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Purchase ArcheAge Gold with the Rear Secure at

John Ryan August 03rd, 2015 ArcheAge Unchained    Archeage Gold    Archeage Gold Help   

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As the official currency Archeage gold is used by players to trade with others in game of ArcheAge. However there are few cases of gold recall happened in game during current period, which makes ArcheAge gold buyers a bit worried. As a professional gold seller, has run the businesses of Archeage gold selling and Archeage power leveling for not a short time, is a reliable and secure gold trader. For this force majeure or contingency beyond control issue, we will do full amount compensation to the buyers who bought gold from us and unfortunately meet with this gold recall situation.


Conditions for getting compensation of gold recall:

l  We only make compensation for the buyers who choose gold delivery method via auction house. (Auction house is considered as the most secure way for gold delivery compared with others.)

l  Any buyer who experienced of gold recall issue need to report, and apply gold compensation with our customer service reps within 48 hours from the time of his/her order completion.

l  Buyers also need to provide relative evidences to apply compensation. For the needed evidences, please check with our customer service reps. Have on-line live chat with our reps.


Additionally, please view other ArcheAge gold trade regulations at Mmogah.

l  Secure Gold Delivery Method (highly recommend): Auction House

l  Specific Gold Delivery Process: Buyer should put up a worthless item or a few worthless items (if purchased gold amount is large) at Auction House first, we will buy the items in reward of the mount of ArcheAge gold that you purchased at Mmogah.

l  Usually every 1000 gold is considered as one unit. (the purchased gold amount below 1000 is also considered as one unit) Buyer should put up at least one worthless item for one unit. For example, if a buyer purchased 3000 ArcheAge gold, the buyer should put up at least three items at Auction House, and each item should be made the price 1060 gold.

l  Why the amount is 1060 gold, but not 1000 gold? Someone may ask. Here we would like to let buyer know that if you shop at Mmogah, Mmogah will afford the Trade Fee (5%) for our buyers. So the amount of 60 gold per 1000 gold is actually the Trade Fee that ArcheAge will take away.

l  After that buyer should notify our Customer Reps which items they put up at Auction House via Live Chat, or leave messages when they place orders with us.

l  Please make the put up time 48 Hours.


The last but not the least, please be aware of that:

l  An order especially a large amount gold order may not be completed one time due to gold stock situation.

l  Usually an order will be completed within 48 hours. However there are maybe chances that a few orders cannot be finished within 48 hours in some particular situations such as some servers lacking gold stock. In this situation, we will let our buyers put up items again if buyers also want to continue the trade with us, and we will be responsible for the pervious Deposit Fee that buyers paid for ArcheAge.

l  Buying gold may have risk, so if the gold that a buyer bought has been taken away by ArcheAge, we would not be responsible for this loss except the gold delivery method via auction house.


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