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The Latest Leaks: WoW Classic TBC Pre-Patch and Fresh Vanilla Servers will Launch on April 20

WoW Classic TBC's release date has always been a hot topic among wow classic fans, but Blizzard has not officially announced it.



A month has passed since Nano and Staysafe covered the leaks. There's been someone claiming to work at Blizzard leaking the information about TBC. Everyone thinks he is a liar, but he is consistent and adamant. Here MmoGah.com would like to share his leaks with fans, and most of the content is quoted from this Reddit thread


I'm not advocating for these or claiming they're true, and I only want to provide a single compiled list that will mostly be confirmed or debunked this month during Blizzcon. 


wow classic tbc leaks-1


Server Information

All servers will be transitioned to TBC on May 4, 2021

All servers will get a Pre-Patch on April 20, which will unlock Draenei/Blood Elves and allow Shaman/Paladins to be leveled by the opposing faction prior to TBC server transition on May 4, 2021

Fresh Vanilla servers will launch on April 20, 2021

No plans for Fresh TBC servers

Classic forever realms will be released around launch, and you can pay to copy your character to these realms

Tokens and 60 Boosts will be added at some point during TBC's lifetime.


Content Release Schedule

T4&T5 content will launch on May 42021

Black Temple/Mount Hyjal will launch in Nov 2021

Zul'Aman will launch in Feb 2022

SWP will launch in Aug/Sep 2022


The leaks are complete than before, and there should be more credibility than before. Many players left their comments. Here I list some of them as below.


wow classic tbc leaks-2


Allyouneedis_smiles said:

"I also don't believe anything posted by dubious sources, but this list is pretty much exactly what I want, minus giving paladins both of the exclusive seals.


I can play Fresh Vanilla servers and Classic forever realms since it's the best version in the game. I never have to move. It is replaying 70 for the fun fad. I wonder when the forever 60 realms will launch. Is it the same as classic launch or faster cycles? Also, is there no mention of PvP seasons? The honor gears are pretty impactful."


XxxxNateDaGreat said:

"Yeah, I don't see either of those happening. Never say never, but these are probably the biggest things that would piss off a majority of the classic community enough to go back to private servers."


Theyusedthelamppost said:

"You can consider the situation from Blizzard's point of view.


They want to release tokens and 60 boosts to make more money. The only thing stopping them is that it would cause a player outcry. So what's a logical way for them to handle it that minimizes the damage?


First, some "unconfirmed leaks" spread the idea that they could happen so that players can get the information without pissing them off too much. Anyone who doesn't like the idea can tell themselves that it isn't real (first stage of grief: denial).


Then players have a few weeks to sit on this discussion until Blizzard's announcement. When they announce that the 60 boosts are real, players won't feel too great a shock since the idea has circulated in players' heads for a while. The announcement is packaged with all the other details about TBC, highlighting their presentation to get players hyped up. This gradual strategy is an effective way to get players to accept a product they don't want to have."


Owarren said:

"If there is a fresh TBC server, as well as a continued from Classic one, all the players would stay where they are with their established community and existing character. The fresh TBC server would have a different kind of community, but it is not a bad thing, I guess. However, if they fully wiped for all TBC servers, loads of players would quit."


Seraphynas said:

"Classic forever" realms require you to transfer your character. That would split the players into three ways.


I would be shocked if Blizzard decided to split the population since they have already gotten several lower population servers. Splitting them further would make classic wither.


Also, why will the "classic forever" servers change to transfer servers? Why not leave the current classic servers, make TBC servers with one free transfer, and players should pay more, so Blizzard can make more money."


Darknecross said:

"The biggest thing about the T4/T5 in TBC is that PVP Arena is going to capture a massive portion of the gameplay loop for players, and season rewards are in lockstep with the tiers. So S1 with T4, S2 with T5, etc.


T5 geared players Zug through arenas while folks have no resilience from S1 gear will exacerbate the PvE for PvP anti-meta and perhaps even turn folks away from it permanently. Imagine playing against a T5 Warlock, and there's no resilience to reduce DoTs. I'd be OK with them stacking raid releases on the same PvP Season cadence, e.g., every 3-6 months."


Saucymarbles said:

"It's a start, but this content pacing is still insanely bad. All three tiers are available for releases within four months, and when will theSunwell drop? Even if you have ZA to fill the gap, it is a raid that will exist purely for catchup gear and the mount, which doesn't exactly the same staying power as ZG does with the idols. I hope it doesn't turn out to be true."


CLYDEFR000G said:

"I don't understand why the leaks revealed Dranei and Blood Elves before TBC release. That is impossible. They would change their start zones to Troll/Orc and Gnome/Mage since the Dranei and Blood Elf zones won't be accessible. It just seems weird to me, and this is a simple solution if they are worried about people crashing the server."


Arkeez said:

"We need :

- Time gated raids, so T4 release is OK, not T5
- Fresh new TBC servers + Progressive ones
- Delayed Classic fresh servers (it would be awful to launch them in the same window as TBC)
- No token and no boost to 60
- Adjustments of faction imbalance
- Nerf of drums of battle
- Pre-nerf raids
- Original itemization (not 2.4.3)
- Original attunements (revered)
- AOE nerf release
- World buffs nerf and consumables revamp releases
- Gold and item restrictions for Classic characters to TBC
- Guild bank release
- No leeway and no spell batching.

Let's do this the right way, and Blizzard can do it."


Staysafe also shared his opinion in his video:



"I really hope this is not true, and I hope Tier 5 won't launch. That would be so bad. Would it be possible to get T5 raid gear? T6 comes out during arena season 1. When you're doing arena season 2, Black Temple and Mount Hyjal will launch in November 2021.


Zul'Aman will launch in Feb 2022, and SWP will launch in Aug/Sep 2022. There is no additional content during seven months, and you're just sitting there doing the content from the first day.


I know Tier 5 content will come back in one day. That's such a bad comparison, and it's a stupid thing to bring up. People did not get into T5 content too early, and half of the content was broken, and you couldn't even kill it. It took people a long time to get there and learn the attunements in Tier 4 content.


Fresh vanilla servers will launch on April 20, and they are going to launch one month before classic TBC servers. They should not do that, and that's so incredibly. I think they should launch fresh vanilla a couple of months later, maybe four or five months after TBC comes out.


No plans for fresh TBC service, and it means no 1 - 70 TBC servers. The only TBC servers are going to be 60 – 7. If this leak is to be believed, classic forever realms will be released around launch, you can pay to copy your character to these realms, and it's going to be a paid service to keep your character on. I think they should have classic forever realms where you can keep your current level 60 characters in stasis, a clone of them on a classic forever realms, and you can keep doing classic stuff. If you want to choose but have to pay to do that."



All in all, the above leaks are not confirmed by Blizzard, and they will be confirmed on Feb 19-20 during Blizzcon. For more updated news, you can bookmark our TBC classic news page. You can farm burning crusade classic gold after TBC has been released. When you wan to buy wow classic gold or ask for wow classic power leveling services, don't hesitate to visit us. MmoGah is cited as the best place to buy wow classic gold by many players.


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