Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Ordering

You’d better to but don’t have to. We advise you to register an account at our site, from which you can track your order history, order status, get more discount and enjoy more membership privileges.

We do not recommend it. We will very rarely if ever need to mail you, and we will never share your Email Account. Your information is 100% safe. There may be some special circumstances that we will need to mail you, for example, verification purposes.

We do not recommend it. We will very rarely if ever need to call you, and we will never share your phone number. Your information is 100% safe. There may be some special circumstances however, where we will need to call you, for example, verification purposes.

We advise you to contact with our Live-Chat to finalize your order, which guarantees the correct character receives the gold. 

FAQ: Delivery

We offer the safest delivery methods. You can see the details on gold landing page and you can choose any one of the methods that we provide. Further more, if you need other trading methods, please contact with us via Live-Chat.

Your character will receive the gold in as short as 5 minutes in most cases, but it may take as long as 24 hours after your credit card payment is confirmed and cleared. If you do not see your gold 24 hours after confirmation and verification, please contact us via Live-Chat Support immediately. We will always deliver the gold you have ordered fast or you will immediately receive a full refund, which is our promise.

We send out order confirmations to the email you provide. If there is any reason the order is held we will also email you the status. Please check your spam/junk folder for any info about your order if not found in your mailbox.

FAQ: Payments

You can pay by Credit Card, Debit Card, Skrill / Money Bookers, Western Union and Bitcoin. Basically, you may pay the same way as you pay for anything online.

Once you are redirected to the page, you will see an option "Pay with an independent Credit Card", you can choose that option and you will be able to pay with your Credit card or Debit Card. If your card is refused, you can contact support and they will check the reason for you, as we know, some cards are not accepted by our processor.

The Same as pay via credit card you can choose Pay by Skrill / Money Bookers, then click Check Out.

Please click this link for step-by-step directions: Western Union.

Absolutely! You can choose to use different kinds of currency when you place your order. We accept over 16 kinds of currency. If you choose USD, your Credit Card payment will be made via your Credit Card bank will determine the currency exchange rate to be applied to your payment.

You can contact us via Live-Chat, Skype or Email to ask for a refund. Provide us with a reason and our agents will handle everything quickly.

If you pay via Credit Card, it usually takes 3-5 business days for the money to be shown up in your card.  

A pending e-check is a type of payment option available to banks. A pending e-check is just like writing a normal check, except electronically. Just like normal checks, pending e-checks take a few days to clear while your bank verifies the funds which are present within the senders account. Once your payment has been completed, we will deliver it to you as soon as possible. You can consult your bank if your payment is completed or not. 


You won’t get banned if you choose from our recommended trading methods. None of our ffxiv gil buyers gets banned for buying from us. Please do not buy ffxiv gil from in-game spammers, or from those sites which haven’t been selling gil for long enough to understand how SE monitors. Also, stay away from those who seem unprofessional. We have more than 10 years’ experience in the gaming market which allows us to provide the most professional service to you.

Face-to-Face in Game: This is by far the safest and fastest trading method that we highly recommend. Once logged in we whisper you in game, designate a place to meet or come to where you are, and make the trade. We ask you to give us an item before trading, it is what makes this way so safe. Most of our ffxiv gil buyers choose this method and none of them gets banned.
We also provide other trading methods: through Market Board, deposit ff14 gil to your FC chest, directly sell items to you. All of these trading methods are safe, but we strongly recommend Face-to-Face trade.

FAQ: FIFA 17 Coins

If your fifa17 coins bought from MmoGah gets removed by EA within 5 hours after we have sent the coins to you, we will either resend 50% of your removed coins as compensation which should be within 30 dollars, or we can refund 30% money of your purchasing order which should be also within 30 dollars(if prices change after you have placed order, then set your purchasing prices as basis). You should meet our requirements of Compensation and send us your evidences to get qualified. Please click FIFA17 Compensation Notice to see more details.

We provide 2 delivery methods: Player Auction via Transfer Market and Comfort Trade. You can choose either of them, but please know that you should bear 5% Auction Transaction Fee for Player Auction delivery and there is no Transaction Fee for Comfort Trade.


We use Mailbox in game to mail ESO Gold to you. This is the most efficient Method which is widely used in the market.

Please be sure to receive your eso gold in the Mailbox in time after we have mailed it to you, and use it as quickly as possible to avoid removal by Zenimax, or we will not be responsible for it.


Through Cross-Server Dungeon. This is the safest trading method which will not get you banned. Please note that you don't leave the party until you get your blade and soul gold.

1. Your character has to be Lv15 or Lv15+, so that you have the access to join Cross-Server Dungeon.

2. We will confirm a Dungeon room. Our customer service will send the room number and password to you via Live Chat, Skype, SMS or Email. In order that you can receive gold as soon as possible, please contact us or check your SMS or Email timely after you have placed your order.

