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Lynn’s Aspiration from One of Customer Service Representatives of Mmogah.com

John Ryan Date: 2014-12-04 Views: 836 mmogahffxiv gilarcheage goldwow gold

Hello, everyone. I am one of the customer service representatives of Mmogah.com who usually provides service with name of Angelica in Live Chat and my true name is Lynn who is a helpful girl. I came to this company a few months ago and have done business with a lot of customers who like our site. I am glad to work at my company because Mmogah is a great company and I get the change to serve foreigners all over the world in English to know about the outside world and improve my ability. All staff of Mmogah is committed to providing better service than other sites to every customer, but we have still been encountering many kinds of events which made us frustrated.

The best way to buy game currency is you could ask everything about purchasing first before you pay for the order. For example, How to Get Large Coupons? Do we have stock in your realm? How long it will take to deliver? and so on. Usually we can answer any question instantly, sometimes have a little delay because we are dealing with a few things about orders and customers simultaneously, however we always try our best to answer any question about trades and games you want to know. Although we try our best, sometimes customer still has bad experience at our site. Even we don’t know why it happens either. I remembered that a customer asked me why our site forced him to buy ffxiv gil 20 mil minimum. I was surprised at that. In order to help him resolve the problem, I checked it out by myself, but I was able to place an order with any amount from 2mil to 100mil that list on our site, and it worked well for other customers at the same time. I reported to our technician, while no any problem was found too. It had kept working normally and the error never happened to others before. We hoped that he could send the screenshots of the errors. It was a pity he left from our Live Chat and left a bad review. We feel sorry that we brought trouble to him, but so far the FFXIV Gil order pages work well as always. To be honest, I felt upset for his unhappiness and the bad review, though it was not my problem.

We deliver 3 or 4 orders in different delivery method and need to answer the questions asked by the different customers via Live Chat, Email or SMS at the same time. Although we don’t have enough time to have lunch, we are still happy if our customers are satisfied with our service. We hope that we can get more and more good reviews for our hard working. It’s the best proof of our effort. I will feel frustrated if I deal with 50 orders on my shift but couldn’t get any good feedback. These reviews not only encourage us to make great effort, but also customer can get coupon to save money.

If you are happy with our service, please leave good review for us. Lynn and my colleague here thank you for your support and understanding.

Best wishes to all of you.

Lynn’s Aspiration ------ From One of Customer Service Representatives of Mmogah.com

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mmogahffxiv gilarcheage goldwow gold

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