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How to Fast Level Up in Black Desert

Black Desert Online is amazingly easy to fast level up. The vast majority of it involves grinding enemies but fortunately for you, it’s really interesting and incredibly quick. It’s possible to take you around 15 hours to reach maximum level if you know exactly where to go. Here, Mmogah is willing to show you guys the most efficient and effective guides summarized by some professionals.

10-15 Imps (Hidel Quarry)

15-18 Scarecrows (Moretti Plantation)

18-21 Al Rhundi Bandits (Castle Ruins)

21-24/25 Frogans (Glish Swamp)

25-29 Cultists (Bloody Monastery)

29-30/31 Red Orcs (Orc Camp/Southern Neutral Zone)

30-32 Bandits (Birhagi Den?)

30-34 Harpies (Mountainside of Delphe Knights Castle)

34-39/40 Abandoned Land

40-44 Chimera (West of Keplan)

44-50+ Catfish (Lake Kaia/Catfishman Camp)

How to Fast Level Up in Black Desert

l  The Detailed Steps of Fast Leveling Up

1. You get the quest to kill grass beetles after the basic tutorial, run north of the road to gain knowledge on parasitic bees. Then run down the road and gain knowledge on weasels before killing grass beetles and talking to your black spirit.


2. Your goal is to finish all the quests and hit level 10, after you finish the introduction quests while killing everything in your path heading south east to the imps.


3. You should talk to the introducing guard and the following NPCs to get a skill quest from black spirit, once arrival at the guard camp, then talk to Jonatt to get a quest, and at last go to Edan down south to get a quest.


4. Head east out of the guard camp and kill 2 packs of wolves, then run southward while killing tree spirits around the node point of the Secluded Forest until level 12.


5. When you reach level 12, head into the Ancient Stone Chamber to talk to Edan and do the awakening quest. You can choose to whether do the inventory slot quest to talk to the 6 statues in the room or not.


6. You head back outside with the black spirit quest to kill tree spirits. You can kill them and continue grinding to 13.


7. You head north with the black spirit quest to talk to Uno. Then take the quest to kill the Imp boss on the beach for your Elsh Weapon. Take the follow up quest to talk to the old man in Velia, then the girl Eileen. After turning in and taking her inventory slot quest, grab a horse from the stablemaster. 


8. Ride south to either the northern heidel quarry or alejandro farm and grind either spot until level 17.


9. When reaching level 17, you can accept the quests for your level 17 skill and the altar imp quest. Kill altar imps for a new weapon and take the next quest to climb the tower, and climb the tower. You can choose to whether grind imps to 18 and finish the next quest as well for a +2 human damage weapon or not.


10. In heidel, You can talk to enrico to do the ‘commercial power’ quest, talk to bobby lauren who gives quest ‘bobby laurens request’, talk to Jordine who gives quest ‘military power in heidel’ which gives you 2 inventory slots and unlocks the skill trainer to turn in your 17 skill quest.


11. Here, make sure you restock and clean bags, then you can head south east to the scarecrow farm to grind here until around level 19.


12. When reaching level 19, you should head further south to the alrhundi rebels and kill them on the ground floor of the castle between 20 and 21, which totally depends on your class and gear.


13. At Lv21, you can just grind the top of the castle to reach around level 25-26.


14. At Lv 25-26, you can accept the three black spirit quests ‘awakening’ ‘glish’ and your classes level 20 skill. Turn in the skill quest at the Serendia gateway just outside of the castle ruins, then ride to the awakening.


15. Ride south to glish. Talk to npc ‘Kanna’ to be able to talk to ‘Freharau’ and turn in ‘Glsih’ quest, this will allow you to accept black spirit quest ‘Red-finned Naga’. Also grab ‘Glazed Naga Oil’ quest from selaine near the entrance, and restock.


16. Head northwest to kill naga to complete the quests. Then accept the next quest ‘Better Weapon Needed’ to kill nagas north east. Upon completion, restock in glish, then equip your new weapon and head to the monastery in the south.


17. Grind the monastery until level 29-30, 28 if you are skilled/in a group.


18. Head north west to the red orcs, accept black spirit quest ‘kitty stolen by red orcs’ and complete this quest chain, asking you to deliver the cats to oliviero, then ‘battle in the nuetrel zone’ and then ‘dignified orcs’. All the while grinding to 32.


19. At 32, head west to delphe castle with a new black spirit quest ‘sky fall’. Turn it in, and do the ‘desire for power’ quest for your final leveling weapon. Restock, head northwest to the khuruto caverns.


20. Grind kurutos until level 35-36. At 35 you can leave for the refugee camp west and grind there to 38, or at 36 leave north for Caphras Cave.


21. Grind Caphras until around 39-40.


22. Accept the awakening quest from black spirit to go to the bree tree ruins to the west, run through the ruins and complete the quest, then ride south to the chimaeras outside of keplan.


23. Grind Chimaeras until level 46~ then decide to go Mansha to 48, Giants to 48, or straight to catfish to 50. If you didn’t go directly to catfish at 50, swap to them when you hit 48 regardless.


24. Optional: at 48 you can stop purely grinding and start doing the black spirit quests ‘Need a Sharper Weapon” and “Familiar Aura”.


25. At 49, you will get a co-op quest to kill balemorn, this quest requires that you had done all 4 awakenings mentioned in the guide thus far, and you must complete this quest to hit level 50. Once done, finish grinding to hit 50.


Note: The guides on the top are shared by elite black desert gamers, they are really good use in leveling up, just 15 hours.


Above all, the guides on the top are summarized by mmogah in order to help the folks who have enough time spent on BD or who are like to play the game alone. As for the workmen or workwomen, you guys do not have enough time to level up your characters, here Mmogah is glad to help you guys, and we are providing professional black desert power leveling, 100% handwork, 100% hardwork, 100% safework.

How to Fast Level Up in Black Desert

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You can also customize your personal power leveling service, and we will try our best to make you satisfied. Look forward your coming soon!

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