat to gathering, everyone will be seeking a max level furnishing to craft them. So this time, we will share with you 5 Head Survival Gaming’s video regarding how to get your furniture crafting up to level 200. Let’s dive into it.


New World Crafting – 1-200 Furnishing Leveling Guide



The first thing needed is Solvent. You will find this in supply crates scattered all over the low-level areas. You're going to need a lot of it, but luckily, there are many chests that respawn every half hour, and you can loot these without any trouble. If Solvent is very cheap on your server, I recommend buying it, as farming will be very time-consuming.


You will also need reeds, which can be obtained by gathering bulrush all over the map near wetland areas. The nice thing about these is that you can get bait and cobs in the process. Then you can sell or save these cobs for leveling your Arcana as a side project. The best place to farm these in mass is Weaver's Fen, but if you are too low level to make your journey there, there are a ton around the lakes in all of the starting zones.


Next is fibers. This should be easy enough at this point. Some really nice places I like to go to are Tres Campos farm on the border of Monarch’s bluffs and Windsword, the Sunshade Plains in the Restless Shore.


Now you have filled your shed with materials. You will be making Wicker Baskets, and these don't give a lot of XP, but they cost almost nothing to me.



For this stage, you will need linen and feathers. You don't need much linen, but you will need a lot of feathers. Buy feathers instead of farming them, as they have almost no value on your market. And again, you're going to need more Weak Solvent. You're also going to need oil, and Weaver's Fan is your best option for oil. But if you are unable to get there again, you can find an ample supply in First Light. You can gather them if Maple Stain is at an inflated price on your server; otherwise, you can just buy Maple Stain, so check that first.


If you did not buy the Maple Stain and chose to gather it, you can get a few extra levels in furniture by crafting. First, you're also going to need the Schematic: Cot, and you should be able to find it on your market for 25 to 100 New World game coins. The thing that makes these Cots so amazing for leveling in this section and later is the cost per XP. They cost one linen, one feather, and two Maple Stain, but they salvage for one linen, so all you are spending is one feather and two stain plus the cost of craft. Most would have discarded the stain, so it’s basically feather.


If Solvent and Maple Stain are hyperinflated on your server for some reason, a second option would be Sunny Rugs. These cost a lot more materials than the Cots, but they cost Crossweave instead of stain, so if Crossweave is cheaper on your server, then make Sunny Rugs in place of the Cots or as a secondary to subsidize your XP.



Now you can craft trophies. They are not an efficient way to power level your furnishing skill; however, they give a nice bit of XP, and if you need them, you may as well make them now for a boost, then after that, you can return to power leveling.



Head to your market and look for the Rabbit's Foot. You can usually find these for 2 to 4 New World Gold each on the market. This is a great investment to help pay for your crafting taxes and other things during the rest of your leveling. When a Rabbit's Foot is present in your inventory or storage within a town, you may want to unlock the recipe to make the Miner Loot Luck Trophy. These give a nice chunk of experience per craft, and they are very easy to make and can be sold on the market from 100 to even 300 gold.


Next, we will be wanting to head out and farm some more oil. Weaver’s Fen is a great option this time because you're also going to need Potent Solvent. Weaver’s Fen is just littered with small chests to loot. You can farm oil and loot chests during the respawn period. Cutlass Keys is also a great option for supply chests.


Now you're going to be making Oak Stain. Feel free to discard or sell the stain. Although you won't get much for it, you will be making this all the way to 150.



This stage won't be easy, and you will need a ton of Pure Solvent. The best way to get to 200 from 150 is always Mahogany Stain. You can either farm or buy it. I don't usually like to buy my high-level reagents, but the number you're going to need would take you forever to purely farm.


After 200 (Schematic Farm)

Your work is not over. Your next step will be to head out to any place you like to farm large chests to get your schematics. These are important because there is a lot of desirable crafted furniture that can only be learned from schematics.


There are a couple of widely known routes that you can take. First, there is one in Weaver’s Fen. You basically start from the bottom shrine and loot every large chest along with the rag to the other shrine, then upon reaching the shrine, teleport back to the start and repeat the run.


route 1


There's also one up in Morningdale, and it’s pretty much the same story as the first one.


route 2


Hope this guide has helped some of you who may be stuck on where to go next with furnishing. Last but not least, if you lack coins and wonder where to buy new world coins, MmoGah can be your best option.

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