• FFXI Ambuscade Guide: Requirements, Rewards, Battle Type and More
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    Ambuscade is an instanced dungeon battlefield in which players’ team up against the monster-of-the-month. So this article will help you to understand all features of this game. It provides you with how to play levels of the game and also provides the armor details.


    Getting Started

    Start the Records of Eminence quest first. Entering an ambush and then speaking with Gorpa-Masorpa at Mhaura (G-9). The entire group needs a Key Item to access any Ambuscade battlefield. Access to Intense Ambuscade, a more difficult encounter, is provided via Key Item Ambuscade Primer Volume One. Key Point A lower level of technical difficulty, Normal Ambuscade, is accessible through Ambuscade Primer Volume Two. In addition to describing the relative difficulty of the two battlefields, "Intense" and "Normal" also change the ultimate awards after completion.


    Eligibility Requirements

    The Records of Eminence quests are how you get the Key Items. Per Key Item, there are two distinct tasks to activate: a daily quest that cannot be repeated and a quest that may be repeated. One experience-yielding monster of the designated type must be destroyed to complete the daily objectives for both Volume 1 and Volume 2. For Volume 1, the recurring goal is for one kill, whereas for Volume 2, the goal calls for 10.


    All Ambuscade objectives do not count monsters in the Dynamis and Abyssea zones.


    FFXI Ambuscade Guide



    The party leader registers the party once everyone in it has the Primer essential items. There are two potential battlefields, referred to as "Intense" (Primer Volume One), and five different levels of difficulty to pick from (Primer Volume Two). The party members in the area are warped to the battlefield when it is their turn to act. Notably, combat won results in the crucial item being consumed, but a loss does not.



    Successful completion of an Ambuscade battlefield awards Hallmarks and Gallantry, two types of cash. The Key Item used to enter the battlefield and the difficulty setting both impact the Hallmarks obtained. Earned gallantry, excluding Trusts, is determined by the Key Item, Difficulty, and the overall number of party members. Gallantry is not awarded to lone players. The financial prizes for a single win will be tripled when you use a 06500.png Abdhaljs Seal Exclusive.


    Every month there is a content update; Hallmarks, Total Hallmarks, and Gallantry are reset to zero.


    Redeeming Hallmarks and Gallantry

    Gorpa-Masorpa, who provides a limited stock of rewards that is reset at every monthly content update, typically on the first or second Thursday of each month, is where you can spend your acquired Hallmarks and Gallantry. Upon each monthly update, Hallmarks and Gallantry are both reset to 0.


    Materials for reforging REMA weapons, Skirmish Stones, JSE Capes, and resources for their augmentation, Vouchers, and Tokens redeemable for Ambuscade Armor and the materials needed to improve it are the different Ambuscade awards.


    REMA Reforging Materials

    It is always possible to purchase the entire catalog of REMA Materials using Hallmarks. REMA Materials acquired using Gallantry is accessible on a cyclical basis. Materials for empyrean weapons are accessible in January, April, July, and October. Materials for relic weapons are accessible in February, May, August, and November. Materials for mythic/Ergon weapons are accessible in March, June, September, and December.



    +2 Skirmish Stones are available every month, purchasable only with Hallmarks. Each stone costs 200 Hallmarks, up to a limit of 10 of each type.


    JSE Capes

    For 500 Hallmarks each, you can purchase up to one cape for each assignment.

    With varied pricing and stock limits, Hallmarks or Gallantry can be used to purchase the materials for enhancing these capes.


    Ambuscade Armor

    Hallmarks can be exchanged for coupons good for one NQ piece of equipment, with Tokens and Vouchers switching places each month. Coupons for 1 HQ item of equipment can be purchased with gallantry, with the monthly supply of Tokens and Vouchers switching. To upgrade NQ armor to HQ and HQ armor to HQ+2 armor, utilize the unique materials 09270.png Abdhaljs Metal Exclusive and 09271.png Abdhaljs Fiber Exclusive. These resources are offered for either hallmarks or gallantry.


    Battle Type and Levels


    Ambuscade Premium Volume 1

    The fight's gimmicks are all based on the visual auras the enemies get from being close to one another. The traditional Goblin Bomb can be enhanced to provide deadly damage by auras on the major enemies. The Don will randomly select one of two assistants to launch a supercharged bomb against a fixed member of the group, generally the White Mage.


    Intense Ambuscade Volume 1

    • Bozzetto Don - RDM.
    • Bozzetto Ravager - WAR.
    • Bozzetto Deathbringer - DRK.
    • Bozzetto Incanter - BLM.


    Furious Bozzetto Bomber

     Summoned by the Don periodically throughout the fight. Runs right at your white mage (if one is alive), throws a bomb, and then despawns. If it cannot find a player-controlled white mage to target, it will run at the nearest Black Mage, Red Mage, or Geomancer.


    Baby Bomber

    The Don periodically called upon them during the conflict. Only shows up on harder difficulties. Same actions as Furious Bozzetto Bomber, but uses a different power. It is impossible to know whether you will receive a Baby or Furious Bozzetto Bomber.

    The fight ends when all enemies are defeated.


    Difficulty Levels

    The difficulty setting depends on which enemies are there, how they act, and how much damage the Bomber's abilities deal. Also manages the bomber appearance times. Following the first 15 seconds of any difficulty, no Bombers will arrive.


    Very Difficult

      • Bombers every 20 seconds.


        • Don, Ravager, Deathbringer
        • Bombers every 30 seconds.

    Very Easy to Normal

      • Don, Ravager, Deathbringer
      • Bombers every 50 seconds.


    Updates about Final Fantasy XI

    • April 2016. May 2016 marks the game's addition. Additional medals of bravery.
    •  July 2016. Added Abdhaljs Dye.
    •  September 2016. New soundtrack for the battlefield. Improved feedback was provided during JSE cape augmentation. Ambuscade enemies now suffer less damage if AOE elemental magic strikes them as a secondary target.
    •  2016 September vouchers for the ambush added.
    •  2017 January. Added was Abdhaljs Seals.
    •  March 2017. Additional Ambuscade Tokens
    •  April 2017. Added is Abdhaljs Metal.
    •  2017 September Increased enemy HP in Volume 1 (Easy: 2x. Typical (VD: 3x). As a result, prizes for XP/CP, Hallmarks, and gallantry increased.
    •  2017 October Added is Abdhaljs Fiber.
    •  April 2018. Added was Abdhaljs Resin. Much easier to enhance capes.         
    • 2018 November Ambuscade weaponry added for stages 1-2. added ape tokens
    •  Ambuscade weapons for Stage 3 were added in December 2018.


    •  Increased battlefield Hallmark/Gallantry prizes for Volume 2. January 2019.         
    •  In March 2019.February 2019. Ambuscade weaponry was introduced for stage 5.
    •  The second Ambuscade battleground was added in August 2019.
    •  2020 November Records of the "Repelling an Ambuscade" Eminence Tutorial have been added to the mentor criteria.
    •  2022 August. Battlefields used for Ambuscade no longer award or deduct Exemplar points