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Buy ArcheAge Secret Trade Routes at Mmogah

ArcheAge Secret Trade Routes are hot on sale at our site, all of which are explored and proved effective by Mmogah professional archeage team. If you are in need of archeage gold and interested in making gold by yourself, choosing efficient & effective Trading Routes can bring you with a long-term gold coming (you can buy a route to have a try and do it by yourself after the first time).

We provide 4 Secret Trade Routes, which are available for all NA/EU ArcheAge Servers:

Trade Route 1

    Gweonid Forest to White Arden

Trade Route 2

    Gweonid to Dewstone Plains

Trade Route 3

    Sanddeep to Halcyona

Trade Route 4

    Halcyona to Sanddeep Extreme(6 seconds) 

Our professional game team has researched the system of ArcheAge Labor and Gold. We only focus on how to make archeage gold on our own, thus we choose the most common way to make gold from NPC---Packs trade.

We found that, if you make the packs from the safe zones and choose a way to another safe zone, it can only change the labor into very limited gold and the gold can only support your basic consumption like healing mounts, repairing armors and buying the hereafter stones, even if you want to earn more gold by this way, the labor system stops you thinking about it.

Our team has been focusing on how to make Archeage gold even solo, you can make gold fast by yourself without relying on others for help.

The routes we provide are effective, we have proved them by one of our team member. See what he has got now: 2 24*24 houses, 4 16*16 scarecrow farms, 1 8*8 scarecrow garden, and three of the 16*16 scarecrow farms take up the middle position of two lands, when necessary, he could make it double.

Why our Secret Trade Routes are worth buying:

  • About the Route 1 - Gweonid Forest to White Arden

Most people will even not think about it because usually they will use the route Gweonid Forest to Lilyut Hills and to anywhere else or make packs from White Arden to other places. We could make it about 4 mins from Gweonid to White Arden. It could make you have more choices than before about where to pack packs and how to make more profit with the same costs if you can regard White Arden as a midstation instead of somewhere else for making packs.

  • About the Route 2 - Gweonid to Dewstone Plains (this route is commonly used)

This route specially suits for someone who wants to make a way from Gweonid to Dewstone Plains. It’s the fastest route that takes about 5 mins to Gold Trader of Dewstone Plains. It’s faster than the normal way Gweonid-->Lilyut Hills-->Dewstone Plains which usually takes about 10 mins.

  • About the Route 3 - Sanddeep to Halcyona

We make it totally 4 mins from Sanddeep specialty workbench to halcyona which is shorter than the normal route: sanddeep--> hellswamp-->halcyona(15 mins and more dangerous).

  • About the Route 4 - Halcyona to Sanddeep Extreme(6 seconds)

It's based on the Route 3 (if you buy this route, you can get Route 3 for free). After thousands of times of test, we finally found out a route which could be used for a fairly fast trade run from Halcyona to Sanddeep. Considering the value of this route, we need anyone who gets this route from us to keep the secret and won’t leak to others.


All the time calculation is based on usage of Farm Haulter, it would vary if you use the different pack loaders.

These routes have 3 features:

1. They are safer than other routes because few people know them - you can really solo these routes.

2. They are shortcuts of one map to another one - you can save your time and enjoy your game better.

3. They give you more than the normal routes - thus you can make the profit at maximum.

Want to make fast archeage gold? Mmogah Secret Trade Routes are your excellent choices. What Are You Waiting for?

Delivery Method:

Our professional player will meet you in game to guide you the whole way to the destination. Please place your order first and make an appointment with us on delivery time. ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS FOLLOWING HIM.

You can contact with us via Live Chat for the details, we have 24/7 online services to help you. We are just here waiting for you!


All of the trade routes we provide are worth buying, we will try our best to make you satisfied, but after all these routes are virtual product which cannot be returned back, so please understand that we cannot refund you after delivery. Thanks for your support in advance!

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Route Num.
Route 1    Gweonid to White Arden30 USDAdd to Cart
Route 2    Gweonid to Dewstone Plains30 USDAdd to Cart
Route 3    Sanddeep to Halcyona30 USDAdd to Cart
Route 4    Halcyona to Sanddeep Extreme(6 seconds)100 USDAdd to Cart


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