• How to Get Gold in Lost Ark
    By Dean2022-02-16 00:00:00

    Lost Ark, a free-to-play MMO ARPG game developed by Smilegate, has been launched globally via Steam and Amazon Games. Like other MMO games, making money is also vital in this game, and it has many kinds of currencies. Here MmoGah will first cover the main currency: Gold.


    What is Lost Ark Gold


    Lost Ark Gold in the game is used for trading between players, and they can use it to buy items on the auction house. So it's a vital currency in Lost Ark.


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    How to Farm Lost Ark Gold


    Players can get a lot of Lost Ark Gold by completing the Weekly Dungeons/Quests below. And they can also get small amounts of gold through daily Dungeons/Quests.


    1. Adventure Islands

    There is some chance of receiving gold as a reward. And the gold reward depends on your item level. 


    2. Chaos Dungeons

    After the second phase of the dungeon, there is a chance to get in the bonus room through the red or gold port, the red room gives more gold, and the items dropped can be sold on AH or be used by yourself.


    3. Abyssal Dungeons

    You can get three normal loot per dungeon per week, and you can sell them on AH for gold.


    4. The Cube

    Players can get Materials, Cards, Silvers, and Engraving recipes, which can be sold on AH for gold.


    5. Raids

    1) Argos (Item level 1370)

    P1 800G

    P2 1000G

    P3 1500G

    3300 Gold in total

    (You will not get rewards when item level is 1415 or higher)


    2) Eye of Aira (Item Level 1325)

    Normal 700G

    Hard 800G

    (You will not get rewards when item level is 1415 or higher)


    3) Oreha Preveza (Item Level 1325)

    Normal 700G

    Hard 900G

     (You will not get rewards when item level is 1415 or higher)


    4) Valtan

    Normal (Item level 1415): 3300G
    Hard (Item level 1445): 4500G


    5) Biackiss

    Normal (Item level 1430): 3300G

    Hard (Item level 1460): 4500G


    6) Kouku Saton

    Normal (Item level 1475): 3300G


    6. Una Tasks

    Press "Alt+J" to check the Una tasks, and then you can get Una tokens by completing Una's quests.

    You can get 2 Una tokens from daily Una tasks and 12 from weekly Una tasks. (Once the item level gets to 1415, the amount of Una tokens got from Una tasks will be changed),

    You can exchange Una tokens for gold chests in Lost Ark. You can get gold by opening the chest. Each gold chest has a different amount of gold:

    The gold Pouch, which needs 80 Una tokens to exchange, is worth 200G.

    The gold Chest,which needs 200 Una tokens to exchange, is worth 600G.

    The gold Casket, which needs 500 Una tokens to exchange, is worth 1250G.

    The first two gold chests have the chance to get Heavy gold Plates (1000G), Light gold Plates (100G), and the last one can also get Gold Bar (10000G).


    7. Rapport

    Building rapport for some of the NPCs will reward gold. You can check the Rapport system by clicking Alt+N. Here is a list of NPCs who reward gold Lost Ark:

    1) East Luterra:

    Thirain 700G

    Neria 600G


    2) Anikka:

    Sorang 100G


    3) Arthetine:

    Sasha 3500G

    Neria 600G

    Mercenary Zeira 200G


    4) North Vern:

    Ealyn 1000G

    Avele 1400G


    5) Shushine:

    Rancher 100G

    Graymoon Dath 100G


    6) Feiton:

    Jederice 1800G

    Lutia 3600G

    Levi 800G

    Nabi 600G


    7) Punika:

    Nia 1400G

    Shana 1700G

    Nagi 2200G

    YomtheSquirrel 800G


    8) Salling Voyage:

    Mari 1000G

    Nineveh 1900G

    Blackfang 700G

    Ezrebet 300G


    You can get about 25100G through these Dungeons/Quests. And because Lost Ark gold is a crucial currency, you should do all you can to earn as much as possible!



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