• FFXI Unity Guide - Unity Accolade & Unity Trust & Unit Chat
    By Penny2023-10-25 15:01:23

    Unity is a feature in Final Fantasy XI that allows players to join one of eleven factions, each led by a prominent NPC. By joining a Unity, players can access various benefits, such as special quests, items, teleports, and notorious monsters. In this guide, I will provide some tips and suggestions on how to join Unity and how to earn and spend Unity Accolades.



    How to Join a Unity

    To join a Unity, you need to talk to one of the Unity Concord NPCs located in the three starting nations or Jeuno. You can choose any Unity you want, but you can only change your Unity once every real-life week. Each Unity has its own leader, theme, emblem, and chat channel. Some factions are focused on combat, while others emphasize crafting or gathering. You can read the descriptions and choose one that aligns with your interests.


    How to Earn Unity Accolades

    Unity Accolades are a special currency earned by participating in Unity-related activities. They can be spent on a variety of items and services, including gear, materials, and key items.


    There are four main ways to earn Unity Accolades:


    • Completing Records of Eminence objectives: Records of Eminence are self-imposed challenges that reward players with experience points, sparks, FF11 gil, and other currencies. Some of these objectives also reward players with Unity Accolades, depending on their difficulty and frequency.


    • Completing Unity quests: Unity quests are special quests that are exclusive to each Unity. They usually involve helping the Unity leader or their allies with various tasks, such as delivering items, escorting NPCs, or defeating enemies. You can start these quests by talking to the Unity leader or their representative in their headquarters.


    • Completing Wanted battles: Wanted battles are special battles that pit players against notorious monsters that are affiliated with a certain Unity. These monsters are usually stronger than normal enemies and have unique abilities and drops. You can start these battles by talking to a Wanted Dial NPC in various locations and spending some Unity Accolades.


    • Completing RoE quest battles: RoE quest battles are special battles that are related to certain Records of Eminence objectives. They usually involve fighting against powerful enemies or bosses that have a connection to the game's story or lore. You can start these battles by talking to a RoE Quest Battler NPC in various locations and spending some Unity Accolades.


    What Unity Accolades Can Be Used for

    To spend Unity Accolades, you need to talk to one of the Unity NPCs that offer various services and items for your Unity. There are four main ways to use Unity Accolades:


    • Buying items from the Unity NPC: The Unity NPC sells various items that are useful for different purposes, such as enhancing your stats, unlocking new abilities, customizing your appearance, or crafting new items. You can buy these items by spending some Unity Accolades and sometimes other currencies as well.


    • Teleporting to a Unity waypoint: The Unity NPC can teleport you to a specific location that is related to your Unity for a small fee of Unity Accolades. These locations are usually near important landmarks or areas that are relevant to your Unity's theme or quests.


    • Ranking up your Unity: The Unity NPC can rank up your Unity level by spending some Unity Accolades. Your Unity level determines your access to certain benefits, such as higher quality items, more teleport locations, more wanted battles, and more RoE quest battles.


    • Changing your Unity: You can spend some Unity Accolades to let the Unity NPC change your Unity to a different one. You can only change once every week, and you will lose some of your benefits and progress when you do so.


    Unity Trust

    Unity Trusts are special Trust alter egos that are available to players who join a Unity Concord faction. To obtain a Unity Trust, players need to earn at least 5000 Unity Accolades in a tally period, which is a week-long cycle that resets every Sunday.


    Unity Trusts have unique abilities and personalities that reflect their role and theme. For example, Apururu is a healer who can use Curaga, Devotion, and Convert. Ayame is a samurai who can use Skillchain Bonus and Meditate. Lion is a thief who can use Treasure Hunter and Sneak Attack. Unity Trusts are useful for soloing or partying with other players, as they can provide support, damage, or healing depending on the situation.


    Unit Chat

    Unity Chat is a feature that allows players to communicate with other members of their Unity Concord faction. It is similar to Linkshell chat but is exclusive to members of the same Unity. It is a useful way to form bonds with other players who share the same interests and goals. Unity Chat can also help players coordinate their activities and cooperate with each other. They can use the /u command to send messages to their Unity Chat channel.