• New World Aptitude Cap and Max Territory Standing
    By Anna2022-01-27 00:00:00

    Today we are taking a look at the trade skill aptitude cap and the max territory standing bonuses in New World, and I hope you all enjoy it.




    This all started a few days ago when I saw some people wondering what the max aptitude level was. Someone said maybe 99, another said maybe even 999, but as far as I could find, no one has actually been able to find the aptitude cap. So I decided to test it and find out what the cap actually is. And I became curious to figure out the maximum bonus values you can achieve after hitting the territory standing cap which is currently level 300.



    Cutlass Keys Standing

    First, we will take a look at Cutlass Keys. I wanted to split my points evenly among all of the tax reduction cards while always prioritizing storage upgrades every time it gave me the chance, only taking the other cards when I had no other option.


    New World Tax Reduction Cards


    In this way, I could see the maximum amount of additional storage I can get through territory standing bonuses. And by levelling this way, I ended up with an additional 1600 pounds of storage weight, over 55% faster harvesting and just over 40% reduction in crafting trading and property taxes.



    Windsward Standing

    The last city I maxed was Windsword, and I wanted to try doing something a bit different with the levelling here. I decided to prioritize trading tax reductions wherever possible with the next priority in storage, and then any of the other cards when neither of those was an option. This is actually something I've been doing in the live server where I've chosen a city with low trading tax rates and made it the hub where I do all of my tradings, then I have been putting points into further reducing the trading taxes in that territory. So I can make the most New World game Coins possible when I sell stuff. I ended up finding out on this test that after taking every trading tax card it gave me, once it hit a 55.3% reduction, it no longer gave me that card anymore, however, once I hit 53.8% increased gathering speed, this card was no longer available either. So it appears that around 54% to 55% is the maximum bonus you can get from any territory standing card. In the end, I had a 55% reduction in trading taxes, an additional 1100 pounds of storage, 54% increased gathering speed, and about 34% reduction in crafting and property taxes.



    Aptitude Cap

    So on the January PTR, we were given these playtester resource bags, one of which was a food resource bag and they gave us 100 of these, each containing 100 boxes of various ingredients.


    New World Food Resource Bag


    These boxes each held various amounts of every ingredient in the game other than the legendary fish, so these boxes allowed me to test the maximum aptitude level. So I started out by opening hundreds of these ingredient boxes till I was super over max weight and had tons of ingredients to work with, then I set out by making hearty meals 10 thousand at a time.



    I quickly discovered that 99 or even 999 was nowhere near the max aptitude level. So I continued crafting for hours over the last few days on my journey. Finally, it all led up to this moment where I hit 9,999 aptitude levels. Could this be the end? Maybe 10,000 will be the max. So I pushed on for one final craft to hit maximum aptitude, just to find out I was nowhere close. The XP went straight on past 10,000 and landed on 10, 031. At this point, I decided there was probably no actual aptitude level cap or if there is, it's not one that anyone is going to reach on live servers in this lifetime, but I didn't stop there, I ended up making it all the way to 13,104 aptitudes before I had had enough and decided to call it quits.



    Aptitude Crates

    But how could I get all of those aptitude boxes and not at least open some? So I opened a few of each, and you can see what they give.


    New World Aptitude Boxes


    And then I open some of the three-star crates to show you the best rewards you can get from cooking aptitude crates. As you can see, they give a variety of cooking ingredients, some azoth vials and recipes of various tiers.


    New World Best Rewards



    Thank you, Sauce Be Gaming, for providing us with the above useful information. Finally, we hope you enjoy what MmoGah is sharing today.