• Lost Ark Guide: Upcoming Changes of Skill Trees & What Should You Do
    By Jessie2022-09-09 00:00:00

    In Lost Ark, skill trees can provide you with some of the largest power increases, and it only requires very little investment. Recently, the Korean server overhauled the system, with many positive effects. It will also arrive NA/EU server soon. So let's review the changes and save each class's most important skill tree into your inventory to be ready to receive this update.        


    Skill Tree Transfer

    The skill tree inventory will be removed, and every effect saved in it will be carried to the new system. The transfer system has roughly stayed the same. You will get amulets by running your chaos Dungeons. Like the broken gear before, these will contain skill trees of different levels. You can bring them to the Transfer Skill Tree NPC, and then you will have a chance to transfer one effect of your choice to your character and unlock it permanently. But the new system has a shortcoming: if they are present on the same amulet, you have to choose between multiple lv 5 skill trees. Because only one of them can be used for transfer. In addition, information about the layout of the skill tree is provided on the right side of the screen, as well as the current level you have earned for the specific skill you selected.


    Skill Tree Transfer In Lost Ark


    Tips: the skill trees on your equipped gear will not be transferred to the new system. So you have to save them in the Skill Tree Inventory with any update you make.


    Level Changes & Transfer Rate Increase


    Skill Tree Level Change

    Previously, an lv+3 skill tree meant the base skill level - lv1 add +3 will become lv4. The new change makes this simple, which shows the level you will obtain immediately.


    The Change in Transfer Rate

    Since the skill tree inventory will be removed, the transfer is the only way to get them. So the transfer rate will be increased.


    Skill Tree Level

    Base Success Rate

    Powder Rate





    30% → 50%

    60% → 100%


    15% → 25%

    30% → 50%


    5% → 10%

    10% → 20%


    Choose Your Skill Tree

    The skill tree won't be applied to your gear and will be unlocked to your character. Like the Inferno Legion raids' Book of Coordination, you can choose up to 18 skill trees for your build by selecting the effect level achieved so far. This offers easy skill customization for content like Chaos Dungeons, Cube, Boss Rush, and other activities. Remember, the unlocking effects are character specific, not roster wide.


    Skill Tree Level Activeation in Lost Ark


    What Should You Do?

    Everything saved in the skill tree inventory will be transferred automatically to the new system. So you can now save as many max-level skill trees to prepare for this change. You can have two free inventory pages with six gear slots at the skill tree NPC, and you can also use blue crystals to buy three additional pages. If you want to prepare your entire build at a max level ahead of time, you can buy an additional page. This will let you save 18 skill tree effects across three pages, which is the maximum a character can use for a build, and this is also cheaper than buying items with multiple lvl4 skill trees on them. So you do the following steps:


    Decide how many skill tree inventory pages you want to use.

    Buy max level skill trees from the auction house and save them in your skill tree inventory.

    Remember that broken gear used to save effects into the inventory can be re-sold at the auction house as long as it is still tradable.

    Use all slots to contain either 1 or even 2 max-level skill trees.

    Save the max level skill trees' broken gear

    By saving broken gear with max-level Skill Trees that are not part of the main build in your personal Storage, you can try to transfer them with increased success rates in the new system later on.


    Next time we'll introduce the most important skill tree for each class, click here to stay tuned.