• FFXI Monstrosity Guide – Basics & Tips
    By Penny2023-11-14 14:46:56

    Monstrosity is a feature in Final Fantasy XI that allows you to transform into a monster and fight other monsters. It is a fun and challenging way to experience the game from a different perspective and earn rewards. Here is a guide covering the basics of Monstrosity and tips for Monstrosity battles.  





    To start Monstrosity, you need to complete the quest "A Shantotto Ascension" and talk to the NPC Shantotto in Windurst Walls (H-5). She will give you a key item called "Monipulator", which allows you to transform into a monster and control its actions.


    You can use the Monipulator from the menu or by typing /monstrosity. And there are a variety of monster families to choose from, such as mandragora, goblin, tonberry, etc. Each family has its own traits, skills, and stats. You can also customize your appearance and name as a monster.


    As a monster, you can roam the world and fight other monsters. You can also join parties with other players or monsters, participate in events and quests, and communicate with other monsters using a special language called "Beast Speech".


    By fighting as a monster, you can earn experience points, skill points, and infamy points. Experience points are used to level up your monster and unlock new skills and abilities. Skill points are used to improve your skills and learn new ones. Infamy points are used to buy items and equipment from the Monstrosity Moogle in Windurst Walls (H-5).



    Monstrosity also has its own quests and achievements, which can reward you with items, titles, and gil in FFXI. Some of the quests are:


    • Monstrosity Quests: These are quests that involve completing various objectives as a monster, such as defeating certain enemies, exploring certain areas, or performing certain actions. You can accept these quests from the Monstrosity Moogle or from other monsters in the world.


    • Monipulator Quests: These are quests that involve using the Monipulator to help other NPCs or monsters with their problems. You can accept these quests from the Monipulator or from other NPCs or monsters in the world.


    • Monstrosity Records: These are achievements that involve reaching certain milestones or goals as a monster, such as reaching a certain level, mastering a certain skill, or earning a certain amount of infamy. You can check your progress from the Monstrosity Moogle or from the menu.


    Tips and Tricks for Monstrosity Battles

    If you want to succeed in Monstrosity Battles, you will need to use some strategies and tips to overcome the challenges and enemies.


    • Choose your monster family wisely.

    Each monster family has its own strengths and weaknesses, as well as different skills and abilities. You should choose a monster family that suits your playstyle and goals, and that has a good correlation against the enemies you want to fight. You can check the monster correlation system from the menu or by typing /mcorrelation.


    • Learn and improve your skills and abilities.

    As a monster, you can learn new skills and abilities by leveling up your monster or by using skill books that you can buy from the Monstrosity Moogle. You can also improve your skills and abilities by using skill points that you earn by fighting as a monster. You should learn and improve the skills and abilities that are useful and effective for your monster family and the enemies you face. You can check your skills and abilities from the menu or by typing /mskill list.


    • Use your skills and abilities smartly.

     As a monster, you can use your skills and abilities by pressing the corresponding buttons on your controller or by typing /mskill <number>. You can also set up macros for your skills and abilities by using the /mskill command. You should use your skills and abilities at the right time and situation and avoid wasting them or using them unnecessarily. You can also use your skills and abilities in combination with each other or with your party members to create synergies and combos.


    • Eat corpses to recover and buff yourself.

    As a monster, you can eat corpses of defeated enemies to recover HP and MP, as well as to gain temporary buffs or debuffs, depending on the type of enemy. You should eat corpses whenever you can, especially if you are low on HP or MP, or if you want to gain an advantage or avoid a disadvantage. Also, be careful of what you eat, as some enemies can give you negative effects or make you sick.


    • Join parties and cooperate with other monsters or players.

    You should join parties and cooperate with other monsters or players to increase your chances of survival and success, as well as to have more fun and variety. Be respectful and helpful to your party members, and follow the party leader's instructions and strategies.


    Monstrosity is a fun and unique way to enjoy Final Fantasy XI and explore its world and lore. It is also a way to challenge yourself and improve your skills as a monster. Hope the above content is helpful and informative. Have fun in Vana'diel!