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The Interpretation for Blizzard Official Announcement about WoW Burning Crusade Classic Details

Good News!

Blizzard has officially announced World of Warcraft Burning Crusade Classic details on BlizzCon 2021, including its features, some changes, PVP and Faction balance, Blood Elf and Draenei Access, Content Phases, Characters transfer, Level boost service, etc.



MmoGah, as a professional WoW Classic gold seller, we've been following-up reports on WoW Classic TBC's latest dynamic state. Here we would like to share our opinion about WoW TBC Classic details. Some content of this article is quoted from the official WoW site.


Content Phases

Blizzard has set up a potential plan for additional content releases for Burning Crusade Classic to occur over 5 phases to allow players to stay on top of the latest content and gear up with their friends.


Phase 1:  Karazhan, Gruul's Lair, and Magtheridon's Lair Raids will open
Phase 2: Serpentshrine Cavern, Tempest Keep, and Arena Season 1
Phase 3: Hyjal, Black Temple, Arena Season 2
Phase 4: Zul'Aman and Arena Season 3
Phase 5: The Sunwell and Arena Season 4


I have to say that the content phases are more reasonable than they leaked before. Each stage of the replica will open as a phase so that T4 and T5 will not open together. Otherwise, no player will visit T4.


Make a choice of which game type you'd like to play your characters

With the Burning Crusade Classic pre-expansion patch release, players will present with a choice for each of their existing WoW Classic characters to progress to the Burning Crusade or to continue adventuring in the original WoW Classic content on an all-new "Classic Era" server.


Once the pre-expansion patch has gone live, players will see a choice of Burning Crusade Classic or WoW Classic within the Battle.net desktop app.  


1. Burning Crusade Classic realms will contain all the new Burning Crusade game systems, including the Blood Elf and Draenei Races which will become available with the pre-expansion patch release.


2. WoW Classic will direct players to the new Classic Era realms, which will have the latest phase of WoW Classic content in it and will not progress into any WoW expansion content. 


3. Players who want to experience both worlds will have the option to unlock both "clones" of each WoW Classic character as an optional paid service, allowing each hero to venture forth into Burning Crusade Classic while their Classic Era characters continue the original adventure.


It means that you have a few options for which game type you'd like to play your characters.


1. If you choose to play Burning Crusade Classic, your existing WoW Classic characters will advance to the Burning Crusade Classic Progression Realms.


2. If you decide to continue playing WoW Classic, you'll be able to play on Classic Era Realms


3. Clone your characters for a fee so that you can experience both worlds.


wow tbc classic blizzard-1


Boost your characters to Level 58

For those who haven't had the opportunity to play through WoW Classic or who are Burning Crusade fans looking to experience Outland right away, Blizzard will also offer a way to boost to level 58.


The boost will be limited to one per account, won't be usable on Classic Era realms, the new Blood Elf, and Draenei Races. Boosted characters will be equipped with some basic dungeon blues, the level-40 mount skill, and one mount. Freshly boosted characters will not include any professions, while existing WoW Classic characters will retain their chosen professions.


In my opinion, it is a fast way to level your characters as rapidly as possible with the least amount of playtime, and it does not require endless hours of grinding.


If you want to boost your characters from level 58 to the desired level, you can ask for wow classic power leveling service from a third party.


Catch the opportunity to move your existing characters for free

Before Burning Crusade Classic launches, you will have the opportunity to move your existing characters to an Era realm for free.


In my opinion, once the pre-expansion patch has gone live, you can move your existing characters to other realms within wow classic realms for free, but you should move them before TBC launches. For example, you can move your existing character from Anathema to Deviate Delight for free. It is a good thing, so don't miss this chance.


wow tbc classic blizzard-2


The Realm names will remain the same on Burning Crusade Classic and Classic Era realms

Existing wow classic realms will patch with the new Burning Crusade Classic content. If you choose to experience all of the new content, everything for your character remains the same, including your realm, guild, and more, but you'll have access to the Burning Crusade Classic and all the updates.


If you choose to have a character remain in WoW Classic, it will be available to play on a new Classic Era realm. Friends from your original realm who also choose to play on the Classic Era realm will join you on the same realm. Your friends' list will continue to be available no matter where you end up. The Realm names will remain the same for both Burning Crusade Classic and Classic Era realms.


I guess the realms will probably be added along with the Burning Crusade Classic updates.


Burning Crusade Classic release date

Most players want to know when Burning Crusade Classic will launch. This year, 2021. We'll be holding a beta test before long, where players will be able to head back to Outland and provide feedback on how they feel. We want to make sure that we give plenty of time for the beta test so we can make the most of that feedback.


It will come this year, 2021, but Blizzard has not announced the exact date.


Burning Crusade Classic will be the next big thing. Blizzard will hold a beta test before long, where players will be able to head back to Outland and provide feedback. At the current pace, TBC will come in May, which is a high probability. Let's wait and see.


In case you were still fuzzy on some of the critical issues, we will try to answer your questions.


Will my gold be removed, or is there any gold cap when advancing characters to Burning Crusade Classic Progression Realms?


No, your gold won't be removed. There are no plans to add any gold cap when transferring to Burning Crusade realms.


Blizzard allows players to amass high quantities of wow classic gold, which was a mixture of experience and willingness to put in time and effort, and he did not want to take that from anyone who thought ahead.


In my opinion, some players or guilds are potentially abusing this system to transfer massive amounts of gold or the expansion starting with an inflated economy, so its impact won't be small. We'll see if anything changes when TBC officially launches, but for now, your gold is coming with you!


What will happen to my characters if I choose to move them to an Era realm?


Characters on Era realms will continue to play in the Shadow of the Necropolis content update.


In my opinion, they will not be able to level up past level 60, go to Outland, play as Blood Elves, Draenei, or otherwise access any features available to players on Burning Crusade Classic Progression realms.


Can I move my characters from "Burning Crusade Classic Progression Realms" to "Classic Era Realms"?


I think the answer is NO. Once your characters advance to Burning Crusade Classic Progression Realms, you can no longer bring that characters back to Classic Era Realms, so choose wisely!



Lastly, stay tuned to our wow TBC classic news page to learn more about WoW TBC Classic's future updates. Of course, our home page and game landing page will be adjusted accordingly. If you want to buy cheap wow classic TBC gold, you can buy it when TBC releases. 

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