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What is new in 2.25 in Final Fantasy 14

John Ryan Date: 2014-04-23 Views: 821 ffxiv 2.25ffxivffxiv gilfinal fantasy xivmmogah


What's new in 2.25 in Final Fantasy 14


Today when I logged in the game to play my Miqo'te, I mentioned a maintenance news about the patch 2.25. I was so excited that there will be a new update ( I am always excited about every update),  because I look forward to new things in game that can provoke economic which has been so bad for a long time, I hope FFXIV GIL can be current good as at version 1.0.

Do you know what's new in 2.25? I checked around, haven't found the details about that. Just found some information about it in Yoshi-P's fifty-sixth letter.  Patch 2.25 will focus on additions and adjustments to Wolves'Den, as well as a new system involving materia. Many players have been looking forward to the continuation of the Zodiac Weapons quests that mentioned in his last letter Live, but the release of these new quests has been postponed.

I am curious that what's new system involving materia? I just hope this new system about materia can change the current terrible in-game economic. In a game if gamers almost don't need it's in-game currency to buy something, I think the game should do something to change the status, otherwise players will leave the game one by one. But on the whole, Final Fantasy 14 is a good game, everyday a lot of players buy FFXIV GIL from us to buy Housing, materials, gears and so on to replace boring grinding by themselves and save their time to enjoy their life. We work, you enjoy. J


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ffxiv 2.25ffxivffxiv gilfinal fantasy xivmmogah

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