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New Gamers:Choose Your Class and Buy Archeage Gold at Mirage Isle

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When I started to play archeage game, I knew nothing about how to choose suitable skillsets, as we all know, ArcheAge class system has ten kinds of skillsets in all, we select three of them to create our own class, if you are new to ArcheAge game, you may be confused of combining them, choose an appropriate class of your own from these 120 kinds of classes is important for your game experience, so I collected some common used combination for new players.

Class system: 10 in all
Battlerage, sorcery, Archery, Vitalism, Occultism, Shadowplay, Auramancy, Defense, Witchcraft, Songcraft.

Battlerage/Shadowplay/Witchcraft- Shadowblade
Phys Damage: 8
Magic Damage: 5
Defense: 6
Curses: 11
Buffs: 6
It’s a viable melee class, with higher mobility, they are better at countering mages.

Archery/Shadowplay/Witchcraft- Trickster
Phys Damage: 10
Magic Damage: 6
Defense: 5
Curses: 10
Buffs: 5
With the wide attack range and Stalker’s Mark, fleeing enemies will rarely get away from a Trickster.

Defense/Auramancy/Occultism- Skullknight
Phys Damage: 4
Magic Damage: 8
Defense: 9
Curses: 6
Buffs: 9
One of the best tanks in the game, the Skullknight is great for both group PVE and group PVP.

Sorcery/Shadowplay/Witchcraft- Daggerspell
Phys Damage: 6
Magic Damage: 9
Defense: 7
Curses: 10
Buffs: 4
Great damage with long combos, and very useful CC skills that will make the difference in group fights.

When you start playing archeage, try to arrive Mirage Isle firstly because it’s an necessary island to buy almost all the plans for items and is the most convenient place for a face to face trade with others, click button M to open your map, you can see where it is.

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you can also follow my guide step by step to get there:
How to Teleport to Mirage Isle in Archeage Game

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How to Choose a Reliable Site to Buy Safe ArcheAge Gold

ArcheAge is a game full of depth and excitement, so much to do and so much to see, MmoGah MMORPG News Center will usually provide latest game news and helpful game tips.

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