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Frequent Questions and Answers about PayPal eCheck and Pending Payments

Many people like to use PayPal to make orders online, as it’s safe and convenient, but sometimes a payment is sent via eCheck or held for additional processing. Many customers are confused about eCheck payments thinking we receive the money right away. Below MmoGah lists out some of the common questions and answers to help you with the process.


Q: Why is my payment marked as an eCheck?

A: Sometimes PayPal will default to using your bank account which transfers the money much slower and requires additional processing. Always double check before paying to make sure you select a debit or credit card if you don’t want to wait. The payment will be in a pending status until PayPal confirms they received it with your bank. Check here to learn more on e-checks and also here for more about the pending status.


Q: Why is my payment marked as pending?

A: PayPal considers some payments as higher risk of fraud and they need to investigate it before releasing the money to us. During the investigation period, the money is held by PayPal. If you want to know the exact reason, you need to contact PayPal to ask. To learn more about the reviews visit their site here and also here to help improve chances of avoiding reviews.


Q: Will MmoGah deliver my order if my payment is an eCheck or pending?

A: No, MmoGah cannot deliver your order until it arrives in our account, as the money is held by PayPal. We have to wait for the investigation and confirmation due to the reason.


Q: How long will it take PayPal to investigate an eCheck or pending payment?

A: Usually 3-5 days, some special ones may be shorter or longer.


Q: Is it possible for MmoGah to refund my eCheck payment during the confirmation period?

A: No, as there is no refund option on an eCheck payment before it arrives, we both have to wait for the money to arrive.


Q: Can I cancel and get my money back quickly for an eCheck payment?

A: We are unable to cancel the eCheck for you. If you are anxious to cancel, please contact PayPal to see if you can find a way to cancel it quickly. Your bank might also be able to help cancel too.


Q: When can I receive my product for an echeck order?

A: If the payment goes through in 3-5 days, MmoGah will deliver the order asap then. As soon as we get confirmation from PayPal that the eCheck or pending payment status changes to completed we can deliver.

We advise customers wait 3-5 days with patience for PayPal to investigate. E-check payment have 2 outcomes 1. Arrives, which means MmoGah will receive the payment can deliver. 2. Canceled or Insufficient funds, it means the payment was canceled or denied by PayPal, MmoGah will no longer receive the payment and the payment money will be refunded directly to the used bank, credit card or PayPal account.


Q: How can I avoid sending eChecks or pending payments in the future?

A: Before clicking the payment button on the PayPal site click other funding sources. To confirm your payment type, just before placing the order you will see a blue hyperlink that reads: “Choose more funding options”. Once you open it select another option such as credit or debit cards.

Lastly, to avoid pending or reviewed payments make sure you have a verified PayPal account with multiple payment options. You can also call PayPal too to check the problem. U.S. PayPal Contact support: 1 (888) 221-1161

We really appreciate your trust and support when using MmoGah. We will never stop improving our services for elite gamers like you and offering the best prices possible!


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