• FFXI Clothcraft Guide
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    Clothcraft is a crafting skill in Final Fantasy XI that allows you to create various types of cloth and fabric items, such as clothing, armor pieces, and furnishings. It is one of the most expensive crafts to level to 100 due to the high cost and loss of gil on most synths. However, it can also be rewarding and fun if you enjoy making your own gear or selling it to other players for gil ff11. So here is a guide for Clothcraft in FFXI.


    FFXI Clothcraft Guide


    Obtaining Clothcraft

    To start Clothcraft, you need to speak with an NPC called a Guild Master or Guild Merchant in one of the major cities of Vana'diel. The locations are:


    Windurst Woods: Guild Master Ajido-Marujido

    Bastok Mines: Guild Master Kueh Igunahmori

    Southern San d'Oria: Guild Master Mauhie; The NPC will provide you with the necessary starting materials and instructions.


    Leveling Up

    Once you have the skill, you can begin creating items using materials you have gathered from various sources, such as farming, fishing, and mining. Here are some tips to help you level up your Clothcraft skill efficiently:


    Start with Basic Synthesis: Begin by crafting low-level items that require simple materials, such as cotton thread or wool thread. This will allow you to gain experience and skill levels while using easily accessible materials.


    Focus on High-Yield Items: Look for crafting recipes that reward a significant amount of experience per craft. Some items may require more materials, but if the experience gain is substantial, it can be worth the investment.


    Use High-Quality Materials: Utilizing high-quality materials can increase the chances of producing high-quality items, which yield more experience. Obtain and use HQ versions of threads, leathers, and fabrics whenever possible.


    Use Crafting Support Items: Certain consumable items, such as Crystal Clusters or Guild-specific support items, can boost your Clothcraft skill or increase the chances of obtaining high-quality results. Experiment with different support items and see which ones work best for you.


    Complete Guild Point Trials: In various cities, you'll find NPCs offering guild point trials. These trials involve crafting specific items to earn guild points, which can be exchanged for exclusive crafting gear and materials. Completing these trials not only advances your Clothcraft skill but also provides access to valuable resources.


    Take on Clothcraft Guild Quests: Guild quests can provide you with specific crafting recipes that yield significant experience rewards upon completion. Check with the Clothcraft guild representative in the major cities to find out which quests are available to you.


    Participate in Synthesis Image Support: Synthesis Image Support is a feature that allows you to gain bonus experience when crafting an item with favorable synthesis properties. By selecting the right crafting direction during synthesis, you can trigger a bonus, resulting in additional experience gain. Pay attention to the synthesis image and try to activate it as frequently as possible.


    Utilize Crafting Kits: Crafting kits are consumables that provide temporary bonuses to your crafting skills or increase the chances of producing high-quality items. These kits can be purchased or obtained through various means, so make sure to have them on hand for crafting sessions.


    Leverage Food and Support Spells: Consuming food items with crafting skill bonuses or using support spells like "Advanced Synthesis Support" can enhance your Clothcraft skill temporarily. These buffs can boost your success rate and increase the chance of HQ item production.


    Seek Assistance from Fellow Crafters: Joining a crafting community or seeking advice from experienced Clothcrafters can provide valuable insights and tips to help you level up more efficiently. Learn from their experiences and share your own knowledge with others.



    Clothcraft requires a range of materials to create various items, including threads, yarns, leathers, and fabrics. Some of the most commonly used materials include:


    Cotton Thread: Obtained by farming cotton plants.

    Wool Thread: Obtained by shearing sheep.

    Silk Thread: Obtained by harvesting silk cocoons from silkworms.

    Ram Leather: Obtained by killing rams and tanning the hides.

    Velvet Cloth: Obtained by weaving silk thread and hummingbird feathers.


    It's essential to choose the right materials for each crafting recipe to ensure the highest possible quality of the finished item.


    Crafting Gear

    As with any crafting skill, using the appropriate gear can significantly increase your success rate and quality of the crafted item. Some essential Clothcraft gear includes:


    Crafting Apron: Increases your Clothcraft skill level by 1.

    Crafting Gloves: Increases your Clothcraft skill level by 1.

    Moghancement: Clothcraft: This augment boosts Clothcraft skill and increases the chance of high-quality results.

    Crafting Torque: Increases the chance of producing a high-quality item.


    In addition to these pieces of gear, it's also important to use the proper crafting tools, such as spinning wheels, looms, and leatherworking tools.



    Clothcraft is a useful and lucrative crafting skill in Final Fantasy XI. By investing in the right gear and materials and focusing on crafting high-quality items, you can level up quickly and earn a substantial amount of Gil. Hope the content above helps.