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Mmogah Congratulates SE on FFXIV: ARR First Anniversary

John Ryan Date: 2014-08-30 Views: 876 final fantasy xivffxivsafe ffxiv gilffxiv gilbuy ffxiv gil

 Aug. 30, 2014   ET  By: 

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As a gold seller, it was thought that it is a bit shame to congratulate SE on FFXIV: ARR' First anniversary for our action violate the game rules. But, actually our action is a necessary link in the game system. Mmogah congratulates SE, wishes FFXIV: ARR prosperous and flourish, more and more FFXIV players in the future.


I started to do this work as my job from playing FFXII since 2004. I had played other Chinese games before, but since I started to play this game, I fell in love with it, which brought me pretty big different feeling from other MMORPGs I had played. When I was playing Chinese games, I was often killed, murdered, and abused, that was not good feeling. It was so beautiful, peaceful in FFXII, players in which were very kind and coadjutant, all these gave me a feeling like I was in paradise.


I started to play FFXIV when it came out in 2010, it was a disaster for me and other players. It was too laggy and lacking of contents. The game had to be closed at the end of October in 2012. FFXIV: ARR was successfully released on August 27, 2013 under the leadership of the Producer Yoshi-p. The fact proved Yoshin-p and his great team saved FFXIV, up to now there are over 2.3 million players.


For our site, Mmogah.com is one of the biggest FFXIV GIL seller on the USmarket, from the change of ffxiv gil sales I can see the patch 2.3 is a big success comparing with any past patch, which brought economic prosperity. I have mentioned on my article Do FFXIV Gil Buyers Get Banned (2) that FFXIV GIL transaction amount rosed to rank 3 after patch 2.3, then it dropped to rank 5 before 2.35, but pleasingly it ascended back to rank 3 again. It proved that the small patch 2.35 is a success as well.


I like reading Yoshi-p' s letters, and have read all his letters about FFXIV:ARR. I like his humor and being accessible. I believe that FFXIV: ARR will getting better and better under the leadership of Yoshi-p and with the connected efforts of all staff of his team.  

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final fantasy xivffxivsafe ffxiv gilffxiv gilbuy ffxiv gil

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