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Is New World Worth Playing

Anna August 13th, 2021 New World    New World Coins    New World Coins Help   

After experiencing the Closed Beta, we may have a new perspective on New World. Some players are very fascinated by this dreamy, magical, and fascinating world, while others may also find some aspects that can be improved afterwards. Is New World worth playing? The following is what a real player – Fextralife feels after experiencing the Closed Beta. Let's see what he would say. Combined with his views, we may get a rough idea of the answer to the question.




The PvE content of the game remains to be lackluster. That means the questing of the game never really picks up in any way. You're typically doing the same sorts of quests throughout the game. The main questline was pretty much uninteresting and not very story-driven, and there just wasn't a lot of inspiration in those quests.



Speaking about the dungeons themselves or the expeditions, I got to do five of them in total, and I got to do one endgame dungeon as I did manage to reach level cap at level 60. These are some of the most uninspired dungeons I have ever played in any MMO. Not only are the mechanics of them extremely straightforward in most cases, but also the enemies in themselves are reused from the landscape. For instance, the animals you fight or the enemies you face and corruptions scattered across the landscape are reused, and even in one of the endgame dungeons that we played, some of the enemies were the same as the first dungeon, but just with a different skin. So these almost feel like an afterthought to me for a game that wasn't initially even going to have any sort of PvE content. You could tell that it seems like they actually tried to throw something together to have some PvE content, and while it's fun to do, it gets old rather quickly.



For the PvP, I think this is where the game really shines, and this is where I had the most fun. I really enjoyed the open-world PvP, where you flag up in a town with either a group or by yourself, and you go outside of the town, and anyone else who's flagged you can fight. This means that if they are harvesting rocks or fishing or doing anything outside and they are flagged, you can attack them. You can also get into some weird situations where you're fighting somebody that you had no intention of fighting or sometimes you get into some larger battles where there are several people out, or 10, even 20 of people out fighting, and things can get crazy out there. And it's just a lot of fun whether you're in a large group with a lot of people or a small group, or you're out by yourself.


New World PvP



Now what's really interesting about this game is that even though the game has issues with PvE and there are some issues with PvP, primarily with the battles, the game is very addicting. Once you play, you can't stop. What makes it fun is the community. It is a very sandbox-driven game, meaning that the people inside the game make up a large portion of the experience and content for you. This also means that the mileage you have to go will vary depending on who you play with and on which server you play. Suppose you're a solo player, somebody who wants to run on their own and craft materials and sell in the auction hall, and doesn't get involved in PvP and doesn't do dungeons, you're probably okay, and you can do whatever you want, but there isn't a lot of substance beyond logging in and having some social interactions with maybe a couple of people then going to crafting. So if you're somebody who's looking for more of an experience than just crafting as a solo player, I don't think this is the game for you.


There's a huge focus on joining a company, getting involved in battles, and finding people to do the expeditions with. There is no dungeon finder in this game, so as a solo player, you're going to have to reach out publicly to try and get someone to do dungeons with you in the old-fashioned way, and that might not be a problem for you, or maybe that's not something you want to get involved with. I don't think this is a great game for solo players. If you're a hardcore PvE player, and you love that endgame grind, doing endgame dungeons and game raids, this probably isn't the game for you. I could see this being something you might want to get involved in in the long run after they've added content, and tweak things around, but it's not there. Other games out there do this much better currently, and I don't think it's going to be something that will hold you if that's your intention. For someone who doesn't take their PvE too seriously and someone who isn't necessarily a hardcore PvP player, I think you will enjoy this game.


Jungle Warfare

And for the hardcore PvP players, this is definitely a game for them. You're going to be able to go outside towns, find people and gank them, form up and have battles outside of town, make your own battles, make your own rules out there, get other people involved from other factions, and create your own scenarios. There's jungle warfare which is really fun. You can crouch, crawl on the ground, and you can ambush people.


There are all kinds of things you can do. One of my favorite moments from the Beta was when we knew an ambush was going to come again at us. Everyone in our group just clear and cut the forest around us so we could see them coming, and then when they tried to ambush us, we just cut them down because we could see so far away, which was cool. So I feel like if you're a hardcore PvP player between the wars and the things you can do on the landscape, you'll really enjoy this game.


New World Jungle Warfare



There is a huge vast landscape, and I heard Beta was only 50% of the total landscape size. I don't know if that's completely accurate, but let's assume it's just the same size now and forget about that for a second. It's very easy to get lost in the landscape. It feels like a new frontier. You can set up a camp somewhere in the middle of nowhere and go fishing or farm animals for materials or farm some rare resources, then craft some cool piece of gear, or you can have fun with friends on the landscape just doing some corruptions or whatever. It's easy to just kind of get lost in the beauty of the world because they did a really good job there. And it leaves the world open with so much potential to develop things. Maybe they'll let you build buildings in the future or build your own farmstead, or maybe they'll create more content out in that vast world for you to do more things to interact with. They have a solid foundation in terms of the world and the universe for players to get lost in. It just feels like they didn't have a lot of time to fill it in, and that's the sort of thing that we hope to see after launch.



The problem also lies in its connectivity, which means that it was often a slideshow a lot of times. Living on the other side of the world for my server probably didn't help a little bit, but I heard complaints from nearly everyone involved, whether they were far away or not. Generally, what seemed to happen is that many people would converge on one of the territories, and everyone would look frozen for long periods. Therefore, I hope that this problem will be resolved when the game is released.



In the End

There are quite a few things that need to be fixed before the game is released. Many people out there can accept a certain amount of jank in their game and still enjoy it since there is a certain immersion experience you can get in New World rather than other MMOs. And we believe that New World is very worthwhile for us to experience. Also, New World Twitter shows that the game release date will be postponed to September 28, 2021. When the game is released, New World Coins on our website will also be for sale. If you need it by then, feel free to visit our site at any time.

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