• Why Choose Trading ArcheAge Gold via The Way of Auction House?
    By John Ryan2015-10-15 00:00:00

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    ArcheAge is one of the most popular MMO games in the worldwide. MmoGah has run the gold selling business and power leveling service for more than 10 years long in the gaming market, therefore we have plenty of experience of how to trade gold safely when buyers buying gold in virtual currency market.


    Choosing the trading way of Auction House is the safest way


    The way of Auction House is considered as the most secure way of trading gold with ArcheAge gold seller. Players can put up their items on the Auction House whenever just before or after they place their order at any ArcheAge gold selling online shop, then professional trade players will deliver the amount of gold they placed in the least time.


    If you purchase gold at MmoGah, we concern more about your characters than our benefit, so we are very serious with the issue of safety of trading gold. We pay for the Trade Fee for our buyers. Moreover, if we have no archeage gold stock after you have placed your order and you would not like to wait anymore, we’ll make a refund to you and will issue the refund immediately.


    What should buyers do when choose the trading way of Auction House? The answer is first of all you should put up an item or several items according to the gold amount of your particular order (you should put up an item for each 1000G of your order, and we will give you 1060G including the Trade Fee). For example, if you buy 3000G, you should put up 3 items in the Auction House and set each “Buyout Price” 1060G, and be sure to set the “Time” to 48 hours in order for a smooth transaction. If you haven’t set the time to 48 hours, please let our customer rep. know via Live-chat in the first time.


    We also have compensation guarantee to our buyers. If the gold you received from us via Auction House gets removed within 24 hours, we'll deliver it again after the verification. (Please use up the gold you buy as soon as fast. If more than half of the gold gets removed, the max amount that we can compensate is 1/10 of the gold that you buy from us.) For the compensation condition and other details, please read the ArcheAge gold compensation statement. Moreover, for avoid gold getting removed by the company of Trion Worlds, we suggest that you’d better use the gold out as quickly as possible after receiving it.