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Some Important Changes in TBC Classic Pre-Patch

WoW TBC Classic Pre-Patch is now live! It brings a number of changes: new races, new talents and skills, class changes, a new profession, PvP changes, a revamped Honor System, mount changes, and more. This guide shares these changes during the Pre-Patch, as well as tips on how to make the most of this unique period in the game.



Although we are still at level 60 and limited to WoW Classic's PvE content, some functions are more or less the same as the full expansion. It is one of the best times to create and progress new characters that you intend to play during the Pre-Patch.


Character Transfer Gold Cap (5000G)

The maximum of character transfer is increased to 5000 gold. Previously, a player character was restricted to taking a maximum of 2000 gold.


This change is quite important. If you had 5000g previously, it would have to be split 2000g*2 and 1000g, or you had to invest in items when transferring realms to bring the full value. Now you can transfer more TBC Classic gold.


Although Character Transfer is now available for TBC Classic, characters cannot be transferred between Burning Crusade Classic and WoW Classic.


Instant Mail Delivery

Blizzard has announced that mail delivery between your own characters will be instant in the Pre-Patch. This is a huge change. It was really annoying when you had to wait for your mail to be sent to your own characters, so this change is good for our life.


New Races: Draenei and Blood Elf

The Pre-Patch introduces new races:   Draenei &  Blood Elf, improves the leveling experience for these new characters, and also offers a paid boost option for those looking to quickly gear up a new Alt for Classic TBC.



Class Changes

Now  Paladin and Shaman can cross the faction lines. Draenei can choose to be Shaman, and Blood Elf can choose to be Paladins. Both factions are finally able to experience the other side's secret weapons. 


New Profession: Jewelcrafting

 Jewelcrafting is a new profession in TBC Classic. In the Pre-Patch, Jewelcrafting will be set at a maximum level of 300, so you can get a head start on leveling up your Jewelcrafting character before TBC releases.


New Talents and Skills

One of the most anticipated changes for the Pre-Patch is the new talents and skills.


Compared to Classic WoW, TBC talent trees are significantly more specialized, and most specs invest deeply in their respective trees. Every spec can get another two rows of talents in each tree in the Pre-Patch and gain a new final skill & improvements to the previous end talent.

The most impactful change for most classes comes from the capstone talent at the very bottom of a spec's talent tree.



PvP Changes

The Pre-Patch completely overhauled Classic WoW's PvP system, changed the reward structure, and added an entirely new form of competitive PvP, so it is a great time to get back to organized PvP, and you can gain experience with new class abilities & balance changes, as well as farm some valuable gear to level up fast. Here you can click our TBC Classic leveling guide to learn more.


Honor System Changes

Players will be awarded double Honor from all sources, and Darkmoon Faire will start on May 24!


As you know, WoW Classic's Honor system can punish players because it requires players to invest more time, and then they can earn rewards.


Mount Changes

The Pre-Patch has made some changes to Normal and Epic Mounts, which make them easier to acquire when leveling up new characters. The Normal (blue) 60% Mounts can be purchased at level 30 instead of level 40. This greatly accelerates the leveling process from level 30 to 40, which has been a historically difficult leveling range for new players. In addition, combined Riding Skill + Mount costs are going down.




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