Diablo 4 Season 4: Full Tier Lists for Best Builds

By Nancy G2024-05-24

Today, MmoGah will show you the full tier lists of Diablo 4 Season 4 for the best builds. The following content is a summary of S, A, and B Tier.


 D4S4 Full Tier Lists for Best Builds pic


S Tier

Minion Necro

Absolutely insane, single target, nice AoE - minion Al is questnable and not that fast, great all-rounder.

Tornado Druid

Amazing damage due to some aspects. Interactions - Wolf is fast as well.

Bash Barb

It will perform better than many people expect, is easy to do (low item requirement), and is tanky and reliable.

Ball Sorc 

It's still working great. It's the tankiest Sorc with great DMG stack potential.

Frozen orb Sorc

Nerfed compared to PTR, but it is still insane, most spammy build out of them all with great AoE and flashy speed.

Shadow Minion Necro

Second Minion variation that still claps.

Rapid Fire Rogue

It's the best Rogue build, with a lot of one-shot potential + nice clear.


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A Tier

Hurricane Druid

Great DPS with both AoE and Single target, nice playstyle.

Pen Shot Rogue

Great single-skill hits, slower and harder to play than Rapid Fire.

Firebolt Sorc

Insane single target but average clear - could have potential with Patches.

Boulder Druid

This is a nice build that lacks burst and convenience.

Thorns Barb

A lot of Thorns Buff, great in PvP, and very tanky.

Blight Necro

Insane damage potential but lacks speed.

Meteor Sorc

It's harder to scale but very nice and clear, with endgame potential.

Infinimist Necro

Relaxed playstyle, tanky.

Barrage Rogue

Great AoE, nice potential combo - leveling pick for Rogues.

Blizzard Sorc

Insane AoE, a lot of overlaps, S tier Potential.

Bone Spirit Necro

Amazing single target, can be harder to overspam, S tier potential.

Storm Druid

It is great AoE, but you need to stay at a place. It's still a nice DMG.


B Tier

Bone Spear Necro

It fell from grace but is still decent. It can utilize some cool stuff from minions, too.

Pulverize Druid

Nice Overpower Crits but very random, tanky, great for leveling, and has A-tier potential in theory.

Arc Lash Sorc

It's a fun playstyle, but it's nerfed and the worst version of BL Sorc.

Stormclaw Druid

It is easy to build but has much less scaling potential.

Charge Barb

It's still playable but less spammy and has a much lower single target.

Leap Barb

It is fast but lacks damage, especially in the burst.

Blood Lance Necro

It's still playable but harder to stack speed.

Firewall / Fireball Sorc

Great leveling options, harder to scale, and less single target.

HotA Barb

It's still playable but nerfed heavily. It has a nice AoE.



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