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EVE Echoes Race Guide

Alice Fu October 16th, 2020 EVE Echoes    EVE Echoes ISK   



Choosing your Race and Career in EVE Echoes is very important, so today MmoGah, a trustworthy online shop of EVE Echoes ISK, will share some tips and basics to help you with that. Also you can check the video from Rev Deuce to get more information.



Maybe you are a little confused that what race should you choose before jumping into the tutorials? What about career paths? What are the differences to each? Let’s talk about some basics. So getting started in the game, you are going to choose a race, choose a look and a career path. I want to talk about the different options that you have now. Remember that choosing a race does not like limits you, like if you choose minmatar, you are not forced to like just use cannons forever in a certain type of fight path. You know choosing any of the four, you are still going to be able to…… I mean, if you want to be pvp, pve and you know if you want to be the boring minor and industrialist, whatever you want to do, you can do that or you can just change it up what I like to do.


First thing let’s talk about the different races. Let’s talk about the Amarr. Let’s start with the first option that you will see the far left that. I personally would skip because I just don’t think they are good people. Now real quick this is a great game and a really easy game to just dive into the lore. There’s literally books about it. I mean it’s a beautiful game but they are not beautiful people. They literally have slaves, they're run by emperors and the five heirs of the royal families and they live for like a billion years. Basically they're just bad religious zealots. It's like the pope, evil for 500 years. Never goes away and five cardinals. It's like a theocracy, it's terrible. If you want to choose the more, that's cool, because I will say one thing about emory you can kind of see it they have the prettiest ships. They are freaking gorgeous. Of course when you enslave people and tax them and have all the money, you can make beautiful golden gilded ships. Gorgeous ships you can also see, as it kind of goes through it gives you a basic idea of what those ships kind of. Not necessarily, focus on in terms of like, this is all you can do but you can see the lasers, you can see the drones. All these things that you're going to be able to go into if you go full on into Amarr. But at this point, you are kind of just choosing what you like based on the type of ships. Honestly I think a lot of you are going to choose on what looks the best, especially if you are brand new to eve echoes. But also just the basic lore, if you are all for like you know, freedom and being self-righteous and pompous, actually I should probably choose this. This probably fits me better.


Now let’s move on to the next ones. This one is interesting for me. It is the Caldari. You can see railguns once again, also missiles and then shield tanks and stuff that you can build with them. Cool not necessarily my favorite because I think they have the second ugliest set of ships and it does matter. It's okay to judge a ship by its cover and I do. Now in terms of what these are, this is like your hardcore capitalist state. I mean the pull up by your bootstraps, earn everything, trust in the state and the state will protect you. Mega corporations running everything. That’s exactly what you get with the Caldari.


Let’s move on to my favorite. This is what I will be choosing on my main character, the Minmatar. This is actually the most populous group. In terms of people said in the game, like there’s still a lot of them enslaved by the Amarr, also a lot of them fighting free and a lot of them doing what I’m going to be doing. Fighting as pirates. Because you know what’s the pirate’s life. Kill them all. It’s red and dice. Literally shoot first. Be like han solo. Shoot first. That’s all you gotta know. Be a pirate, literally load up with awesome cannons and shoot first.


In terms of picking, I’m picking Minmatar. That's what I’m going with and I’m going to go full into the lore. You who follow my star trek fleet command stuff know the pirate stuff comes out. We actually got some of it hanging. We're going to be streaming a lot as pirates. In our Minmatar ships, killing people. It’s going to be fun.


Also one last note on choosing race. The whole pick how you look thing doesn’t really matter. It’s just It’s literally how you look in the game. Remember this is an MMO and you have a skill tree set up and you’re going to put skills into certain things to focus on certain paths and how you want to build up. If you like frigates then devote yourself to maxing out frigates, if that’s what you want to play as who, who would choose to play with just frigates. I don’t know people do anything in eve echoes because it’s so wide diverse. Anyway, you can choose industry, you can choose military, you can choose to be a business and you can basically choose to be that person who goes and lives in jeta and scams everybody.


That’s the thing like you could literally be a ferengi from star trek, or you can go full on pvp, or you can be a pve player who focuses on things like ratting and grinding out missions and going for big loot from hostiles. It really depends on what your play style is and the comfortability you have in this, because remember in this game, your ship dies, like it really dies, like you got to build another one or you got to have an insurance token and it’s not like some other games where you just go back and repair and you go right back to messing with people. This is a game that takes tactics, takes thought and takes you not just flying out in the middle of space, because you are probably gonna die. Action is no problem to it. You’re gonna die but that’s okay. Accept death. You leave your doc, you’re consenting to pvp. Welcome to. It could be a brutal world out there but it can also be an incredible amount of fun.


Anyway in terms of choosing a path, it’s basically just you trying to fit what fits you. Remember you can do multiple accounts, for example, you can have an account that focuses on pvp, while you can have another account that focuses on being that resource gatherer that you need to build or if you want to be an industrialist. All this you can choose different paths, but I will say one thing real quick. First thing a lot of people want you to do is join a corporation. Make sure you complete the tutorials first. There is a mission that you’re going to get. I think in the advanced tutorial, the mission is literally to join a corporation, but that mission pays out 200000 skill points. You are going to want those skill points. So don't just jump into the game be like I don't need no dang tutorials and just skip all that other stuff. Literally go through this especially if you are a new player is going to help you a lot.


This is our tips of choosing race in eve echoes, if you are interested in more EVE Echoes News, please stay tuned for our news channel. If you have any need to buy eve echoes isk, please do not hesitate to choose MmoGah.







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