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We use the in-game Auction House to deliver UNDECEMBER Gold. Please list one piece of equipment in the Auction House at the price (the amount of Gold) you want to buy from us.

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Undecember Gold

UNDECEMBER Gold is the main currency of the game. Players can use Gold to purchase items from the NPC shops:

● With Gold, people can buy potions, return spells, and alchemy materials in the general store.
● Various types of weapons and armor, such as swords, bows, and staffs, are obtainable by paying Gold in the equipment shop.
● People also get different skill Runes by spending Gold in the Rune shop.

To get Gold in UNDECEMBER, people can either play the game or sell things to NPCs. Generally, the main ways to earn it are running Chaos Dungeons and hunting down bosses in Raids. In addition, the Spire of Barrier also grants a decent amount of Gold.

However, farming Gold is not easy because it takes time and effort. Usually, people who don't have enough time grinding choose to buy UNDECEMBER Gold with real money. Fortunately, MmoGah, as one of the best MMO currency sites, provides cheap Gold UNDECEMBER Gold, making it worth buying over grinding.

UNDECEMBER is a free-to-play, hack-and-slash ARPG developed by Needs Games and published by LINE Games. Powered by Unreal Engine 4, the game is available for mobile (iOS, Android) and PC (Steam), with cross-play and controller support.

In UNDECEMBER, players can surpass the conventional limits of skills by endlessly combining a variety of Skill and Link Runes. The Runes are the backbone of the game's skill system, and the Rune Cast is the container to hold Skills and their modifiers. Meanwhile, people can use Link Runes to change how skills work, thus allowing for greater build diversity.

The game also features a unique skill-tree system based on Zodiac. Players can adjust their builds in UNDECEMBER by selecting skill lines in their chosen Zodiac path.

UNDECEMBER has a few unique systems: From the Chaos Dungeons to the PvP system called Crusade of Glory, to the Guild Battleground that requires the coordination of players. In a word, the game offers an in-depth story campaign with a wide array of multiplayer content.

As usual for a free-to-play game, UNDECEMBER includes different goods and essences, and some of the main ones are as follows:

● Gold is the main in-game currency players use at the NPC shops. People can get Gold by playing the game or selling items to NPCs.
● Diamonds are a premium currency that players can only get with real cash to make purchases in the premium store.
● Rubies are a trade currency used at the Auction House. Players can exchange their Diamonds or sell items at the Auction House for Rubies.
● Stone of Courage can be used to buy low-grade essences and elements.
● Stone of Proof is a valuable asset for high-grade essence purchases.
● Rune Essences are Crafting materials used to modify Skill and Link Runes.
● Equipment Essences are materials people use to modify equipment in various ways.


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