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Blade & Soul Non-Premium Members Have to Wait for A Long Time

Although the official announces the game can be played without subscriptions, the practical problem has been exposed clearly. There were 22 servers at the beginning, 6 new servers are added now, and a large number of non-premium members have been waiting for a long time to enter into the 22 servers since Blade & Soul (US/EU) was released, but can easily enter into the 6 new servers. Of course, which does not happen on premium members, Blade & Soul premium members can easily enter into all 28 servers without any obstructions. So, you can understand the importance of the subscription.

 Blade & Soul Non-Premium Members Have to Wait for A Long Time

One of the professional Blade & Soul Power Leveling players at Mmogah has been waiting in queues for 8 hours without subscriptions, as a result he has to give up and subscribes the game. After his subscription, he can enter into the game easily. There must be someone else like him, even some players still keep waiting and have not experience the amazing game, do you agree? In a word, subscription is the best choice at the moment, Mmogah is glade to provide Blade & Soul Gold for all players. Subscribe and enjoy the game!


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