3. After receiving our message, please press F8 to join the Dungeon.

4. You and our player farm the Dungeon together. When a green quality item comes out, our player bids it, but you need to click “Pass”, then you get the gold you bought.

FAQ: WoW Gold

Delivered via Auction House: We strongly recommend the Auction House trade method because it’s the safest. You can also choose the Face-to-Face method, or Mailbox in game for the small wow gold orders, but we won’t bear your loss for these two methods if the gold you bought from us gets removed by Blizz.

The compensation is only available to Auction House delivery. If your wow gold is removed within 24 hours after you have received it, then we will bear up to 50% loss of your removed gold (not more than 50 dollars). If the prices change after you have placed order, then set your purchasing prices as basis. Please follow this Removed WoW Gold Compensation Statement for a smooth compensation.

You should send us Full-Screen-Shot of removed gold as a proof for compensation verification, which should be original and not edited by any software.

1. Capture it under Full Screen.

2. It must include 3 parts: in-game mailbox message for removed gold notice with your Character Name on. Blizzard Battle account email for removed gold with the Time you received the email.Mmogah Chat Window on left-bottom side for further verification that it is you.

FAQ: Elysium Gold

We highly recommend Auction House trading method which is secure. You can also Skip the Gold and Get the Item(s) You Want. Both of the two methods are safe enough. Our traders are real players who will guarantee smooth transaction.

We have large Elysium Gold in stock on our own accounts, which can guarantee fast delivery time. Most orders can be completed within 10 minutes and we will always try our best to complete the remaining small ones.

FAQ: Pokemon Go

Please read about this Guideline to know more details for your pokemon go accounts.


Auction Hall - You should put up item(s) in the Auction Hall and set the Time to 24 hour for smooth transaction. We will buy your item(s) fast with DFO Gold.

Trading through Auction Hall is the safest method and we have professional service with over 10 years' experience in the gaming market. Your transaction at MmoGah will be safe and fast.

FAQ: Swtor Gold

Mailbox-We deliver your Swtor Gold via in-game mailbox. You can receive your gold in 30 mins after we have mailed to you.

We have been using this method for a long time and none of our customer gets banned for buying swtor gold at MmoGah. You do not need to worry about that.

FAQ: Guild Wars 2 Gold

Mail Item(s) and the Rest Gold to You: We buy item(s) that you need then mail the item(s) and the rest gold to you. Please leave item(s) name(s) in the message box when you place your order, or you can contact us via Live Chat before or after you have placed order to let us know. After we have sent the item(s) and gold, we will inform you via both email and SMS, to make sure that you can use them as fast as you can.

Mail You the Maximum 500 Gold Plus Item(s): We mail you the gold directly in game via the mailbox in game. The maximum total amount of gold that an individual player account can accept within a week is 500 gold. So if the amount you need is more than 500 gold, please find item(s) that you can resell or use on AH.

It is safer for trading items, so you'd better choose the first delivery method. If you choose Mail You the Maximum 500 Gold Plus Item(s), we are not responsible if the gold is removed by ArenaNet.


We highly recommend Auction House trade because it's safe and fast. Please know that you will get 5% less of the gold due to AH trading Fee.

We provide professional services and will try our best to complete your order fast. Most orders will be completed within 10 minutes and we will also spare no efforts for the remaining small ones.

FAQ: ArcheAge Gold

Auction House: Trading through AH is the safest method, because it’s most impossible for Trion to track. We also cover the AH trading fee for you. If you choose Auction House trading method, you should put up item(s) according to your order amount. Just follow the detailed instruction when you place your order.

For most orders, we promise 10-minutes delivery. If unfortunately, we do not have enough gold stock for your server, we will also try our best to collect gold for you and complete order fast.


Through Market: We strongly advise you to use this method and please make sure that your price of the item(s) is unique on Market. But please note that the total silver amount you set for item(s) on Market must be the same with your order. You will get less silver due to the Market Trading Fee. 

For this game, we can see the item on Market only after 30-120 miutes you post it and it will take 48 hours for you to receive your Silver after we bought your item on Market. And you will lose 12% to 30% silver for the Market fee.

WARNING: Please do not consider scamming us via chargebacks, stolen cards, or blatant lies. We are trying to provide the best service possible, and do not enjoy wasting our resources, but such action will be met with the strongest counteraction from our team possible. In short, it's not worth it. MmoGah has an excellent reputation for serving the gaming community and we hope that our transaction with you will be smooth and problem free.

Fighting Credit Card Fraud: MmoGah takes any sort of fraud seriously. Conviction for credit card fraud carries penalties of up to 10 Years in prison. U.S.C. Title 18, Section 3056, Subsection, specifically authorizes the United States Secret Service to detect and arrest any person who violates federal criminal laws relating to credit card fraud and related activity in connection with computers and/or access devices. We will report the fraudulent activities to to the appropriate legal authorities with the necessary information (phone number, IP, history, and so on) to complete an arrest and prosecution

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